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Cryptoblades Clone Script: Launch NFT Role-Playing Game Like CryptoBlades on BSC Platform

NFT-based blockchain games are gaining much traction among crypto enthusiasts and gamers. People are also very interested in participating in such games, which gives them the impression that they are playing real-time games. When the gaming concept first appeared in the NFT market, it was considered a niche segment. We now have several NFT forums for gamers.

You may also be wondering what distinguishes NFT gaming platforms from other types of games. The fact is that here, players can have a real-time gaming experience and own digital collectibles, i.e., gaming assets. This is what adds to their allure. People’s increased desire for games is driving them to these platforms.

Overview of Cryptoblades

Cryptoblades is an RPG game released on the Binance smart chain and allows you to play to earn. You can form a team and fight enemies to earn points and rewards by exploring the land and demonstrating your abilities to other players. Another way of putting it, the game’s base revolves around awarding SKILL tokens to players after defeating enemies and participating in raids. They can hire additional characters, forge unique weapons, and reforge them to increase their overall power. Players can also stake their SKILL earnings to receive more SKILL as a reward.

Earth, Fire, Lightning, and Water are the four elements present in the game. An element is assigned to all characters, weapons, weapon attributes, and enemies. When battling, elements either increase or decrease one’s chances of success. These elements, like Pokemon, have type advantages and disadvantages.

  • Fire – Effective against Earth but ineffective against Water.
  • Earth – Resistant to Lightning but vulnerable to Fire
  • Lightning is powerful against Water but weak against the Earth. 
  • Water is powerful against Fire but weak against Lightning.

SKILL Tokens

SKILL is the native cryptocurrency token on CryptoBlades that is used as a medium of exchange. Players use SKILL to acquire characters, forge and reforge weapons, and buy and sell on the CryptoBlades Marketplace. The native token SKILL is used to mint characters and craft weapons of varying power, which level up gameplay. The more powerful your weapon, the more SKILL tokens you earn. The Marketplace is CryptoBlades, where anyone can list or buy NFTs with the SKILL token. From the total supply of the SKILL token, 100,000 and 200,000 tokens are reserved for liquidity and gameplay incentives, respectively. With more powerful and advanced plus characters in the gameplay, users will gain more SKILL.

The following is a list of the SKILL Token supply:

• IDO – 35% 

• Gameplay Incentives – 20%

• Development – 20 %

• Initial Liquidity – 15%

• Liquidity Incentives – 10%

Cryptoblades Clone Software Development

The CryptoBlades clone is a duplicated version of the original CryptoBlades platform. This RPG game is a ready-to-play white label solution that allows users to play real-time NFT games. With this gaming solution, you can customize the platform to your liking. And offer it to the players as a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Suffescom is a well-known NFTs platform development firm with a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. Our top blockchain experts will work with you to create the ideal NFT gaming marketplace to attract new generations and crypto enthusiasts. Deploy our complete NFT gaming platform to become a billionaire.

The Advantages of Launching an NFT Game such as Cryptoblades

Blockchain technology has received widespread critical acclaim worldwide and has been widely adopted by various industries. The blockchain games that are played in the NFT marketplace are the most recent to become popular. Here are some of the advantages of launching a CryptoBlades clone NFT marketplace.

  • CryptoBlades will benefit players and stakeholders first.
  • High rewards are available depending on their skill and consistency.
  • By limiting interactions while maintaining skill integrity, the gameplay prevents bots and unfair advantages.
  • The Cryptoblades marketplace will be used to list high and low-value weapons, with stronger weapons granting more SKILL tokens.
  • Can take part in combat by using character and weapon NFTs for SKILL.
  • Minting characters and weapons and selling them on the market for SKILL.
  • Trading NFTs for BEP-20 tokens with other players.
  • Exchanging SKILL on a DEX for a currency that can be traded on a DEX like Binance.

Characteristics of the CryptoBlades Clone Script

  • We offer a truly decentralized platform where users have complete control over the platform’s operation.
  • The user-friendly platform was designed with an excellent UI/UX design to improve the players’ experience.
  • Your cross-platform compatibility will continue to function on any device.
  • Credit cards, bank transfers, and mobile wallet integration are accepted payment methods on the NFT gaming marketplace.
  • On the platform, instant AML and KYC verifications are possible.
  • Secure integration of multiple crypto wallets.
  • The platform promotes liquidity and provides a high level of transparency.

Create your NFT Marketplace: Cryptoblades Clone

Cryptoblades Marketplace has the highest number of users of any marketplace on the planet!!

You can easily create your own NFT marketplace and launch your gaming platform, similar to Cryptoblades, where users can list and purchase their NFTs. Characters and weapons in CryptoBlades are user-owned ERC-721 NFTs that can be freely traded with other players.

Cryptoblades Marketplace uses Binance Smart Chain to carry out trading and transactions. If you are just getting started with your Cryptoblades Clone, you can add as many payment methods.

Why Choose us for Your Cryptoblades Clone Development

Suffescom, a leading Play To Earn Platform Development Company, offers the best NFT Games Clone to build and deliver best-in-class Gaming solutions. We have a strong team of game developers who can assist you in developing an outstanding NFT Games Clone that will generate consistent revenue and profits.

We offer a bug-free, robust, and customizable BSC-based NFT Game similar to Cryptoblades. We provide 24*7 support to our customers and assist them in reaching great heights in the blockchain world once we deploy our Cryptoblades Clone development platform into the NFT domain.

Here are some reasons that help us stand ahead in this competitive world

  • 9+ years of experience in the industry
  • Ready to launch the NFT Gaming platform
  • Inlcudes revenue models, rewards, and loyalty programs.
  • Compatibility with a variety of devices (Both Android & iOS apps).
  • Completely White Label Solutions
  • 150+ Blockchain Professionals on Staff.
  • 15+ Blockchain Networks in which We Have Expertise
  • An easy-to-use platform interface
  • On-Time Project Delivery
  • There is multilingual assistance available.
  • There is technical support available.
  • SEO-friendly platform

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