How To Get Users Install Your Mobile Application

By Suffescom Solutions

August 08, 2018

Ask any business-owner & they'll let you know that designing & developing the application is pretty easy. The laborious job is to get people to install the app. Today, the market is swamped with zillions of apps. The smartphone users have alternatives to select and install any number of them, on their smartphone. You might have designed the best of all the apps having great design, UI, and features- but what is the point when people are not installing it? With millions of app on both Apple Store and Google Store, persuading users to install the app is a back-breaking task in itself. Today, the market is highly dynamic and competitive. So for a business owner who has developed the app has to ensure that the app gets downloaded too! You have brilliantly you have designed the app. Now giving the end-customers a reason to download the app, should be the intention that has to be accomplished. We will now discuss 5 ways through which one can improve the rate at which the mobile app installs. This will  eventually elevate the revenues the easy-way: 1. Defining the App Value Proposition More often, it is contemplated that business owners undervalue the relevance of an app’s value proposition. Apps are absolutely different in terms of their usage and purpose. To define the value proposition, there are two ways:

  • Determine the Goal: You require to determine the end goal of app development. Whether it is to drive the conversion rates for your site? Or provide a supplementary communication channel? Work according to the goal you set, to build a definitive image of your app online.
  • Use of right tools: To market and resource the launch of your brand new app, you must invest in plugins. You can easily look for convenient plugins online. You can also consult your developers to ensure best-in-class UX for the end-customer.
2. Optimize your Mobile App Like the web, the app market is also encountering stiff competition and demands for similar optimization method. Here also the goal is to bring your app to the forefront. In a fashion similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), app store optimization (ASO) is leveraged to optimize the app listings for organic search through unique search terms. So when listing your app on the respective store, make sure the keywords match up with the app value. Few things you can follow are:
  • Give a Distinct app name
  • Keywords to describe app purpose
  • Detailed description
Developers & marketers are missing something important - App Search Optimization (ASO). But it is time to make the right use of it to increase the no. of app installs. 3. Building Online Presence Like every product, an app does require a brand awareness. That will push mobile users to install the app for the first time. To do so, start by creating a website or a separate landing page devoted to the particular app. You don't need to invest a fortune to create a website. You can use WordPress, to create a free site for promoting your new app. Add features and engaging content that will appeal the users to install the app. Establishing an online presence is the core ways to boost installs for your mobile app. 4. Creating App Icon that stands out When a viewer hunts for an app, the very first thing that seizes the attention is the icon. So designing an icon that stands out amongst the clutter of apps in the store can be really, really helpful. The design of the app icon should represent its use and what users can expect after the download. aps

Image source- Techradar com

5. Rewarding Customers for Referral One of the soundest ways to enhance the mobile app install rate is taking the referral path. People ordinarily follow when they are recommended by others. This in turn, will help boost word-of-mouth marketing for your business. No matter how great your app looks, if you don't emphasize on innovation to market it, all your efforts will go in vain. A compelling mix of promotion & engaging design along with an impeccable user interface will result in incremental returns.  

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