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By Suffescom Solutions

December 11, 2020

This is the best time to enter the industry with a unique video chat business model and support people in working and attending meetings from home! Video calling technology has become an integral part of every business and individual because it keeps everyone connected to each other. Not only at the business or corporate level, but these video calling apps are being used on a personal level as well. The technology is almost free and people can easily download applications like Skype, Hangouts, Zoom, etc. on mobile apps. Instant interactions through social media have paved the way for improved human communication worldwide. The convenience provided by audio and video chat has taken the whole technology to another level.  This article includes:

  • How you can build a feature-enriched video calling application.
  • All the features you can include while building the application 
  • Overview of the monetization strategies 
  • Current leaders of the market 
  • Certain challenges which need to overcome 
  • Cost of building the app

How did video chat help during the pandemic?

During the pandemic, the government has given the guidelines to follow social distancing properly and video calling would be the best way to stay connected with friends and colleagues. New entrepreneurs who are looking forward to investing in some industry, should consider building a video chat app after recognizing what are the needs and requirements of the market.  The development and designing should be done in such a way that it can aim at certain things specifically. To create a video call app Android, pay attention to the following things: 
  • Determining the target audience
  • Analyze the current situation of the market 
  • Choose the right technology stack 
  • Developing within your budget 
  • Include some advanced features to attract more people 
These are some important things to consider while developing a feature-enriched video call application. While the pandemic is going on, many organizations have shifted their operations to work from home where video calling is a must to attend meetings, conduct interviews, and many other things. Many existing companies are quickly adopting these new communication policies to cope up with the pandemic-like situation. They are bound to create a video chat web app to keep employees connected with each other and with the organization.  video chat app

How to build a video chat app? 

Define the target audience: The very first thing to consider is to see the targeted audience. Nowadays, there is cut-throat competition in the market because entrepreneurs are considering this industry where they can invest and create video chat app. So, it is very important to research thoroughly before entering the market.  For e.g. Google Meet allows 250 participants at once, so you should build an app with certain unique features that can become a primary choice for big organizations.  Creating a business and monetization plan: A plan should be made before launching your app. A plan includes all the features and functionalities to be added, study the competition around the market, deciding the budget and cost structure, and several revenue streams.  Monetization plans can include paid advertisements, paid calls, some free features like changing of background, emoticons, etc.  Hiring software development vendor: The most important aspect in developing a video call app is to select a reliable app development company that can work according to your business needs and requirements. You can check their overall experience, client reviews, development standards, etc. before handing over your project.  Selecting features and technology stack: There are basic and advanced features to be added to an application. It should be decided beforehand along with the technology stack. Generally, the company you choose will guide you on how to make a video chat app with the latest technology stack. Designing UI/UX: Frontend and backend designing is equally important as development. You should try to include attractive designs while you create video chat app to attract more customers towards your business model. Style, branding, animations, and visuals should be selected very carefully.  Marketing strategies: Strategies should be strong enough to attract more and more customers in the shortest time possible. Target those people who are working from home or who prefer to work and attend meetings online through these applications.  What are the features to include while developing a video call application? There are basic and advanced features one should consider. It is always advised to include both basic and advanced ones to make the application more interactive and easy-to-use. Let us have a look at those features first: Basic features: 
  • Registration 
  • Profile management 
  • Status 
  • Search and add contacts
  • Text chat 
  • Geolocation 
  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Push notifications 
  • Automatic backup 
  • Cloud synchronization 
  • Video and voice calls 
Advanced features: 
  • Group calls
  • Background noise cancellation 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Custom stickers and emoticons 
  • Custom masks 
  • Virtual background 
What are the monetization strategies of a video chat app? Advertisements: Entrepreneurs can include ads in the middle of the video or place small banners that run after the call. It can be a little annoying, so don’t use them much. Video streaming services can earn you more than small banner ads but it is still worth it if you are a startup.  Paid calls: While you create a video chat web app, you can integrate the feature where the customers can easily do audio calls at a price cheaper than normal cell phone calls. One example of such a platform is Skype which provides specific call rates for every country that are fairly cheaper. Freemium: Video calls are usually free but when we are talking about business or video calls for organizational purposes, you can set some limitations. For e.g. Zoom provides only a 40 min long video call. Similarly, you can set minutes or the number of participants working on your platform.  Paid custom stickers: This is yet another way to generate revenue after developing a video chat app. Along with free emojis, you can include paid sticker packs which can be downloaded by the customers if they wish to.    Who are the leaders of the video chat market nowadays?
  • Skype: Have 300 million active users a month. It has encrypted calls, screen sharing, and the most used app in organizations. 
  • Viber: It allows the transfer of calls to desktop and phone and the camera turns around. Viber has been on the market since 2010. 
  • Facetime video: This is developed by Apple with the initial release in 2010. The app is launched on the iPhone itself when facetime starts. 
  • Google Duo: Duo is another high rated video calling app established in 2018. It has over 1 billion downloads since then. 
  • Zoom: Simple and effective conferencing is allowed in Zoom. It is mostly used in organizations and for online classes. It has 4.3 million active users. 
  • Houseparty App: It enables group video chatting through mobile phones and desktops mostly used by people who don’t want to miss the social interactions. 
  • Whatsapp: With 1.6 billion active users, Whatsapp is leading the industry with unique features effective for personal life. It allows 8 users at a time for video calls.  
The overall downloads of all the above-mentioned applications have seen a surge during the pandemic because people are told to follow strict social distancing and video calls were the only medium to stay connected with their family and friends. It is all set to continue flourishing in the future and many entrepreneurs are also investing in this industry and they also tend to create video chat app after watching the surge in downloads and revenue generation.  Challenges to overcome while developing an application: 
  • The application should offer high-definition audio and video calls all over the world. 
  • There should be no data breaches. The application should provide customers with privacy features. 
  • Various languages should be added for customer convenience.
  • Users should be able to invite people directly from their contact book.  
  • Users can be allowed for screen sharing  
  • The app should support at least IOS and Android. 
How much does it cost to build a video chat app? Usually, the cost of developing a video chat app with some additional features like chatting, sending friend requests, adding and syncing contacts with the app, costs somewhere between $15k to $25k. It depends upon the complexity and number of features of the application as well. The development of audio and video calling apps made from scratch is more expensive than just customizing a clone application.  (Note: Price to develop an application fluctuates from time to time according to the on-going offers and discounts. Contact us to know the best possible cost for building a feature-enriched app.) There are certain things to consider while developing the application like building the frontend, backend, designing, etc. Creating any application requires basic and advanced features developed using the latest technology. An entrepreneur should make a budget first and then think about marketing strategies.  video char web app Our expertise: Suffescom solutions have vast experience in developing distinct applications and have delivered 500+ projects successfully to date. We believe in gathering requirements from the clients before we jump to development and designing. Build a new video and audio chat application that can compete easily in the market with the help of unique features. Have some ideas but don't know about the technology to use? Contact us and we will help you in developing your ideas into a business model which can give you an edge over your competitors.   Conclusion: Now, you should have a fair idea of how to make a video chat app just by integrating basic and advanced features according to the ongoing competition. 2020 has shown us that people can also work from home by installing video and audio calling apps to stay connected with the managers and team leaders. After analyzing the situation, many entrepreneurs have already invested their money in this industry and some are waiting to do so. What are you waiting for? Decide the requirements and contact us for developing a customized application for your business and transform your ideas into reality.

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