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Ethereum dApp Development | Build Decentralized Applications On Ethereum

By Suffescom Solutions

July 01, 2023

Ethereum dApp Development | Build Decentralized Applications On Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain-enabled platform extensively used for developing decentralized applications (dApps), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and smart contracts. The popularity of dApps is rapidly growing. It is a distributed open-source platform that helps structure decentralized applications and develops codes for managing transactions. The beauty of blockchain is that it can be accessed from any location.

Understanding Ethereum dApp Development

dApps, or decentralized applications, is an open-source applications operated on a peer-to-peer network. These apps are supported by smart contracts and are not dependent on any main server. Therefore, it makes the platform transparent (no intermediaries), reliable, and eliminates any chances of failure. All these characteristics make them stand out from the rest of the conventional apps.

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How To Build Decentralized Applications On The Ethereum Blockchain?

The dApp development process goes through a number of stages. Ideally, there are multiple sets of ideas that need to be really converted into a reliable decentralized application.

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So, let’s begin!

Product Ideation

The first step is to brainstorm multiple ideas as per the business requirements. If there is any already existing dApp development company, then go through their developed blockchain application. See what specifications they have offered in their app. Then, look out for the features that the user needs. Try to build a roadmap that is compatible with the requirements of the buyer/customer.

Check for the applications and the benefits that it is going to offer. Moreover, define the technical components that your competitor is unable to deliver in its product. For all such things, try consulting the business analysts, blockchain consultants, and the solution specialists.

Proof of concept

In this stage, whatever ideas are formulated require a reality check. Therefore a proof of concept is exercised that helps in discovering whether the ideas conceptualized can be practically implemented or not. It verifies whether the plan/design is viable in the actual world or not. It is basically a pilot project that is implemented to exhibit the business plan/idea and to check whether the developed product will be successful or not.

Technical Design

In this phase, there is the requirement for designing the system blueprint with an updated flow diagram that comes under the system architecture. Every technical aspect needs to be documented. There is the designing of the assets with proper security requirements and maintaining the scalability of the documents. The team involved at this stage is the Product Manager, UX Lead, Developers, Business Analysts, and more.

Development And Testing

When all the stages are successfully covered, the development stage is where the product is actually developed. It covers everything right from the back end to the front end. The design part is also taken care of at this particular point. In addition to this, whatever features need to be included in the dApp are integrated into the built product.

When the application is built, it is then subjected to quality assurance. It tests the built app for unwanted bugs/errors. These are responsible for deteriorating the performance of the app. The first testing step is alpha testing, where the developed app is made available to the development team to check its working/functionality.

After that, it is accessible to the general public for feedback. The team members encompass Scrum Master, QA engineers, and developers.

Deployment, Launch, And Maintenance

After going through all stages, it's time to deploy the product on the main network. The developed dApp is then launched and released on the dedicated play Store or top dApp stores. DevOps, the Delivery Manager, and the software testers are essential in this process.

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Top Ethereum Development Tools For Creating dApps

Before creating dApps, certain tools are a significant element in developing a program. These are responsible for the development of dApps or smart contracts.


It is the most widely used tool for dApp development and can assist developers during their complete project lifecycle. When the truffle is combined with the personal blockchain called "ganache" and a front-end dApp development kit called "Drizzle," it acts as the perfect end-to-end dApp development platform. With the help of an interactive console, there is straightforward communication between the contracts.

The javascript frameworks, i.e., mocha and chai, are responsible for asynchronous automated testing that helps build contracts quickly. The best thing is that one can skip the network/contract artifacts; everything is done via truffle.


Metamask is the most significant Ethereum Development Tool that extends access to dApps. It is user-friendly because it can be added to google chrome and firefox. Moreover, it won’t be wrong to state that metamask is a crypto wallet gateway that stores and sends tokens. There is a safe login to the key vault that stores the passwords, API keys, passwords, etc.

There is the generation of the keys or passwords on the user’s device. The users own the data, and it's upto them which data to share or keep private. If an issue occurs in metamask, the data is not compromised as everything is securely saved on the blockchain.

Remix IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

The use of Remix IDE is to build and test the smart contract. It has the potency to first develop, deploy and then debug the ethereum compatible smart contracts. The advantage of the Remix IDE is that it reduces the setup time and hastens the development process.

It is due to the availability of a variety of plugins that essentially regulates the development procedure by keeping the developers in the loop.

There is no need to install this development tool locally; along with this; there is an upgraded compiler version to assemble the code together. Finally, the code is imported from Swarm and GitHub.


Ganache is included as an important part of the Truffle Suite. As an ethereum development tool, it fulfills every requirement of the developer. It helps in generating and testing smart contracts in a more secure environment.

It displays relevant account information details like balances, private keys, and transactions. Numerous tests are carried out without charging any gas fees.

This is also easily available as a Windows and Mac operating systems desktop application. In case of any problem, it can be detected and changed without maintaining a connection with the mainnet. All the attributes required, from developing to evaluating the smart contracts, are available at a single location.


Embark is a platform that is capable of creating dApps and deploying them with the help of html5 apps to a testnet/mainnet automatically. It merges with EVM blockchains, decentralized communication platforms, and decentralized storage. The current situation of the contracts is monitored by looking at the dashboard.

The mechanism opted for by this platform makes the entire development process very convenient and high-yielding. In case of any alterations, the smart contracts are again deployed and offer the functionality to generate contracts with JavaScript.

The EmbarkJS makes it convenient to record and redeem the data on the decentralized application. This helps in managing the complexity of the interconnected contracts in a hassle-free manner.

Frameworks For Ethereum dApps Development

Frameworks are the already existing softwares that helps in building the apps. Various programmers have already tested and optimized this software, exhibiting robustness, versatility, and effectiveness.

Following are the Frameworks for Ethereum dApps development:


This is an ethereum dApp framework that provides functionalities like checking the codes, performing tasks, running the tests, smart contract interaction, deploying dApps, and more. This framework is constantly maintained as it is mostly used to develop dApp. The developers' job is made easy as the coding, designing, and testing are already performed.


This is a framework that helps in developing apps for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine). This python-based framework underpins coding languages like Vyper (smart contract language). The brownie supports Solidity language, and it significantly manages the testing, deployment, and debugging process. There are certain codes, just like starting with “$,” that run on the user terminal; on the other hand, the code starting with “>>>” usually runs inside the Brownie console.

The main advantage is that it supports the mainnet fork that takes the snapshot of the blockchain if one wants to directly communicate with the smart contracts that are unapproachable on the local blockchain network.


OpenZeppelin comes with a set of plugins that helps in the faster development of smart contracts. Standard tokens like ERC-20 and ERC-721 are crucial for smart contract issuance. The smart contracts available in the OpenZeppelin must first be imported into your smart contract.

It is an open-source framework that helps develop secure smart contracts. An entire suite of audit services helps manage every facet of the blockchain development process.

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How To Build An Ethereum dApp?

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain that is decentralized in nature with smart contract utilization. It is the basis of the various prominent tech advances deployed on the blockchain.

Smart contracts allow the users to perform operations amongst a group of users that includes exchanging property/money or anything. The ethereum smart contracts help the developers describe the transactions they desire their contracts to perform.

Solidity is a programming language used to execute smart contracts on blockchain platforms. This language assists in adding complicated attributes like data types and inheritance to the developed platform.

JSON-RPC (Javascript Object Notation- Remote Procedure Call)

JSON represents the structured data that is based on the javascript object syntax. It is used for sending data in web apps. JSON-RPC defines various data structures, a lightweight, convenient protocol to learn and understand. There help share complicated documents across diverse platforms safely and securely.

Javascript API libraries

Javascript API libraries assist the web apps in building communication with the gateway’s process runtime directly. These files are the libraries that help the developers connect with the ethereum nodes. Additionally, it provides access to managing keys, generating wallets, signing transactions, and more.

Back-End APIs

Back-End APIs are essentially coded interfaces that create robust interactions with back-end services. They reduce the intricacy that arises while building the interconnection with the respective ethereum nodes. Also, important utility functions are offered by them.

Integrating the web3 monitoring in the already existing ethereum dApp is a complicated process. As we know, dApps are completely decentralized; therefore, servers are absent. So, monitoring tools like Datadog and New Relic need to be installed. Hence, to track the interactions, there is a need for a monitoring solution compatible with the decentralized applications.

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dApps have become extremely popular in recent times. Its application in various sectors like healthcare, entertainment, and real estate is significant. Its incorporation with web3 technology is bound to produce favorable results. The ultimate combination of the web3 and ethereum dApps will give rise to the optimum realization of decentralization. It’s not easy to develop and maintain an ethereum dApp; a lot of effort and supervision is required for a smooth development process to take place.


Q1. How do You Build an Ethereum dApp?

The ethereum dApp development process includes project ideation, building smart contracts, setting up the front-end designs, and creating a robust centralized back-end. After that, the dApp tests for the errors and is successfully launched in the built dApp store.

Q2.What are the Advantages of dApp?

  • No need for centralized servers.
  • Provides interoperability, privacy, transparency, and security to the user data
  • Non-dependency on the intermediaries.

Q3. What are The Top Platforms for dApp Development?

The top platforms are ethereum, BNB chain,solana, polygon, and TRON.

Q4. What is the cost estimation for the ethereum application development process?

The cost estimation for the dApp depends upon numerous factors like what features need to be included in the app, the geographical location of the development team, the complexity involved, customization, and many more.

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