How Can M-Commerce Assist Retailers in Business Success?

By Suffescom Solutions

August 14, 2018

Customers are an essential part of every business. Irrespective of the business you are indulged in, you will need a great number of potential buyers that are not only permanent to the business but also make it widespread among acquaintances (read referrals). However, along with the change in time, the method of promotion has changed dramatically. Especially after the enlightenment of mobile commerce or m-commerce. A report was presented by invespcro according to which, by the end of 2017, there were more than 2 billion smartphone users involved in the online shopping process. In the US alone, by the end of 2018, mobile devices will be accountable for 27% of all retail e-commerce sales. This shift certainly portrays the massive opportunity e-commerce retail have over the next few years. In the existing smartphone age, there is no sounder way to do this other than accepting the M-Commerce platforms. Technology has made buying things so much easier and faster. In the modest words, the M-commerce has made the consumers find their desired products in some of the most convenient ways - simply with some touches on their smart devices like phones and tablets. It has expedited the life of customers. This also helped the retailers to reach the possible customers without investing a large amount on advertising. M-Commerce is the next age of e-commerce, where the transactions of goods are focused to maximize the sales using a smartphone. M-Commerce: What it is actually? In the simplest words, the M-commerce has made the customers find their desired products just by making a few touches on their smart devices like phones and tablets. It has eased the life of customers and has also helped the retailers to reach the potential customers without investing a large amount on advertising. M-Commerce is the next generation e-commerce, where the sales of goods are focused to maximize the sales using smartphone. Why is it gaining popularity? Easy To Use We all share one common thought for sure - it’s hard to believe our lives without our dear smartphone. This dependability on smart devices has emerged into a fashionable way to buy things. The studies displayed an enormous uptick in the percentage of shopping with the help of mobile devices. And believe us; this number is going to rise in near future. So, m-commerce platform is a good platform to target as a retailer to gain colossal reputation and advantage through this marvelous new technology built to reach different potential buyers. Payment Gateway for Easy Transactions Apart from providing the buyers easy-to-buy choices, the m-commerce platform also allows the retailers to receive money via different payment gateways. Hence, it enhances their scope and probability to get new customers from different regions and leverage various payment methods. There are numerous other reasons why you should opt for the m-commerce platform as a retailer, other than the one mentioned above. One of the most notable reasons are high sales & the popularity of the smartphones among the general public. More Advertisement = More Customer If you are a retailer and are willing to grow your business to get more customers, then it’s time to take account of e-commerce and m-commerce thoughtfully. Look for a company that can help you advertise your business on different m-commerce platforms and social media. Moreover, have a  precise strategy to make a good impact in the market. This will assist you to gain the profit that you have only dreamt of until now. success of m-commerce Image source- marketingland com In the end, to savor the success of m-commerce, as a retailer you need to embrace the change. Although there can be many difficulties for conventional retailers to match up with m-commerce retailers, but to sustain, working on the challenge is important. The ultimate intention is to offer engaging shopping experience and maintain long-term customer relationship to maximize long-term revenue inflow for your venture.

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