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By Suffescom Solutions

February 07, 2020

Pickup and delivery services are experiencing immense popularity these days and have become an integral part of the on-demand economy. The example of on-demand delivery businesses like Uber has doubled their revenue and reached to utmost heights in no time. Such a type of pickup and delivery business is not just involved in getting people to move from one place to another and bringing favorite items to the customer's doorstep.  It's no longer a question to be answered -  What startups need to stand strong in the tech world? More and more businesses seek opportunities to build an online presence; therefore, on-demand solutions have become the latest trend. Such a solution helps connect service seekers with service providers for smooth delivery of goods while making life much easier. Whether delivery of food, groceries, or medicines to the customer's doorstep, on-demand solutions well fit with every service type and trending all around the world. On-demand pickup and delivery apps are not only making the lives of people easier but also enabling businesses to try their hands on building such apps and grow. Creating an on-demand app and getting orders is not easy as it seems like market research, planning, designing, and many more things are involved.  Suppose you want to start this business from scratch and generate revenue or enhance your business by applying the latest technologies and making the application’s interface more user-friendly. In that case, this is the best business model for you. This blog is for all the entrepreneurs who want to launch the on-demand pickup and delivery app and don't know where to start.

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On-Demand Apps - How They Change The Way Businesses Operate

An on-demand pickup and delivery app is a platform that connects customers with independent service providers. Such a solution serves as a mediator between the business and customer, allowing them to find each other and connect on mutually satisfactory terms.  The popularity of such apps is more because of their ability to meet the specific needs of an individual. This means their demand will stay in the market for the long term as it aims to solve the daily problems of ordinary people with real-world solutions. On-demand app services make our lives easier by offering conveniences through various platforms. On-demand pickup and delivery apps are one of the successful applications giving on-demand affordable services to people.

Types of Pickup and Delivery App Solutions

An on-demand pickup and delivery app is designed to perform a specific task involving delivering products to the customer's doorstep. Everything right from food, medicine, and other services, an on-demand solution covers all from all major industries.  Startups can choose among any pickup and delivery ideas, such as delivering food, groceries, flowers, and similar categories on-demand. If you are on the same road and have a strong passion for starting an on-demand pickup and delivery business, you can start with the following options.
  • On-demand Food Delivery 
  • On-demand Grocery Delivery 
  • On-demand Alcohol Delivery 
  • On-demand Medicine Delivery 
  •  On-demand Courier Delivery 
  • On-demand Fuel Delivery
  • On-demand Laundry Delivery 
  • On-demand Flower Delivery 

Leading Benefits of Building App Using On-demand Delivery Model

On-demand delivery entails a short turnaround. This is where mobile apps for scheduling pickups and deliveries come in handy. Retailers can schedule deliveries for orders with the use of mobile applications. Because everyone has a mobile phone on them at all times, assigning a delivery partner is a lot easier.  Here are a few reasons why on-demand delivery mobile apps can help you better manage your order fulfillment —


Receiving, processing, and delivering orders from a single location can be immensely convenient with a pickup and delivery app. It reduces the need for human labor and the keeping of records. You may use applications to arrange pickups, designate delivery partners, and remain in touch with them for better communication. Because apps are always on your phones, they make it easy to work on orders even when you're not in the office, and you can simply assign tasks at the shop or warehouse. If you have an app for the most important components of your business, such as deliveries, it will never close.

Faster Deliveries 

When you have a mobile app specialized to deliveries, you can dedicate a resource to it and ensure that no orders are missed. You can also handle more incoming orders more rapidly thanks to a mobile app. When you plan pickups ahead of time, a delivery partner will be assigned to you sooner, and you'll be able to deliver in record speed. As a result, making delivery faster is made easier. Easy Record-Keeping Keeping track of the transactions that occur during shipping might be laborious. Because the list is large and you must keep meticulous records, a shipping passbook might be incredibly useful. The mobile app allows you to keep track of all of your transactions in one spot and see how many times you loaded money and spent it on various shipments. You can also practise better money management by keeping track of your transactions.

How To Build A Pickup & Delivery App & Take Your Business To Next Level

Choose What Type of Solution You Need It is somehow arduous to minimize the money spent on building apps. If you are looking to build a Pickup and Delivery app but lack finances, you can choose from any of our explained cost-effective ways to cut down the development costs.  Ready-made Solutions Kick starting your pickup and delivery business with a ready-made solution is always a profitable idea. Having a ready-made app solution in place means you do not need to spend significantly on development and infrastructure. All in all, you will save your development cost, time and hit the market earliest.  MVP App Development Another way to save money on Pickup and delivery app development is to opt for MVP. This offers you the basic version of your app that you can further test on real users, collect their feedback, and make necessary changes accordingly. It will cost you less as compared to redesigning the app from scratch.  SaaS-Based Model The SaaS-based model is perfect for startups looking to start their journey into Pickup and delivery services. This model says that there is no need to ponder thoughts on development, infrastructure, and designing. You can start with paying as per your usage and receiving orders online. The solutions listed above will be perfectly completed by Suffescom Solutions. We will delve deeper into your idea of business and start creating a website according to your needs and requirements and that too at an affordable price as we have professional developers and designers which you can hire for developing your on-demand business.

Key Features Of On-demand Pickup & Delivery App

All the features inside the Pickup and delivery mobile app vary depending upon who will use it. There are mainly three perspectives of Pickup and delivery solutions. Let’s take a look at them one by one in detail. how to start business Customer App for Pickup and Delivery Customers should be able to place orders, schedule and track deliveries, make payments, and leave feedback and ratings on the customer side of the Pickup and delivery app.
  • User Registration: Users can register by entering their details to begin.
  • Re-booking: Allow your customers to have a detailed history of all the bookings.
  • Order Services: Customers can choose a service provider of their own choice.
  • Offers and Discounts: Customers get to know about new discount offers and schemes.
  • Order tracking: Customers receive real-time data and information about their package.
  • Payment Methods: Customers get a variety of payment options to make a payment.
  • Ratings and Feedback: Let customers leave feedback to improve your system.
Pickup & Delivery Agent App The delivery agent should be informed about the pickup location, delivery location, optimum route, and the ability to accept or reject a delivery request via the agent app.
  • Manage Profile: Drivers can manage their profile as well as availability.
  • Alerts & Reminders: Drivers remain notified about the latest updates with reminders.
  • Order Management: Agents can view and accept/reject all the upcoming orders.
  • In-App Call/Chat: Agents can communicate directly with customers to clear doubts.
  • Digital Service Delivery Proof: The agent can send out an E-POD to customers after delivering the product.
  • In-App Navigation: Let the driver track the exact location through GPS tracking.
  • Work Status: Drivers can update their real-time service status into the app.
  • Earnings: The in-built system within the app enables drivers to calculate total earnings.
Pickup & Delivery Admin Dashboard The admin dashboard must notify the admin of any forthcoming orders and the related delivery agent, provide real-time tracking, and allow customers and delivery agents to receive notifications. Simultaneously, the admin dashboard should have a report and analytics tool to help them understand how well their company is performing. 
  • Manage Delivery Agents: Manage multiple delivery agents effortlessly from one single dashboard.
  • Automate Workflow: Admins can quickly manage movers and bookings.
  • Service Tracking: Track services to check how well they were fulfilled.
  • Manage Payments: Manage online payments, commissions, and mover payouts through an admin panel.
  • Data Analytics: Generate reports and insights to improve customer experience and grow your business.
  • Manage Customers: Get data on registered customers to understand their booking decisions.

Some More Essentials Your On-demand Pickup and Delivery App Must Contain

  • Customers get all the basic needs services at their doorstep. Convenience is the key element for On-demand applications. If you are thinking of starting a business and developing a Pickup and Delivery app, you should do proper market research so that you won’t get any obstacles after launching the application.
  • Another important element that decides the future of your on-demand application is the availability of services within the consumer's given time and at their doorstep. If we are talking about pickup and delivery applications, the driver should reach the customer at the given time to maintain the trust of the customers.
  •  There should not be any hidden charges included in the application while the customer is booking a service. Prices should be transparent, affordable, and competitive.
  • Easy payment options should be there as customers should be given options to pay online or cash after the delivery of your package. Multiple payment options make it easier for customers to choose any one of them for easy payment.
The Cost Estimation To Build A Pickup & Delivery App Thinking of a highly functional pickup and delivery mobile app? the foremost question that might arise in your mind – What’s the average cost to develop an Android or iOS app? Coming up with the exact development cost of the Pickup and delivery app would be challenging. The cost of developing an on-demand pickup and delivery app depends upon various factors such as:
  • The type of the app
  • The design of the app (Basic/ Moderate/ Advanced)
  • The number of features you want to add to the app
  • The cost of the development team
  • The location of an app development company
Note: The more features and functionality you will add to the app, the cost would be higher.   Final Takeaway! Now that you are much aware of the concept of Pickup and delivery, you can take a step forward to launch your app with such a hyper-local business app model and start serving services on-demand. All you need is to get in touch with the best app development company and discuss your business needs and requirements. We at Suffescom help you figure out whether your go with a custom solution or a ready-made solution is good enough for you.

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