Food Delivery App Development- The Need of an Hour for new Business!

On-demand food delivery apps like UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub are flourishing in the market since pandemic and making the life of people hassle-free like never before. People can easily download the application, order their favourite dish and get them delivered at their doorsteps within the estimated time period. Nowadays, not only independent contractors but established business are shifting their business online after watching the revenue numbers of leaders mentioned above. These new internet platforms are continuously attracting entrepreneurs to invest their money into this sector.

For a new platform, it needs to collaborate with a large number of restaurants to make sure that customers get a plethora of cuisines available at their area. A number of things need to be considered before launching a feature-enriched application in the market. From developing an application to the implementation of marketing strategies, everything needs to be pre-planned in order to stay ahead of the competition. During this time of the pandemic, many new entrepreneurs have entered the market because food and grocery delivery platforms have contributed to the largest amount of revenue.

Current situation of the market:

Worldwide, the food delivery app development industry stands at $83 billion and it might increase in the future because every day, new entrepreneurs are investing and established online ventures are expanding and earning in millions. Many businesses are following the traditional way where customers order their food from their mobile phones and wait for their order to reach their doorsteps. New technology is continuously reshaping the whole market which adds a tracking option by installing geolocation feature into the applications. Through this, customers can easily track their order after placing it. In addition, they can also pay online through various online payment options available.

Before pandemic, grocery and food delivery app development market was not earning much but it becomes a necessity during the lockdown. People who don’t like to order online instead they love to drive to the departmental stores and pick up the items needed, they were also forced to download the applications and place the order. This pandemic has made people habitual of ordering online.

Features of a food delivery app:

There are four different panels which include customer app, restaurant app, delivery boy app and admin panel. Let us have a look at the features of these panels:

For customers/ users: After the successful download and installation of the application from google play store or Apple store, users can easily book their orders online and get them delivered at their doorsteps.

  • Easy login
  • Customized search
  • Homepage
  • Choose from menu
  • Customized ordering
  • Cart section
  • Set pickup on the map
  • Multiple payment options
  • Order history
  • Contact information
  • Track order
  • Refine search

 Restaurant app: Through this application, restaurants can add or remove items and they should prove the authenticity by submitting the documents if asked. They are responsible to accept or reject the orders.

  • Dashboard
  • Accept or reject orders
  • Manage restaurant account
  • Multiple payment options
  • Login and profile management
  • Order request
  • In-app calling and messaging
  • COD option
  • Push notifications
  • GPS tracking
  • Google map navigation

For a delivery boy: A delivery person is an important aspect of the food delivery industry. He can accept or reject incoming orders. He is responsible for delivering the items at the doorsteps.

  • Login
  • Order request
  • In-app calling and messaging
  • Accept or reject incoming orders
  • Push notifications
  • GPS tracking
  • Online support
  • Withdraw payment
  • View earnings
  • Payment history

For admin: Admin is the controller of the whole business model where he can easily manage everything going on in the platform. He is responsible for the entry and exit of the restaurants.

  • Reports and analytics
  • Login dashboard
  • Manage payments
  • Content management
  • Discounts and loyalty programs
  • Push notifications
  • View earnings
  • View history

These are some of the features which one can add in the application. Along with them, some additional advanced features can also be added to make an application more interactive and user-friendly. Since the lockdown, food orders have been increased significantly which is the main reason for the entrance of many new companies into the market. Let us look at some news of the e-commerce market:

  • According to Statista, the online food delivery segment amounts to $US 122,739m in 2020. The whole market is expected to grow at the annual growth rate of 7.5%, resulting in the market volume of US$164,002m by 2024.
  • By 2030, the food delivery industry is expected to grow and reach the amount of 300$ billion.
  • Top food delivery apps in the current market are postmates and DoorDash making millions of dollars, especially during the lockdown.

By looking at these facts, we come to know that it is very beneficial to enter the industry with the help of food delivery app Development Company because, with just a few strong marketing strategies, one can easily create a customer base and offer your facilities to them. The most difficult part of commencing a food delivery business is to develop an application and finding the right food delivery app developer to do it.

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How much does it cost to develop an application like postmates?

The overall cost depends upon various factors like geographical location of the company, the number of developers working, time taken by them, features and functionalities, the technology used etc. The cost lies somewhere around $7k to $20k. Let us have a look at them in detail:
(Note: Price to develop an application fluctuates from time to time according to the on-going offers and discounts. Contact us to know the best possible cost for building a feature-enriched app.)

Geographical location: In some places, the cost of hiring a developer or a company is very affordable like China and some places like California is very expensive. So, it is advised to choose the location very wisely. You can also hire developers from other countries as freelancers where you get the affordable price.

A number of platforms: Usually, an application is launched in every possible platform like IOS, Android and Web. If you choose all these platforms, the cost will go up and if you choose only one or two of them the cost will be less.

No. of developers working: If less number of developers are working to build your application, there will be less cost and vice-versa. If you are contacting an app development company, the whole team will be working on your project and you should talk to the project manager for a fixed amount instead of fees for every individual. If you want to hire freelancers, the fees will depend upon their hourly rate.

Features and functionalities: Usually, there are basic and advanced features. If you want only basic features to be involved, the cost will be less. Nowadays, people prefer to include advanced features like geolocation and in-app calling and messaging option. These will cost more.

Way of developing the application: There are two different ways of developing the application. One can either build it from scratch or customize it after purchasing a clone application. It is advised to integrate features from scratch because this way, you can use the latest programming languages.

Designs and templates: UI/UX design is one of the important factors of an application. The landing pages should be attractive enough to allure more and more customers. New entrepreneurs should choose some beautiful designs for landing pages.

These are some of the aspects which together decide the cost of developing an application. There are multiple ways in which an on-demand app generates revenue. Now, let us have a look at some revenue models:

Commission model: The owner can earn revenue from commission model. For every transaction, there is a certain amount of money decided by the owner which is charged from the restaurants listed on the platforms.

Subscription model: Customers can easily subscribe to the services offered by the restaurants. In this model, customers stay on priority which receives a certain amount of discounts and free delivery sometimes. It is the most used method by all the newcomers in the market.

Surge pricing: During rainy season or when the demand is high, there is usually the days of surge pricing, where the prices of services and products rise. This is yet another way to earn even more money during peak hours. Restaurants need to pay a higher commission to the owner to process the orders faster.

Advertising model: One of the most used ways of earning more money is paid advertisements. Local restaurants can pay for ad placement on banners. Once a model has gained a strong base of customers, then they can consider this model and place ads on their pages while promoting.

These are some of the ways to generate more revenue other than earning from orders. Every platform gains customers and revenue through these revenue models. This industry is perfect for one-time investment which can give you millions of money for a long period.

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Thanks to the food ordering mobile apps because on any occasion, ordering food has become easier than ever before. No wonder, apps like Zomato, UberEats, Swiggy are the leading ones in the market and it has become an important part and parcel of our modern lifestyle now. Developing a food delivery app can bring you a huge opportunity when you have strong marketing strategies. Building a feature-enriched application is all it takes for food delivery app development. There is a cut-throat competition going on the market nowadays and building a competitive application is the need of an hour.