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Build a Custom Carpooling App with Advanced Features that will Bring Success to your Ride-Sharing Business in the UK

How do you make a ridesharing app? – that’s what Uber was thinking when they came up with the first-ever concept of people sharing car rides.

Car-sharing revenue expects to increase by 15.5 percent by 2022. And this rise in the market started with a single man’s wish. 

The latest figures show that dreams can come true: more than 120 million monthly users worldwide used Uber and its global competitors such as BlaBlaCar, Lyft, and DiDi in 2020.

Given everything, we decided to share our knowledge about developing a ridesharing app, analyzing the ridesharing market, and outlining the essential features that ridesharing apps must-have. Let’s take a ride into the world of global car-sharing.

Multi service App Clones

What is Carpool App Development?

An ideal carpooling app provides reduced travel expenses, comfortable commuting, time savings, and easy access. As a result, carpooling has easily surpassed taxi services in market share.

Not to mention that it will be here for a long time. Why? Because it is profitable for both businesses and customers. The development of carpooling apps is booming faster than any other mobile application.

If you want to build a ridesharing app, your main competitors will be Lyft and Uber. But always remember that both companies were founded by computer programmers, and thats why they took some time to rise.

Many recently launched carpooling or ride-hailing apps, on the other hand, have done well in the market. Ridesharing has become necessary for two reasons, and finding a carpooling app development company is now as simple as pie.

Why Should you Consider Developing a Carpooling App to Help your Business Grow?

Aren’t we all sick of haggling with taxi drivers or cramming and sweating in overcrowded public vehicles? However, the truth that comfort is a luxury is also true.

Thanks to the rapidly expanding app development industry, every problem has a solution. For example, the carpooling industry has transformed the computing industry. So many regular commuters benefit from it. It is natural to have the same supply as demand for the services.

Consider that developing a rideshare app is an excellent way to meet the economy’s needs while also profiting from it.

Multi service App Clones

What Is Ride Sharing?

Ridesharing is a service that assists passengers in locating a one-way ride promptly.

Connecting technology services or product owners with consumers is the most important sharing economy aspect.

In contrast to the traditional model, in which private companies own the equipment, in this case, cars, the sharing economy model only facilitates interactions between individuals.

The drivers are car owners who use the rideshare business model and don’t affiliate with any taxi company. That is why rideshare companies do not withhold taxes from drivers’ wages, provide flexible hours, or allow drivers to work overtime.

Uber dominates the global ridesharing market, with a 37.2 percent market share in 2019.

DiDi is the runner-up, with a 32.4 percent market share.

Sharing a ride with a driver to a specific location is known as “ridesharing”.

However, only a few passengers use this feature; most passengers prefer to ride alone. In such cases, ridesharing may appear identical to taxi services; however, there is a significant difference.

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Differences Between Ride-Sharing and Taxi Services


Passengers using ridesharing can find a ride using a mobile app. A ride-hailing app locates the nearest available vehicle and matches it with a passenger. Based on this information, passengers know when a vehicle will arrive and can accept or decline a ride with a driver. They don’t have to wait for a taxi with a driver to appear on the street so they can hail it or call a taxi company and wait 15 minutes for the car to arrive.

Price Variation

Passengers in taxis do not have the option of deciding how much they want to pay, and they frequently do not know how much the ride will cost them.

Passengers using ridesharing apps can select whether they want a budget or luxury car with a driver. Second, passengers get informed of the ride price before getting into the car.

Payment Options

Users of ridesharing mobile apps can pay with a credit or debit card instead of worrying about having enough cash for a driver. Most ridesharing apps allow users to leave tips for drivers, which can pay with their cards.

Multi service App Clones

There are three types of apps that allow passengers to share a ride or a car with a driver:

Ridesharing apps

Passengers choose their destination when using ridesharing services. It is not always necessary to share a ride with other passengers. It could simply be a great alternative to taking a taxi. However, the main advantage of ridesharing apps for passengers is sharing fares.

Uber, Lyft, DiDi, Grab, and Curb are a few examples.

Car-pooling apps

The driver chooses the destination; the passengers accompany the driver to the same destination, frequently intercity travel. Carpooling can be done for free or for a small fee.

BlaBlaCar, Carma Pooling, and Waze Carpool are a few examples.

Peer-to-peer car-sharing services

Peer-to-peer car sharing is a practice where car owners or companies rent out their vehicles for a set fee and period.

Renters and car owners alike can benefit from such a model. They are not required to go to a specific car service to rent a car. Renters can find a nearby car, and car owners can profit even when they aren’t using their vehicle.

This type of ridesharing is particularly popular among tourists.

Getaround, Turo, Zipcar, RelayRides, and Hertz are a few examples.

Thinking How Can You Begin Your Ridesharing Business By Adding Value?

By allowing your passengers to book rides, They will have the peace of mind they have always desired if they can get it ahead of time or whenever they need it. A rideshare app allows your passengers to share their trip status & location with family and friends to give them a sense of security. There will be no more waiting and waving in a crowded place. Long, tedious lines and payment are as simple as a few taps.

Pricing Transparency

Passengers no longer have to guess at prices or even fear bargaining. They can know the price before booking a ride, which eliminates the possibility of a dispute over a mere price.

Tracking in Real-Time

The live tracking feature of ridesharing software or apps, also known as in-app route planner technology, provides passengers with an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of the booked ride. It also allows them to communicate their destination to their families and friends while on the road. It eventually increases the users’ trust and safety.

Multi service App Clones


A standard ridesharing app’s primary feature is its ease of use. Users can hail a cab from any location in the city or country without waiting in line or waving at drivers. The ride is sent to the user’s address when completed the booking. Passengers can now book a cab with ease and reap the benefits of referrals thanks to the referral system features.

Feature To Choose Between Types Of Vehicles

There is a wide range of vehicle options in the ridesharing software or app so that users can select one based on their preferences. As a result, the user experience improves, and customers are more likely to choose an affordable ride.

Make a Cashless Payment

Customers can make cashless payments by using an in-app wallet or a payment app where they have digitized their credit/debit cards. It alleviates their concern about having enough money in their purse to pay the driver.

Since the rideshare market has seen consistent growth, here’s what you should do to compete. Features! Innovation drives technology, and unless your rideshare app has the right or better set of features, it will not be able to withstand the test of time.

Ride-Sharing App’s Feature-Rich Panels

If you’re wondering how to start a rideshare company, you should first consider implementing its best features. Without a doubt, carpooling app development is reaching new heights as demand and market share growth. An ideal ridesharing app should have three panels: customer panels, driver panels, and admin panels (which are basically for the use of administrators). These panels should be simple to use for people of all backgrounds. The best rideshare app has a script that can be edited, deleted, or added with new features based on the owner’s needs.

Panel of Customers

Whether your business is established, you must are welcome to jump on board with this burgeoning ride-sharing industry. The smartest and most efficient way to stay afloat while riding higher in the market is to have a one-in-a-million ridesharing app that has been thoughtfully designed and includes the feel-right features. Start thinking about your customers if you’re beginning to wonder how to begin a ridesharing company. Give them what they want to do or experience. I’ve compiled a list of the most important features of a better rideshare app:

An Easy-to-Use Sign-Up Portal

The signup portal is the first interface through which customers will interact with the app. You’ll want to make sure the signup process is simple and user-friendly. Account creation via Google, Facebook, or phone number will enhance the user experience.

Finding a Favorite Ride Is Simple

Once a user has signed up, they should be able to enter their pick-up and drop-off information directly into the search box. It will help advance the ride search time and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), regardless of fellow riders’ current locations. The goal should be to provide your user with a timely result while ensuring that user-friendly the entire process.

Integration of Real-Time Tracking

When a user requests to share a ride, it will request immediate real-time tracking activation. All ridesharing apps typically include a Google app API that allows tracking drivers’ movements. Riders benefit from GPS tracking because it reduces inconvenience and confusion, especially when shared rides.

System of Split Payments

Because this is a shared ride, we must split the fare equally. The payment must base on individual distance traveled to avoid additional riders’ charges. It makes commuting more bearable, but it also improves the user experience.

Information on the Other Passengers

One of the primary reasons ridesharing apps have grown in popularity so quickly is the preservation of transparency. It helps users gain trust by providing a sense of security. Maintaining visibility of passenger information must be prioritized.

The ability to easily cancel the ride

A rider should not feel obligated to board a cab simply because they have reserved one. If they want to cancel the ride at any time, they must be able to do so. Your ridesharing app must have a flexible interface that allows you to cancel the ride. You must include a time frame for riders to cancel the ride for free in terms of the cancellation fee.

Chatbot Function

The chatbot is the most important virtual feature of any service app, and when it comes to rideshare software and services, users must have the assurance that someone will listen to their complaints and respond to their concerns. Furthermore, the help center is always the foundation for providing robust security, essential for any ridesharing app. If there is a mishap, driver behavior issues, a lost item, or payment issues, the rider must only be able to report their concerns via the app.


Communicating with your users is an excellent tool for engaging your audience. Your app must include a feature that sends ride details, fares details and ride start notifications throughout the journey until it concludes. Furthermore, you must be able to interact with any ongoing discount offers using the push notification feature.

Panel for the Driver

Aside from the standard features like signup, notifications, reviews, messaging, and support, here are a few more that empower the driver’s panel –

Signup Portal for Drivers

To generate profits, you will need drivers from all over the city. The driver interface must ensure an easy signup process that leads them nowhere but amid all technicalities and insignificant credential entries. You can include Facebook and Google login options and registration with a phone number.

Accepting And Rejecting A Ride Request

A driver must be able to reject and accept ride requests. A rider is important to your business, but so is a driver. It’s your responsibility to make certain that they do have the option to accept or decline a ride based on their health and convenience. This feature will eventually give them a compelling reason to support your rideshare company.

Trip Specifics for Each Rider

Drivers are likely to become perplexed when managing multiple riders at once. As a result, they will require information from riders via their interface. It will assist them in arriving at the respective location for pick-ups and drop-offs within the ETA.

Integrate Navigation for More Accurate Directions

Map navigation on the driver’s interface is just as important as it is on the user’s interface. It will assist drivers in arriving at a rider’s location within the ETA, but it will also allow them to take the shortest possible route. This way, you won’t have to worry about whether or not a new driver will be able to provide a responsive app experience.

Payment Systems That Work Together

Virtual wallets are now an integral part of everyone’s life. This technology has nearly obliterated the hard cash culture. Your ridesharing app should include an in-app wallet to allow users to easily make payments and the driver to receive payment without bargaining or looking for a change in the middle of traffic.

The dashboard of the driver is easily accessible.

Drivers must give access to their database. When they go to their dashboard, they should be able to see their rating, completed ride, and qualification/certification information. The dashboard of the driver must be transparent.

Other Important Characteristics

If you’re still wondering how to start a rideshare company and what can add extra features to increase its popularity, you’ve come to the right place. However, apart from the features described above, here are some popular ridesharing app features that can help your app stand out –

SOS For Emergencies

The need for an SOS button has become critical in a rideshare emergency. Whether it is the driver’s or the rider’s fault, both must be able to report an emergency for prompt countermeasures to be taken. After all, guaranteed safety is an essential component in creating the best ridesharing app. 

Exciting Deals for Returning and New Customers

Like any other new venture, your ridesharing business will require aggressive branding at first as you add new users to the database. The best-proven marketing strategy is to offer new users special offers and discounts. You can also give your users a referral bonus if they help you grow your user base.

Organizing a Ride in Advance

Your carpooling app must allow users to reserve a ride ahead of time. It will be an added convenience because users frequently try to avoid booking rides at the last minute. In conclusion, prearranged rides can be a useful feature.

Multilingual Application

Making your app multilingual means expanding its reach. Furthermore, this feature expands the app’s scalability and increases your chances of winning a reward for walking the extra mile.

Final Words

This concept has swept the transportation industry. Today, more and more businesses embrace the concept of a ridesharing app due to its versatile and profitable features. In contrast, businesses consider innovative and highly useful technology to assist modern society in carrying out their day-to-day travels conveniently and peacefully. Users can benefit because it is quick to book, convenient to reach anywhere using GPS technology, and pay as preferred (digitally and with cash).

So, are you prepared to be the next Uber or Lyft? Or are you still perplexed by the question, “how to start a ridesharing business in the USA?” Suffescom Solutions is ready to assist you in getting your ridesharing business up and running. Schedule your FREE consultation today.

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