How to Start Pharmacy Delivery Business & Launch An App Like CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens

By Suffescom Solutions

April 15, 2021

With the ever-increasing demand for medicines, it is challenging for brick-and-mortar stores to fulfill it. Since you’re in the pharmacy line, you know how tough it is to keep your business going.  While pharmacy owners are adopting various business development strategies, there is another set of people wondering how to start an online pharmacy business like CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens. And you would be surprised to know that most of them keep CVS Pharmacy as the standard to be achieved.  According to Statista, the global online pharmacy market was estimated to be worth some 29 billion U.S. dollars in 2014. By 2023, it is predicted that the market will grow to reach around 128 billion dollars. Modern customers prefer purchasing medicines from an online medicine delivery business, which further sparks the need for you to take your business online. 

How to Make An App Like CVS Pharmacy

Until recently, there wasn’t any alternative to the age-old method of buying medicines. However, things have taken a smooth turn with the emergence of medicine delivery apps. An on demand medicine delivery app holds the potential to transform the way people procure medicines.

What is CVS Pharmacy - A Medicine Delivery App?

A medicine delivery system is designed for users who want to order medicines from their homes and get them delivered there. It allows the users to upload prescriptions and find alternatives before making the payment.  Customers can surf through the categories of medicines and can add them to their carts. Once they are sure of ordering, they can proceed to checkout. The market for medicine delivery is growing as people are becoming more tech-savvy. Moreover, the market is witnessing a flood of delivery apps that provide medicines to the app users after a few clicks. 

How to Make Medicine Delivery App Like CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens?

If you wish to develop a medicine delivery app, it is imperative for you to choose a suitable business model. Let us first have a look at the models.
  • First model
In this model, pharmacies store a variety of medications. When the consumers submit the prescriptions for the medicines required, the pharmacy manager checks the validity and availability of the order received. 
  • Second model
In this model, there is no storing of medicines but partnering with the local pharmacies. On receiving the consumer’s request, the medicine delivery system checks whether the required medication is available or not in the nearest pharmacy. Once the user makes the payment, the pharmacy manager instructs the delivery partner to deliver the order to the consumer’s doorstep. The revenue is shared based upon the agreed terms & conditions.  medicine delivery app

Ramp Up Your Game with a Medicine Delivery Business

Let us now jump to the point where we will guide you on how to open an online pharmacy business like CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens. Follow this step-by-step guide to own an app that can serve the medical needs of the users.  First, have a look at the non-technical aspect of how to start an online prescription, quick medical help from anywhere, anytime! with Zocdoc clone and TelaDoc Clone app or medicine delivery service
  • Develop a business plan
Planning is an inseparable part of any process, and you can’t develop a medicine delivery app without creating an online pharmacy business plan. You should build a comprehensive plan that must include but should not be limited to the following: - Market research activities - Costing aspect - Name building and tagging - Revenue generation model - Risk mitigation plan To make your plan solid enough, you can always stick to a few things and keep them in your mind forever. Some of them are: - Determine the age group that your business will be serving. Mostly, your target audience will fall between the age of 30 to 60. - You can increase the flow of customers and profit rotation by creating subscription plans.  - Determine your market and location before fixing the price, and don’t keep changing the prices. Choose a unique business name and get it scanned by a CA or a company registration office so that no one else can use the same name.
  • Register your online pharmacy
Before you move forward, get your business registered. You can choose from the various types of company structures to start your online pharmacy. You may either register your company directly or adopt a franchise model.  During the process, you will also require to fulfill all the documentation formalities that fall under taxation laws. 
  • Develop a business accounting model
Obtaining a clear picture of your business accounting models is highly imperative. It should involve every aspect, starting from investment till the time of sales procurement. In simpler words, you should record every financial activity and keep track of your income and expenses. 
  • Obtain proper licenses, certifications, or permission
To start an online medicine delivery business CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens, you must obtain proper licenses, certifications, and permissions. It is mandatory to abide by the legal formalities to avoid any unwanted situation in the future. 
  • Get insured
Whichever model you choose, there is always a risk of losing the stock due to fire or any harm caused to the delivery person on the road. This calls for the need to get insured to protect your business. 

Technical Aspects of Developing a CVS Pharmacy Delivery System

To develop a seamless platform for online medicine delivery, you need to learn about the most critical attributes that it must possess. Read further to know about it.
  • Choose the account verification method
Verifying the users at the time they register themselves is a critical part of developing an app. You can choose between having a phone number verification and email verification process or both. The market has some amazing solutions that can assist you in verifying your users. 
  • Installation of real-time analytics system
There must be a real-time analytics system module to help customers order medicine online and get order tracking data. This technology will also allow you to track the number of users accessing your apps and their activities. 
  • Selection of database management system
There will be a lot of data that your online medicine delivery app will generate. This data can be for the medicine in stock, ordered medicine, regular customers, and representatives. To streamline them, there is a need for an effective DBMS.  Bonus: You can consider exploring MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, and Postgress. 
  • Selection of cloud environment
Your physical drive won’t have enough space to store extensive data and information. Opting for cloud computing is the only solution to managing and storing data and information.  Bonus: Amazon Web Server and Azure are considered to be good options. 
  • Selection of payment method
Every activity that you perform for setting up a medicine delivery business is to earn revenues. Therefore, it is mandatory to select a suitable payment acceptance method. The payment options that you can choose are debit or credit cards, UPI payment, or net banking. Other payment gateways are PayU and Razorpay. 

Must-have Features of an Online Medicine Delivery App like CVS

A perfect online pharmacy business plan is the one that lists the must-have features that should be incorporated into the app. Have a look at the most wanted features from various angles. For customers:
  • Easy registration
Customers should find it convenient to register and log in to the application. In case they find it difficult to register, you may end up losing a user.
  • User profiles
The application should provide customers with the liberty to manage their profiles, delivery addresses, payments, and other related information. 
  • Upload prescriptions
There should be a provision to let customers upload their prescription images and get them reviewed by pharmacists. 
  • Filters
Users should be able to search medicines using filters.
  • A detailed description of medicines
There should be a detailed description of medications from where the customers can see the name of the manufacturer and compare the prices. 
  • Availability of alternatives
Customers should be able to find generic alternatives to the medications they have been prescribed.  For admins:
  • Inventory management
The application should assist the admins in knowing when the medications expire or there is less stock available. They should get notified at such times.
  • User & supplier management
Admin should have complete control over managing registered users, suppliers, and manufacturers. 
  • Marketing tools
The application should allow admins to conduct marketing to attract more users and sell more. 
  • Reports
The app should allow admins to provide interactive reports by bringing operational data and statistics together. 
  • Revenue
Most people find it hard to know how much does it cost to open a pharmacy business. And then they open their business without having much idea and fail to track their earnings afterward. The application should allow admins to check their yearly, monthly, and weekly earnings so that they know whether the business is profitable or not..  For in-house couriers:
  • Courier profile 
The application should store a courier’s personal details and a history of deliveries. 
  • Notifications
The courier should receive a push notification on receiving an order. 
  • Convenient tracking
Couriers should be able to use Google Maps to reach the destination where the medicines are to be delivered. 
  • Delivery status
The courier should be able to change the status from in-progress to delivered.  Related Article: How to Start Your Own Medicine Courier Business

How to Make Your Medicine Delivery App User-Friendly?

If you are wondering how to start a medical supplier online business, the first thing that you need to ensure is that the platform should be user-friendly. There are a few features that make a platform user-friendly, and you should incorporate them into your application.
  • Chatbot integration
There should be a reliable source that can address the queries of the users round the clock. By identifying the most frequently asked questions and implementation of AI, Chatbot Integration can be done. The Chatbot will generate an automated reply to the most common set of questions. 
  • Effective communication
Keeping app users updated through regular text messages, emails, or push notifications will make them stick around your app. You can send updates, alerts, or order delivery status through these modes. 
  • Counseling
Associate your app with a few doctors and medical experts. App users can get their health queries resolved and get solutions. 
  • Camera & scanning feature
Having a camera and scanning feature will allow your users to upload images of prescriptions or scan them. This will put them at ease of procuring the medications they require. 

How Does an Online Medicine Delivery Solution Work?

Knowing how a medicine delivery solution works is highly imperative in understanding how to start a medical supplier online business. Here is the step-by-step guide on the working of the solution.  - On registering or signing up, the user can upload the medicine prescription or enter the required medicines. - The system then provides the user with a medicine list that the user was seeking. - In the next stage, the user can place an order or add the items to the cart for future purchasing.  - On placing the order, the pharmacy manager gets notified about it.  - The administrator verifies the prescriptions before confirming the order.  - The pharmacy manager prepares the medication to be delivered. - Once the order is confirmed, the administrator assigns the available delivery partner to deliver the order.  Final words: Medicine delivery solutions are transforming the pharma industry. If you are still in the phase where you are asking yourself about how much does it cost to open a pharmacy business, you are running behind time.  People are already inclined towards purchasing medicines online rather than standing in long queues at the medical stores. With an online medicine delivery business, you can target these users and skyrocket your business. A well-designed solution can earn you brand recognition and make you one of the most preferred medicine providers online.  We, at Suffescom Solutions, have rich experience in delivering precisely what you need. Our team of professionals works tirelessly to meet the client’s expectations and develop the most modern and dynamic solutions. We believe in keeping our clients in the loop at every stage and letting them learn how to start an online pharmacy business. Test us to trust us, and we will not let you fail. We are just a click away and would love to give exponential growth to your business. 

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