Google SEO Updates

The New Pigeon Update by Google

A new algorithm has been released by Google to provide a more practical, applicable and precise search results that are connected more closely with the traditional signals of web search ranking. The changes can be seen within the search results of Google Maps and Google Web. The new update has been named as the Google Pigeon updates.

Google SEO updatesThe central changes have not been made visible, but they do have an impact on the rankings of local search results. An increase or decrease in referrals of websites and leads may also be noticed by some local businesses. 

The new algorithm Pigeon binds deeper into capabilities of web search of Google that also includes the multiple signals of ranking used in web search along with features like spelling correction, knowledge graphs, synonyms, etc.

Google has also promised that the new algorithm will improve their ranking parameters of location and distance. Pigeon is currently unveiling the results of US English and also aims to provide a more practical and germane experience for those who seek local results. The search engine has not yet shared any details about when the update will start rolling out in other languages and countries.

No comment has been made by Google on the percentage of queries that have been impacted by the Pigeon update.

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