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How Much Does It Cost To Develop Web3 Application and Software?

By Suffescom Solutions

March 31, 2023

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Web3 Application and Software?

The onset of technology has created ripples in almost every industry. With constant updations, the internet has outrightly transformed every business vertical. After experiencing advanced internet revolutions from the static web to the interactive and now intelligent web, the world has seen the transition with its eyes. Web3 is the new sensation that has created a buzz in the tech space. The web app market is estimated to reach $10.44 billion by the end of 2027. The e-commerce conversion rates are two times more than on mobile devices compared to the desktop. Businesses are finding it fruitful to develop web3 business apps to gain effective ROI. The only thing that bewilders them is the web3 app development cost.

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This article will provide adequate information regarding web3 app development cost.

How Much Does Web3 App Development Cost?

The web3 app development cost ranges between $30K - $90K. This is a rough figure as there are a lot of factors that play an important role. Some of them are mentioned as under;

  • Integrated features
  • Complexity involved in the project
  • Geo-location of the developers
  • Web3 tech-stack
  • Size of the development firm
  • Time taken in the development process
  • Innovative designs

These are some of the factors that are associated with the web3 platform development cost. They all exhibit different price ranges.

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Web3 App Development Cost- Broad Estimation

(1) Development Process

The development process is a crucial step involving multiple stages. These stages involve immense manpower, which is directly proportional to the development cost.

Development Process Cost Estimation
Planning And Research$4500-$5500
Launch And Maintenance $5000-$6500

(2) Company’s Size

The company’s size is the most important factor when it comes to deciding the web3 platform development cost. The bigger the company, the more will be the no. of employees. And eventually, the development cost will be greater.

Company’s SizeNo. of EmployeesDevelopment Cost
StartupUp to 50$8000-$10,000
Medium Scale50-250$10000-$15000
Large Scale >250>$ 25000

(3) Geographical Location

The location of the development firm is also significant. This is because different countries have different norms when it comes to deciding the budget for the web3 portal development cost. Let’s check it out below:

Geographical LocationDevelopment Cost
USA$70- $80 per hour
India$35-$45 per hour
UK$50-$60 per hour
Europe$55-$70 per hour
UAE$50-$60 per hour

Several countries exist on the globe that have become the hub of technology. Silicon Valley is the perfect example of that. Where there are more IT resources, the companies existing there will charge more and vice-versa.

(4) Depending Upon The Type Of Blockchain

The blockchain category also influences the web3 portal development cost. Several businesses have specific requirements as if they want public or private blockchain. Obviously, utilizing a private blockchain network will definitely cost higher than the public one.

Type Of Blockchain NetworkDevelopment Cost
Public Blockchain$5000-$8000
Private Blockchain$8000-15000

(5) 3D Graphics

The use of the higher CGI in the web3 application and the three-dimensional graphics amplifies the whole look of the application. The more fantastic and riveting the look and design of the platform, the more will be the development charges.

Computer Graphic AnimationDevelopment Cost
3D Graphics$15000

Various cutting-edge technologies are implemented to set the cost of web3 business app development. These include augmented reality, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, etc. An amazing user interface with well-defined characteristics related to any industrial domain will charge differently.

Futuristic Technologies Development Cost
Augmented Reality $15000-$20000
Virtual Reality$20000-$30000
Mixed Reality$16000-$30000
Internet of Things$25000-$40000

(6) Technological Stacks

Tech stacks are the foundation of any app creation. Without them, the development process is not possible. Even for the smooth functioning and enhancing the performance of the built web3 app, the tech stacks are essential. It includes the APIs, programming languages, frameworks, databases, front and back-end tools, cloud storage, and operating system.

Tech-StacksCost Estimation
Programming Languages$7000-$12000
Artificial Intelligence$8000- $15000
Operating System$10000-$14000
Cloud Storage$12000-$15000

(7) Category Of The Developers

The developers are broadly categorized into two types, i.e., freelancers and the in-house team. The basic difference between the two is that the freelancers will take more charges than the in-house team. But the only problem is that a dedicated in-house team will only follow the streamlined process. So, the selection needs to be performed depending on what you need.

Category Of DevelopersCost Estimation
In-house team$25000-$45000

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(8) Types Of Web3 App

The web3 apps are developed for various sectors like healthcare, education, and real estate. The businesses are looking forward to making an investment in all sorts of industries. The web3 platform development cost will vary as per the type:

Web3 App TypeWeb3 App Development Cost
Web3 Fintech App$40000-$60000
Web3 Real-Estate App$30000-$45000
Web3 Healthcare App$35000-$50000
Web3 Social Media App$42000-$65000
Web3 Gaming App$45000-$70000

There is also the craze for on-demand applications. The prices also depend upon the popularity of the application type. The more demand, the more will be the web3 portal development cost.

Apart from that, the public sector apps are also high-demanding, such as the web3 travel app, web3 banking app, and more.

(9) On The Design

The design of the web3 application is the center of attraction. Customers find it fascinating to use apps whose outer appearance is likable. Greater emphasis is paid to enhancing the font color, style, layout, etc. There are different design variants, such as basic design, medium, and complex ones. There is always room for customization. Depending upon what really is the choice of the client, the design is chosen.

Design TypeWeb3 Platform Development Cost
Complex$15000-$ 25000

(10) Integration Of Decentralization

Decentralization is the game changer in the web3 app. The inclusion of decentralization involves greater transparency and reliability.

Decentralized App TypeWeb3 Portal Development Cost
Crypto Wallet App>$52000
Crypto Exchange App>$55000

What Are The Advantages Related To Web3 App Development?

Web3 app development is a lucrative business for entrepreneurs. Today, the world faces massive data leakage due to the extreme role of intermediaries. These third parties are responsible for spilling sensitive details of the user. Centralization is the main reason behind the rigidity in businesses and often lacks in making well-informed decisions. Also, things do not pan out in the required manner.

Following are some of the perks that are associated with the web3 app development:

No Intermediaries

The blockchain-based web3 app does not allow any third party. This is the best example of cost-cutting and saving massive capital. This is literally the best way to gain a competitive edge among the peers. This will also enhance direct communication between the main parties, and that too without any interference.

Extracting Insights

Insights are valuable for businesses. The whole game of sales and marketing depends upon the analytics. So, inaccuracy, in this case, is not justified. There is a distributed ledger system where the information is tightly secured and visible to all possessing access.

Smooth Running Process

Web3 app allows a seamless business process. Web3 supports the execution of smart contracts. The businesses can track down the entire process, and there is no data manipulation. So, it ends up streamlining the entire business process.

Higher Transparency

Previously there used to be discrepancies related to transparency. This characteristic is very important for each business type. Sales are based on transparency and inconsistency that majorly disrupts marketing norms.

No Hacking

Web3 app development claims to be providing protection against cyber attacks. The payments taking place on the web3 platform are secured by robust protocols. This makes it quite difficult for hackers to obtain data, thereby maintaining top-level confidentiality.

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