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By Suffescom Solutions

July 05, 2021

Packers and movers businesses are on an unabating rise. The primary reason is that home and office relocation isn’t easy, and people fail to do it without professional assistance. As a result, people seek services that can make moving smooth for them. And this is when packers and movers come into the scene. 

Who moves each year? (Source)

Individuals or families: 44%

Corporate moves: 38%

Military moves: 16%

Government agencies: 2%

With so many people relocating, it is worth wondering how to start a packers and movers business. Isn’t it? If yes, then this blog post is for you. Here, we will shed light on the reasons that make this business grand, how you can begin it, and more.

movers and packers business

About Packers & Movers Business

Packers and movers businesses provide steadfast solutions to individuals, families, offices, etc., who plan to relocate. In simpler words, they make the moving process less intimidating by providing professional packing and moving services.

Packers & Movers Business Model

The packers and movers business is not about people visiting places and packing things for the clients. Surprisingly, it is way beyond because digitization has transformed it massively. 

Modern packers and movers businesses can be found online listed on various reference platforms. Companies are seriously considering getting a movers and packers app to enhance its visibility in the market. 

Customers can trace them and hire professional packing and moving services via the app/reference platform. A team of professionals reaches the destination on the given date to render services of packing everything that the customer wants to move to another location. 

The significant services covered are packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking. The total cost of the process includes packing charges, labor charges, cost of fuel used in transportation, insurance, taxes, etc. 

How To Start Packers And Movers Business

No business in the world was ever started without following a strategy, and the same holds true for a movers and packers venture. Let us learn about the movers' and packers' business plan!

  • Draft A Business Plan

Starting a packers and movers business will negatively impact your long-term survival rate. And you would definitely not like it to happen. Would you?

Write a business plan to start packing and moving business. A business plan lets you find answers to questions or doubts occupying space in your mind. Additionally, it builds a strong foundation for business development, resource allocation, identification of opportunities, and more. 

There is no denying that you cannot stand apart from others if you step into the market unplanned. It is imperative to show how you are different and better from others. Hence, you will always require a plan that talks about distinct offerings and features of your business. 

  • Purchasing Required Equipment

Determine the size of your company and analyze the equipment you will require. Starting with a small business can keep the risk at bay. Furthermore, you will also have to rent or purchase a truck or a van that will be used to transport the stuff. 

The equipment list includes ropes, dollies, moving pads, moving boxes, furniture belts, packing materials, and more.

  • Obtaining Permits

To make your company legit, you need to obtain permits for transportation and moving. It will be wise to contact local authorities to know about every permit one would need. 

Get all your paperwork done before you begin your business journey and make way for a successful endeavor.

  • Network

Decide on a network and determine whether you want to have a domestic or global network for your business. This decision depends on your financial capability and the extent to which you can spend to flourish your business. Based on your decision, you can set up branches, hire staff, and purchase the required equipment for the smooth functioning of the network. 

  • Insurance

A packers and movers business model also includes securing coverage for liabilities and damage. Undoubtedly, cargo and liability insurance is a must for running a packing and moving business. The reason is to get coverage against heavy losses if anything goes wrong during transportation. 

Besides that, getting your vehicle insured will keep you safer. You can talk to the insurance agents and get completely insured. 

  • Develop A-Team

A business is nothing without its team and a mover's and packers' business plan is null if it doesn’t talk about team development and training. You must have a dedicated team to offer your services to the customers. 

  • Promoting Your Business

Modern-day businesses stay one step ahead of time by promoting themselves through online mediums. Don’t expect your business to achieve success overnight because a business that isn’t promoted well doesn’t get to meet its goals and targets.

Apart from that, your brand’s name, logo, and other aspects must be catchy enough to attract customers. 

Process Followed By A Professional Movers & Packers

Process followed by reliable companies comprises of the following steps: 

  1. A team of professionals performs a pre-move survey to note down the details of relocation.
  2. Checking for electronic products like TV, fridge, AC, etc., and packing them safely.
  3. Packing other things like furniture.
  4. Transporting things to the new location.
  5. Unloading the items from the vehicle.
  6. Unpacking the items at the new location.
  7. Closure by receiving full-service payment.

Most of the companies follow the same procedure, but some conditions may vary from company to company. 

How To Gain Massive Exposure For Your Business?

Simply knowing the mover's and packers' business plan is not sufficient if you wish to see it highly successful. Wondering how you can take your business to a level unmatchable? 

The first thing you need to know is how people approach a moving company. Is it through references, a website/app, or a casual connection? However, one thing is pretty clear that most customers look for these services via digital modes. By this, we mean to explain to you that the online presence of your business is highly essential to survive in this cutthroat competition. 

Unknown Facts About Moving Services

  • People Love Moving

Believe it or not, moving has become a trend in society, and people love exploring new places for personal and professional services. Moreover, organizations and institutions move to better areas for growth.

  • Shifting Can Be Overwhelming

The process of shifting can take a toll on people’s mental and physical health. This fact becomes the reason for more and more people hiring the service providers and rises in the number of companies.

  • Availability Of Moving Services Is A Stress-Buster

Generally, people find it a highly de-stressing option when it comes to shifting places. 


The packers and movers business is quite flourishing and one of the fastest-growing service-oriented businesses. Developing a packers and movers business plan and taking measures to turn it into reality is no less than a treasure in today’s time. 

Stay visible at all times to the customers looking for service providers to have a smoother move. Start working on your entity’s online presence and ensure your services are excellent in every aspect. You can also seek assistance from an app development company in California that can enhance your visibility and attract customers. 

We hope to have brought insightful information to you on how to start a movers and packers business via our post. May your idea achieve realization!

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