Seedify Clone Script | Providing New Strengths To Gaming Platforms & Offerings

Seedify Clone Script | Providing New Strengths To Gaming Platforms & Offerings

By Suffescom Solutions

July 04, 2022

Seedify Clone Script | Providing New Strengths To Gaming Platforms & Offerings

The blockchain gaming industry is growing enormously while going well with NFTs and making it a reality. Develop blockchain gaming with our white-label seedify clone script to allow your investors to invest in the gaming projects. Suffescom's seedify clone script pays off handsomely to your investors at the time of release with the efficiency to make a trustworthy ecosystem.

White Label Seedify Clone Launchpad | NFT Games Fundraising Platform

Seedify clone is a blockchain gaming-focused launchpad and incubator for the game and the gamers. The users need to stake $SFUND to become eligible for buying game tokens in this play-to-earn game development era. With an app like Seedify, users get disruptive evolution in the form of benefits like transparency, ownership, and incentive models.

With our Seedify like app development, we provide IGOs for the gaming community to support crowd sourced funding through our platform. We also help them by providing community building and marketing that let users have tokens of upcoming blockchain games even after they are listed on exchanges.

Launch Your Blockchain Game On Our Seedify Launchpad Clone App

We specialize in Seedify launchpad clone app development services to help you build your vision. Collaborate with Suffescom Solutions for kick-starting NFT gaming development like Seedify.

Seedify Launchpad Clone App Development

Suffescom Solutions is a foremost IGO launchpad development company that helps you develop Seedify clone launchpad to help businesses or entrepreneurs to start their gaming projects by offering tokens or assets. We create the best Seedify clone solution to make our clients' early adoption reach the top in the NFT gaming space and reap maximum perks.

Our launchpad is the hub for IGOs, deFi yield farming development, crypto token development, and helping many NFT games to scale and enter the mainstream economy. Our Seedify like app development facilitates users with a robust environment and to enjoy the benefits of a tiered-based allocation mechanism for SFUND stakers.

We provide facile ways to invest in NFT blockchain games

Leading Project Accessibility

As a best Seedify clone launchpad, we are providing a constant upcoming NFT game or metaverse project search for our investors to invest in.

Projects Efforts

Our dedicated team process the worth of any project before letting our holders invest in that. We meet the team and analyze its whitepaper deeply.

Early Token Purchasing

Seedify Clone app development process provides users with the benefit of purchasing project tokens and NFTs with a listing price before anyone.

Passive Earning Staking

We facilitate our investors by giving them chance to double their rewards by staking and farming SFUND and other free tokens by seed staking.

Consult with us now to launch your own Seedify Clone And Start Your Own NFT Gaming Business!

Steps To Connect With Seedify Clone

Buy Token

Users need to purchase the token to access and participate in IGOs, INOs, stakes, and farms for generating passive income.

Stake Your Token

Investors can earn passive income by adding their tokens to any of their staking or farming tools in the app.

KYC Completion

Every user needs to go through this process to access the functionalities of the launchpad and participate in IGOs.

Exclusive Features We Offer In App Like Seedify Launchpad

Project Registration

Users can easily register and receive funding from investors. They just need to enter basic details like name, email address, gamer type, and objectives.

Panel For Staking

Users can easily join IGOs using their SFUND tokens. They need to enter some details and check the APY and maturity date to click the approve button.

Farming Dashboard

Users need to click the yield farming panel and choose any DeFi development platforms to earn more rewards. Investors can select the liquidity pool option and check the SFUND price per crypto.

IGO Claims

Investors can head over to the claims section and choose a blockchain network like BSC or polygon to claim their IGO tokens. We allow users to sync software wallets, and the claim date and time.

Pools Section

This section is to showcase the list of promising games. Also, the details like name, type, simulation, total crypto-raised funds, access, and fundraising campaign progress are shown.

Connect Wallet

Investors can use a QR scan or the supported wallets by WalletConnect to execute the payments on an app like Seedify. They can also use wallets like Tokenary, Ledger Live, etc.

Profile Dashboard

Investors, gamers, or any project creators can easily access a personalized user dashboard area. With this profile dashboard, users can easily get updates about their wallets, etc.

Buying Tokens

Investors need to use SFUND tokens to participate in an IGO. If a buyer does not possess these assets, they can easily purchase them from crypto exchanges through KYC verification and wallet linking.

Launch Your Own Seedify Launchpad Clone App With Us

We offer seedify launchpad clone app development services to help you launch your own fundraising platform. With our expertise, you can create a sophisticated white-label Seedify clone script that allows you to create your own NFT gaming launchpad.

Rapid Growth Of Seedify Clone In Metaverse

Seedify clone is a leading launchpad for high innovative games. With a small price fee, investors can buy tokens from various crypto exchanges. Moreover, the daily trading volume of SFUND tokens is around $6.19 million. The project creators can use their ideas to organize IDOs, as the seedify clone is slowly converting into a DAO.

Investors can get benefits from yield farming as well as access to virtual assets from particular initiatives. New projects are also receiving financial support from our seedify clone script fund. As a result, investors will earn tokens from all games that have been incubated. The percentage of votes cast by the community will also depend on an acceptance threshold.

Promising Future Of Seedify Clone Launchpad

With a promising future of decentralization, we let businesses enter the IGO sector to raise finance with an app like Seedify. In the future, these launchpads are the perfect source to raise your business by providing the best results in decentralized gaming and benefiting in a frictionless manner. Use our Seedify clone script to phase out in the favor of assets for using it as an NFT gaming platform. This also fuels the gaming technology by keeping innovative development troops going.

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Seedify Clone App Development Process

Analytical Process

The project analysis starts with explaining the goals that need to be met at the launchpad creation. We make an in-depth analysis report that explains all the user expectations.

Detailed Plan

We'll design the concept of the Seedify clone script and then create a plan that needs to be executed to turn your ideas into a reality. This step depicts the visualization of your launchpad.

Creating Whitepaper

Once we execute to devise a plan, our superior writers start creating the project's whitepaper that depicts the project's description, and the vision to update investors' information.

Design & Development

The designing process of the Seedify clone is done before the development process is started. In these steps, various prototypes are constructed to determine how the clone elements will interact.

Token Creation & Listing

Further, create the inherent digital currency or native token to improve the customer experience. After creation, list the token on various fundraising platforms to generate project revenue.


After creating tokens, whitepapers, and a website, our marketing team announces the Seedify clone launch through unique marketing campaign platforms.

Launchpad Development

We design the fully-operational Seedify clone launchpad platform that includes all the advanced features that keep in mind all the demands of the clients and businesses.

Technical Support

The whole process works with our pre and post-technical support to be involved in any Seedify clone's changes. Our development team is ready to provide or assist you with any technical issues.

Want To Develop An NFT Gaming Platform Like Seedify?

Seed your success with Seedify Launchpad Clone App Development. Our seedify launchpad clone app development services are designed to help you create a user-friendly platform that can attract investors from all over the world.

Suffescom Solutions - Providing Best Ways For Seedify Like App Development

Suffescom Solutions, a leading blockchain game development company, offers a sophisticated white-label Seedify clone script that allows you to create your own NFT gaming launchpad similar to Seedify. We create and deploy app like Seedify that holds the same functionality as the Seedify launchpad.

Look at the perks of working with the best NFT gaming launchpad development company for Seedify clone app development.

  • Error-free Seedify clone script
  • Many options for clone script customization
  • Marketplace with unique visual games
  • Launchpad development experts
  • 24*7 Assistance
  • Extensive testing process
  • Safe & secure platform solutions

Are you ready to launch your own Seedify clone script solution? Request a call and our team of experts will reach you within 24 hours!

What is the Average Cost to Develop a Seedify Clone Script?

The cost to create an app like Seedify depends on the customization and the features that need to be integrated as per your needs. Contact us to share your requirements and get a quote for your project.

How do You Plan to Keep a Project Safe if My Seedify Platform idea is Unique?

We sign a non-disclosure to provide privacy and to ensure you that all your details are safe with us. You don't need to worry about the matter.

I Need My Project to be Ready Soon, How Will You Help Me With That?

Well, if you're in hurry to launch your project, we provide a white-label solution with 100% customized features that usually take less than a month to develop and deploy.

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