Reimagining The Role Of Decentralized System In The Education Industry

Blockchain in Education: Exploring New Opportunities With Decentralized System

By Suffescom Solutions

February 13, 2024

Blockchain in Education: Exploring New Opportunities With Decentralized System

We are at a stage where a decentralized education system has been the talk of the town. There is an immense curiosity among educational institutions on how to make teaching hassle-free. More than the organizations, students are excited to take on the digital learning experience. The decentralized education platform is the future of the education system, with access to numerous features. It is bound to create a giant wave in the future learning system that will impact the economy worldwide.

Why is There a Need for the Decentralized Education System?

Conventional education platforms just focus on completing the syllabus. Their prime objective is to fulfill whatever is mentioned in the curriculum; beyond that, they don’t teach children. This is a major drawback of these traditional education models. Due to this, the students remain unaware of certain topics. There are fewer learning outcomes and limited involvement between the students and the teachers, hugely impacting the relationship between the teachers and the students. Teachers are not concerned with the learning of the students. On the other hand, the forthcoming education platforms are decentralized, providing a completely trust-less environment.

The network members will have similar data shared as a distributed ledger in the blockchain network. Such education platforms promote a much better way of learning that is not controlled by a central authority. Education is made free from the censorship, i.e., without any regulation or provisions. The program for decentralized education allows stakeholder participation and enhances the quality of teaching. As education is undoubtedly free, so almost everyone has access to the education program.

The level of education provided is of premium quality irrespective of geographical location. This is the best feature that allows the students to learn from their counterparts, whether local or international. The students need not travel to different countries for their studies. Everything is available to them at a low cost and is extremely convenient. The education industry is evolving exceptionally, and with the usage of the blockchain technology, the education industry is all set to get modernised.

The biggest advantage is that there is no requirement for the books as the technologies (AI and ML) teach the things. Courses and Assignments Smart contracts are an integral part of the blockchain network. It helps in creating the courses on the blockchain.

When all the prerequisites are satisfied, the courses are taught automatically, and the process starts at its own speed. Degrees and Report Cards A synchronised list of records helps in the swift display of the student's transcripts showing an all-inclusive report card, monitoring attendance, and informing the students/stakeholders regarding their progress. As everything is digital, the assignments are stored in the network without losing them. The papers are also preserved as the degrees are allocated to them digitally. Virtual degrees are more organised and uncomplicated.

Fee Payment The education fees of the students is technically a tedious task due to the involvement of the third parties. It encompasses the institution, students, banks, departments, agencies, etc. the blockchain functioning is seamless and inadvertently reduces expenditures and education rates.

Educational Incentivisation The mood of the students while learning should always be motivated and uplifted. There should be no point where students feel bored.

Decentralized Education Providers: Redefining the Learning Experience

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The reward systems provide a significant source of motivation for the students. The tokenisation and the cryptos are the most common applications of the blockchain. Educational institutions use these elements to encourage the students to pay their debts on time. Universal Access There is universal access to the blockchain technology where study materials are readily available to the learners.

These include books, podcasts, and small videos that are available free of cost. There is a proper distribution of the educational content among the users. These resources are affordable, transparent, and secure. The examinations take place virtually while sitting at their respective locations. The grading system takes place on the blockchain network.

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What Could Blockchains do for Education?

Blockchains are responsible for an immersive way of gaining knowledge, which can be well understood with its amazing benefits.

Improving Critical Thinking via Active Learning

Critical thinking is essential when enhancing the students' skill set. The critical thinking is taught with the help of active learning. An ethical environment is required to boost critical thinking. Learning should not only be restricted to just grasping the topics, but it should also include solving problems, being open to new things, performing networking, participating in quizzes, and reading books around multiple themes. Active learning is basically, getting an education beyond the restricted syllabus and creating an engaging environment through case studies, discussions, role plays, etc. Engaging Content Through Metaverse-Enabled AR/VR Tools.

The usage of AR/VR tools makes the learning experience quite interesting. The students can understand the topics more clearly and enhance their ability to grasp more. The use of technology will help the students to have practical knowledge of whatever they are studying, which is outside the traditional teaching format. For instance, in biology, students can hold the organs virtually in their hands, providing deep insight into them. Suffescom Solutions is an advanced metaverse development company that will help you develop robust metaverse projects for different fields. Connect with our team to discuss the cost estimation report.

Realistic Learning Environments

Blockchain technology provides a completely realistic environment where the virtual classrooms give the feeling of the real one. This can be well understood by taking the case of the history class. Here, the students can visit historic places virtually and learn the important things about that place without leaving their homes. Also, in science and technology, ideal experiments sometimes create health hazards; that aspect is solved with the virtual learning. This makes the process full of fun and knowledge. Education becomes more of a digital storytelling process.

Revolutionising The Education System

The decentralized education system has already started transforming the global education system. The study elements are accessible and cost-effective. The platforms underpinned by blockchain technology enable learners from all over the place to participate in important discussions, events, and collaboration on important projects. This interconnection of people from different backgrounds are given equal opportunity to learn and grow their skill set. Blockchain Use Cases in the Education Sector Students Records Blockchain is the ultimate platform for the storage and tracking of the student's information.

Numerous universities have started adopting blockchain technology. This helps provide swift access to the records, i.e., the information can be accessed at any time. Every personal information is verified automatically through an effective verification procedure. All the accomplishments related to the students are kept safe and intact. There is a single link to the records that represent the complete background of the students. Anyone can view those records as they are not held up in any institute's server. So whenever required, these records can be acquired.


A transcript consists of every possible record of the students, be it the subjects, grades, awards/achievements, literally everything. It also includes the degrees that are provided to the students during their academic careers. The basic details are the student's complete name, institution, geographical location, type of board/university, full course name, subject-wise marks, or semester-wise grade points.

Transcripts access requires hefty fees, and the process is very slow. This is the most time-consuming task in the educational institutions. This is because every transcript is verified manually from the huge stock. This drawback is successfully eliminated by blockchain technology. It has proved to be an incredible thing that can reduce fraudulent activities. The e-transcripts make the verification process seamless, saving time with less effort.


The degrees and the certificates of the students are easily verifiable. When students apply for any job, they tend to put extra information on their curriculum vitae. It includes things like foreign language skills, technical expertise, and skill that can be added as a plus point in getting the job. Such information is very hard to verify. But with blockchain, the information is recorded in the form of badges. This is a hassle-free process that does not require any third party.

Learning Platforms

Using the smart contracts and the IPFS enables the easy storing of the content related to multiple courses. To execute the subjects/topics/lessons/courses, many conditions must be fulfilled automatically. For instance, if a teacher wants to assign a task to the students, it can automatically be aligned. Smart contracts verify the completion of the task. Everyone in the university, be it students, teachers, content creators, etc., forms an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem. The study materials are made accessible, and whatever ideas they have in their minds are shared uniformly.

Decentralized Education Services: Meeting the Needs of the 21st Century Learner

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Strong Relationships

The foundation of the education system is built on the teacher-student relationship. It also includes advice and the learning experience that guides the students in their studies. When the students are under the correct guidance, then they can score superb grades. Not only that, but they can also complete their assignments on time without taking the help. Integrating the smart contracts on the blockchain network restricts boring tasks, which means less time is spent creating and monitoring the assignments.

Instead, their time is concentrated more on having a personal discussion/conversation with the students. Other activities include posting content related to significant events/occasions and tests. These are all time-consuming tasks that can be automated fully. This will enable the spectacular teacher-student relationship. the more time is spent on relationship building, the more positive the educational institution's reputation.

Publishing And Copyright Protection

Content creators, whether writers or researchers have faced rejections in the past. This issue still exists today. There have been cases where several researchers have won nobel prizes for their writing pieces. This is a hard slap on the face of those who initially rejected the work. Now, there are so many new talents that could create a remarkable place in the field of the creative industry. But the only problem is that they need more mileage despite creating high-quality content. Blockchain is a blessing in such a scenario. the working process is very easy as educational organizations help in publishing their work without any problem.

The blockchain network allows the new writers to make a remarkable entry in a particular industry. This will also eliminate the chances of their research work getting stolen. It is because the records are stored in the form of public and private keys. Only the owner will be able to see who is accessing the publication. So the decision for the allowing access depends upon the owner himself.

Copyright Protection

The serious concern that exists in the academic world is the duplicity. When any research work or any important assignment gets misplaced or deliberately copied by someone else, it may result in extremely low scores. So, to reduce such kinds of activities, blockchain technology's primary work is to store the information safely. Once this information is stored, the data can be modified manually with the help of hi-tech encryption techniques.

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Closing Thoughts!

Blockchain in education might be a brand-new concept, but there is already a multitude of possibilities that exist around them. There are innovative ideas that revolve around the blockchain industry. The practical adaptation of blockchain in education has amplified the virtual school environment by enhancing the implementation of the resources. Whatever issues relate to the traditional education model are addressed completely with decentralized technology.

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