How To Build A Taxi Booking App Like Uber or Lyft- Complete Guide

By Suffescom Solutions

August 08, 2020

With the rapid digitization of the economy, conventional business is almost a matter of bygone days. Every businessman, budding or experienced one is adapting to such technological advancements and reaping the benefits. One such drastic change is the commencement and growth of online business apps. Food, grocery, jewelry, home decor accessories, taxi service are just to name a few which have gone completely online in its operation. One such niche is the online taxi booking business which has emerged in the last few years as the most potent business opportunity not only to earn millions but also to make your mark as a successful entrepreneur. The success of Uber has driven a trend to invest in the e ride-hailing service. If you are one among them, planning to build an app like uber, then you are in the right place. Read along to find out answers to all little, big questions arising in your mind pertaining to how you can build an app like uber. top taxi business ideas

The Current Growth Statistics Of The Online Taxi Booking Business:

The current statistics clearly state that the online taxi booking app is growing at a rapid rate. So are the online users of the mobile taxi app are rapidly growing in numbers. Uber is a big name in the online taxi booking industry registering its presence widely all over the world. As per a study, uber has a global market value of $72 billion. Let's Read Below A Few Amazing Statistics Of Uber, Which Will Clearly Portray How Uber Is A Giant Name In Online Taxi Business:
  • Founded in the year 2009, since it's driving ahead.
  • More than 5 billion rides are completed by uber.
  • In the alone Unites States, uber caters to 40 million rides per month.
  • Uber reported, “Monthly Active Platform Consumers” or “MAPCs” of 91 million in 2018.
  • Uber has a far-flung almost 700 cities and 63 countries.
  • Less than half, that is 40.9% of Uber's workforce are women.
  • 15 million trips are globally completed each day by uber alone.
Below Is The Figure Depicting The Success Story Of The Uber. The Figure Will Make It Very Clear How Since Its Inception, Uber Has Developed Enormously. Apart from Uber, the global online taxi booking industry is booming as well. The revenue generated by the online taxi booking business was $183.677 million in 2019, which is expected to grow up to to $318.765 by 2023, a high of 14.8%. The online users are expected to rise as well by 20.0% by 2023, which was 13.5% in 2019. These above figures precisely indicate the potential the online taxi booking app has in store. While many giant players like Uber, Ola, Lyft, DiDi have made a significant mark, still room is left to explore many geographical areas untouched.

5 Key Steps To Build An App Like Uber:

Before plunging into the practical business world, you have to do some homework before you build an app like uber.
  • Select Your Niche With The Least Competition: with a proper and detailed study of the prospective and find a niche where competition is comparatively low. In such scenarios, it's easy to build your customer base and make effective market penetration.
  • Thorough Technical Audit And Research: if you are to launch a brand new taxi booking app like uber than research to find out what all features you want to incorporate and in case you are an experienced player of the online taxi booking industry than you can keep editing and updating your existing online taxi booking app to make it better and more useful app like uber. Go for the best taxi dispatch software development company.
  • Documentation To Make An App Like Uber:   documentation refers to noting down all minute technical details, requirements, features, app architecture and tech stack to be used. Jotting down points helps you remember all details to make an app like uber.
  • Creating A Taxi Booking Mobile App: creating an app like Uber is an arduous task. Pay attention from scratch. To build an app like Uber needs multiple testing of the individual units so that logical and technical errors are resolved before finally launching on the play store.
  • Launching  Your Taxi Booking App Like Uber:  the software, mobile, and web development companies take care to launch your taxi booking app like uber on the play store for the users to download it and use it. After multiple trials and errors, developing an app like Uber gets ready for the final showdown.
Follow the above key steps to build an app like Uber.

Top Features For Building An App Like Uber Which Makes It Stand Above The Crowd:

Before digging deeper, let's give you some insights into the uber features responsible for the huge and sustainable success of the Uber app. For building an app like uber, there must  two separate apps like:
  • Customer/passengers/rider app
  • Driver app
These two mobile apps should be given minute, precise importance to make it super user friendly. Apart from these two, the admin panel is there for the owner to manage both the driver and the rider app.

So, Let's Discuss Them In Detail:

Rider App: the following are key features of the Uber rider app and should be the top features when developing an app like Uber. They are
  • Registration And Profile Management: the first and foremost step is to sign up and profile creation by the user. The uber app allows the user to sign up using his/her social accounts etc. The rider can easily manage his profile as well by uploading pictures, phone numbers, etc. Apart from uber, this is a must for all when you build an app like uber.
  • Geolocation And Real-time Tracking: when it comes to building an app like uber, GPS tools are an indispensable part. It helps the rider to find out the nearby taxi and also track his real-time status. It looks amazingly simple in the frontend but a complex process does it in the background to measure the distance and run the routes.
  • Integrated Payment Methods: the uber app and other online taxi booking app promote cashless transactions. The app is well integrated with safe online payment options like debit card, credit card, stripe integration, etc. They are convenient and also attention is given to secure the user's financial data. The payment system should comply with PCI solutions like Braintree or stripe.
  • Ride Cost Estimates: it's an essential feature when you build an app like Uber. It beforehand calculates the fare of the trip as per pick up and drop location. Uber offers a fare calculator to estimate the cost of the ride.
The Four Main Criteria Of The Cost Estimates Are:
  • Base fare
  • Cost per mile
  • Cost per minute
  • Safe rides fee
The calculation is done as per the type of vehicles.
  • Book A Ride In Advance: Uber allows you to book a ride in advance, from 15 minutes to 30 days.
  • Regular And Timely Notifications: the rider and the driver both receive timely SMS in each stage of the ride. For the Android platform it uses Firebase cloud messaging service and for iOS, Apple push notifications service is incorporated in the uber app.
  • Fare Splitting /Ridesharing: it's not a mandatory feature of your taxi booking app like uber but is launched by uber to facilitate ridesharing facilities and in such cases to avoid differences among the riders, an automated fare splitting feature is built-in. it's a win-win situation for the riders and the admin too.
  • Choosing a vehicle type.
  • Enables voice recognition for taxi booking.
  • Allows promoting customer retention by gamification, which is leadership boards, special offers.
Driver App: the uber feature an enriched app for the drivers as well. They're:
  • Driver Report: the driver is just like the captain of the ship. Without experienced and obedient drivers, the ride is not safe. The driver report provides the rider with apt information about his driving style, obedience to traffic rules in the past month, etc. These insights are helpful for riders and the admin too.
  • Advanced Route Building: the feature of route building is a special feature that gives a cutting edge to the drivers. It enhances the driver's efficiency and thus better service to the riders.
  • Drive Destination: the feature allows the driver to set his favorite location and the rider can easily locate them there to book a ride. It should be a sure shot feature when you build an app like uber.
The Advanced Feature Of The Driver App:
  • Heat Maps: this advanced feature of the Uber app provides the driver to find out the heat areas that are the location from where the maximum riders are booking a taxi. Drivers can be near these locations and earn more.
Apart from the rider and the driver app, uber has the admin panel to manage the drivers and the riders as well.

Pro Tips To Build An App Like Uber  That Can Compete With Uber:

Apart from all the basic features of the online taxi booking app, provide something special and extra, just like the cherry on the top to attract more riders and retain them. Now, you may question what's that extra that riders will remember your online taxi book app for? Read along to know the pro tips which will help create an app like Uber. Offer A Unique Value Proposition: to make the online taxi booking app attractive and more satisfactory for the end-users, you need to add some extra unique value proposition. Passenger Centric Value Proposition :
  • Real-time tracking the driver
  • A fixed price for the airports and railway station
  • Discounts or free rides on various special occasions
  • Fare estimation based on pick up and drop off location
  • Discount for the first-time rider
Driver Centric Value Proposition:
  • Possibility to earn in peak hours
  • Optimum insurance coverage
  • Flexible working hours
  • Easy registration
Comply Your Online Taxi Booking App With Ecological Issues: people are becoming more and more environmental lovers and are concerned with pollution. In such scenarios, environment-friendly options like Green Cans taxis are a more opted option. Plus, the electrically charged vehicles are also quite preferred. So such unique options can be a sustainable option. Apart from that, you can go to vehicles like bikes other than cars. Due to heavy traffic, a major cause of choosing a bike over a cab or taxi. Motorbikes are thus a more easy mode of commuting.

Few Examples Of The Successful Motorbike App Are As Follows:

  • GrabBike: operating in cities of Thailand like Bangkok, Nonthaburi, pratumtani, etc.
  • Rapido: the most used two-wheeler mobile app. It operates in 40 cities and has 2 million users
Consider Global Expansion: though uber is very famous, still uber has not been operating in many countries like Brunei, Oman, Malta, Luxembourg, etc. Sounds great, right?? Yes, think big. When building an app like Uber, think of global expansion. Reaching out to larger target customers.

The Revenue Model Of The Taxi Booking App Business:

If you read this, I'm sure you might be aware of the features and processes as to how to build an app like Uber. Read on to know the most intriguing part, that is, how do you earn from the online taxi booking app:

Basically, The Admin Or The Owner Of The App Earn In Two Different Ways :

  • Commission From The Driver: the driver receives money for the taxi service from the rider. The money received is split between the admin and the driver on a predetermined basis. This is called a commission. The commission varies between 20-25%. Additionally, Uber charges a flat booking fee from the riders.
  • Affiliated Marketing And Ads For The Other Business: it's the most viable manner of earning for the owner. They can run ads for other businesses. They earn based on per click on the ads. In addition, promotional partnerships are also a good way to earn. Uber has gained much momentum by promoting other brands' content for which Uber receives money.
The Graphic Below Explains The Business Model Canvas Of The Uber. Please Go Through It Thoroughly To Understand The Uber Business Plan:

Cost Of Building An App Like Uber:

Now, this is the most crucial question every new entrepreneur is faced with. Read below to find out how much developing an app like Uber can cost your pocket. Well, The Cost Largely Depends Upon The Following Points:
  • Features Of The App: there is a directly proportional relationship between the feature and the cost of developing an app like Uber. This goes to explain that the more the features, the higher the cost. So it's always better to start with the MVP model, the minimum value model. This includes minimum but important features in the taxi booking app like Uber.
  • Choice Of The Platform: it indicates whether you choose an android or iOS platform. It's also a crucial question of whether to launch on Android or iOS. Generally, the developer suggests launching in both the platforms I'd your budget allows. Or else can go with an ever-growing Android user base. Uber initially started with the IOS platform.
  • Selection Of Technology: hybrid or native technology, which one to grow with? You have to choose between two, a technology to power your app. Both of them serve different purposes and are different in terms of programming language and the architecture they use.
There are however no hard and fast rules to decide the cost of building an app like Uber. Both times invested and the technology used will determine its cost. Additionally, The Location Also Determines What The Cost Will Be To Build An App Like Uber:
  • North America — $60-250 per hour
  • United Kingdom — $60-150 per hour
  • Western Europe — $40-120 per hour
  • Eastern Europe — $20-100 per hour
  • India — $10-80 per hour
Disclaimer: these are just average costs. A comprehensive and detailed discussion with the project development partner can give you an exact estimate.

Summing Up

So, you have reached the end of the blog. You know now what all it takes to build an app like Uber and generate revenue. The global market for Taxi Dispatch Software has grown significantly during the last several years. With the Taxi Dispatch System, consumers benefit from 24/7 availability, cashless purchases via debit/credit cards and the UPI app, and more. SO, DELAY NOT ANYMORE AND MAKE THE BEST

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