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Best Blockchain Based Defi Staking Proof-of-stake (POS) Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

July 28, 2022

Best Blockchain Based Defi Staking Proof-of-stake (POS) Solutions

Decentralized Staking is transforming the cryptoshere. Is it going to continue taking the world by storm? Long story short, it depends.

So, without further ado, let's discuss.

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is a modern term that has created a buzz in the crypto world for the last few years. DeFi is often considered an essential constraint in the future of the economy. Unlike traditional business systems, decentralized finance is rapidly growing as a financial service provider without intermediaries.

DeFi staking is a viable alternative offered by DeFi solutions to traditional banking and financing. With smart contracts, DeFi staking eliminates third parties from the transactions. DeFi staking allows users to hold/lock their funds to maintain the proof-of-stake (POS)-driven blockchain operations. It provides much-needed transparency to the conventional process of lending and borrowing.

Suffescom Solutions, the leading DeFi development company, will help you navigate your journey of tapping into the billion-dollar crypto-staking market. We help you launch your DeFi staking software with world-class features and top-notch security using top-rated blockchain technology.

So, what is DeFi Staking, and how does it benefit end-users?

Read further to clear your thoughts about DeFi staking platform development.

What is DeFi Staking Platform?

DeFi Staking is a lucrative way to hold cryptocurrency and strengthen the network in exchange for a reward known as “interest.” It allows users to generate a passive income and let users get a reward in the form of extra tokens.

DeFi staking facilitates users to hold or lock the crypto asset in a crypto wallet or any exchange platform. ItDeFi staking facilitates users to hold or lock the crypto asset in a crypto wallet or any exchange platform. It is a profitable way to generate revenue by crypto staking, becoming the most popular topic in the crypto world. The release of Ethereum 2.0 boosts the popularity of decentralized app development.

Want to do your own Ethereum 2.0 Staking? We assist you in building your own DeFi staking platform development and getting more crypto rewards reliably and securely.

Choosing The Correct DeFi Staking Platform Development Services

We are developing decentralized finance staking system for businesses dealing with all kinds of financial operations. DeFi staking is a conventional process of lending and borrowing while providing much-needed transparency in the process.

DeFi Staking Platform Development

A decentralized finance system is a need of the crypto world, and therefore, we support DeFi staking project growth in the FinTech industry. Suffescom provides the best DeFi staking development solutions with high-end security and minimal risks for its DeFi platform development services.

Suffescom's DeFi services include DeFi token development, DeFi smart contract development, DeFi staking pool development, DeFi Dex, and much more. We offer customized and fully white-label DeFi services that give you full product ownership to grow your business at a great pace.

Lucrative DeFi Staking Development Services

Below mentioned are some reasons to launch your DeFi staking solution. Have a look:

  • The ROI that users will receive on their collateralized assets is appealing.
  • Participants will use their idle cryptocurrency assets for staking.
  • Because smart contracts run the platform, users benefit from complete transparency and transaction access.
  • The platform assists in reducing prices and streamlining procedures because there are no intermediaries present at times.
  • Participants shouldn't be required to invest in costly mining equipment to start making money.
  • The DeFi solutions are cost-effective and sustainable.

How Does DeFi Staking Platform Works?

DeFi staking works on the POS (Proof Of Stack) mechanism, wherein transaction validating people are called block producers. In the POS mechanism, validators create and propose the asset or stake-based blockchain block.

  • In the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) domain, smart contracts are used to carry out the automatic execution of transactions.
  • Then, millions of DeFi users that actively participate in the ecosystem step forward and contribute liquidity to the shared pool.
  • The loan and borrowing process then occurs within the DeFi platforms, allowing for simple fund transfers between DeFi customers.

What Are The Various DeFi Staking Forms?


Staking is the purest form that involves locking crypto assets to be a validator in a POS blockchain network. POS is based on payment validating by the validators, whereas POW (Proof Of Work) is algorithm-based that requires computation work for validation. Ethereum is a high-profile POS blockchain along with Polkadot and The Graph.

Yield Farming

Yield farming is the power of DeFi, providing strong decentralized finance use cases. It is counted as the practice of moving crypto assets in DeFi staking platforms to have maximum profit. People earn interest as a passive income by making their assets available in a liquidity pool and generating revenue by staking the DeFi platform of their choice.

Liquidity Mining

A subset of yield farming, liquidity mining, deposits digital assets and tokens to liquidity pools. These pools are essential for facilitating trading on an Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange (DEXs) that do not require any middlemen. A liquidity pool comprises two assets that make up a certain trading pair.

DeFi Staking Platforms To Offer Best DeFi Services


There is a great increase in the crypto exchanges entering the staking space because of the high number of users hosting these platforms. Users can offer DeFi services through the existing crypto exchange platform or a newly built one.


Crypto wallets offer DeFi services to users that require a little maintenance. You need to take care of the security and make it easy for them to stake their assets.

Staking-as-a-service Platform

Staking allows users to hold their cryptocurrency to earn extra money with full security measures. Unlike exchanges and wallets, staking-as-a-service prevents hacking or theft and allows backups and encryption keys in case of any crypto loss.

Well-Known Crypto Exchanges To Support DeFi Staking Development

Launch Your Own DeFi Staking Platform

DeFi offers a platform for tokenization, staking, and in-centivization. It provide the additional way to earn profits from your cryptocurrency assets, all benefits given by the decentralized finance platform


Binance created a blockchain software platform called Binance Chain. BNB is the foundational gas underpinning the Binance Ecosystem and has many useful applications.


Gemini was established to make buying and storing bitcoin easier by implementing a complex system of private keys and password-controlled settings.


Users can stake their tokens to join the network as validators, and those who stake the most often have the best chances of forging a block.


One of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges in India is known as CoinDCX. Due to the cryptocurrency market's volatility, it is essential to keep the assets secure.


With six million users worldwide, KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides a wide range of trading options. staking method facilitates users to use as a method for staking to earn rewards by adding balance to the exchange wallet.

How To Generate More Rewards In DeFi Staking Platform?


Crypto users need to keep coins in their wallets for a particular time to request a reward. The rewards users receive depend on the number of coins they keep. The reward is calculated and then forwarded to the user with a transaction.


Users delegate their stakes to the validators who control the network securing charge. The validator shares the part of their revenue to generate the reward to the users who are delegating their stake to him.

Running Validators

DeFi allows users to participate in the platform as an equity investment. With this, the dividends are distributed to the eligible users. The fund manager supervises every platform transaction and earns the process rewards.

DeFi Staking Platform Development Competitive Features

The Dex Aggregator Platform Development features rely on the staking model you choose and the services you provide to the users. Look at the features you need to add to create a competitive Defi staking platform.

User-friendly Interface

DeFi platforms are hard to understand sometimes, so the users must create a promising and friendly user interface. The users get distracted if the UI is hard to understand and more complicated. Users must feel free to manage their private keys, use their wallets, and handle the reward system.

Assets Protection

The DeFi platforms are not regulated, so no users will have funds once the platform is lost. In this case, security remains the most important factor when choosing a DeFi staking platform. With the rise in the DeFi platforms, users need efficient ways to avoid any disruptions in the platform, and auditing the smart contract is the best thing to consider.

Rewards Calculator

The liquidity investors and providers must consider a profitable DeFi staking platform to complete their goal of making a profit. Many platforms consider calculating rewards according to the market conditions, while others have fixed reward prices. The factors to consider when calculating rewards are:

  • Share of coins in the network shared by the staker
  • Coins inflation rates
  • Staking time duration


Another important factor that affects the staking platform users is Payouts. Creating an amazing schedule for payout and the procedure of withdrawal help users know exactly when they will have their rewards. Integrating transaction history will provide users with the tracking facility of their past rewarding activity.

Other Advanced Features

Other advanced solutions that we add to the DeFi staking platform are:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Trading
  • Referral
  • Transactions History

These advanced features will help users looking to stake a DeFi protocol to blockchain for a passive crypto income. For DeFi protocol staking, users must integrate crypto wallet, buy stablecoins, trade stablecoins for the tokens, and solve puzzling interfaces.

Hire Our Top-Notch DeFi Staking Platform Development Services

Contact with our experts for DeFi staking app development and generating the revenue. Also get consultancy about calculating the staking rewards?

Perks Of DeFi Staking Platform Development


DeFi staking platform works as automation-based, providing fast transactions with minimal mistakes with smart contracts installation benefits.

Smart Contracts

The platform provides a solidity-based designed smart contract that is non-editable to have a trusted transaction within a complex DeFi platform structure.

No 3rd Party Intervention

DeFi smart platform application provides perks to the users with low transaction fees and with no intervention of any intermediaries.


Blockchain-based P2P staking platform simultaneously facilitates the users with top-notch operational features, securing all security details.

Unbiased Investing Plans

This feature offers a handsome earning option for the masters and the novice. The high ROI platform offers amazing investing plans.

Counterfeit Transactions

This ultimate feature provides information security for every user by distributing data in a ledger that cannot be seen or tracked by anyone.

Transparent Protocols

Removing middleman data storage in the DeFi staking platform provides complete data control and a transparent system.


Integrating more than one application into one platform creates a user-centric system to keep users engaged with an application.

Universal Access

Along with some amazing features and superior functionality, our DeFi staking platform is globally present with an efficient customer-centric approach.

Steps To Create A Successful Decentralized Staking Software


To start a DeFi staking platform, you must go with tokenomics, which is an important part of any crypto project. Crypto-related projects need less audience research than any other software app development, as only 1% of the audience uses crypto worldwide.

UI/UX Design

The next and the most time-consuming step is interface designing and user experience. We always start a rapid prototype to verify the design to the investors before moving further to DeFi development.


Further, a development process is required to create a DeFi staking platform. The developers work on:

  • Smart Contracts
  • Front Ends

Developing a mobile or web app for a crypto staking platform is similar to other blockchain softwares.

Deploy & Maintenance

Deployment and maintenance in blockchain-based crypto projects require integration in the modern protocol versions for newer smart contracts. This also includes considering Mixpanel and Google analytics before the deployment process.

Considering Best DeFi Staking Development Company

Suffescom Solutions Inc., the pioneer DeFi smart contract development company, is a one-stop shop for DeFi development to convert your DeFi business ideas into a software solution reality. Our expertise proves our competency in creating a DeFi staking platform providing world-class services to focus on your business goals. We help our clients grow their DeFi business in a lucid yet secure way.

We provide:

  • Meaningful Outcomes
  • Accelerated DeFi Development
  • 24*7 Comprehensive Support
  • Dedicated Team
  • Decentralized Solutions
  • User-friendly & Accessible Platform
  • Better Liquidity
  • Modern Tech Stack
  • Affordable Price
  • On-time Delivery

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