Introduce a New Concept of Contactless Attendance!

In the post COVID world, every industry will take precautionary measures to ensure the security of customers and employees. The major impact of the current situation will be on restaurants and offices where many people gather together for work. This pandemic has left everyone in shock because businesses have to adopt new technology-based marketing tools and strategies to attract customers towards their business model.

Workplaces are hotbeds for infections:

As we know that attendance is the first thing that every employee do after entering the office premises and a biometric scanner is the most affected object which is touched by everyone. Coronavirus can stay on a surface from a few hours to a few days and if a person is touching the contaminated object, he /she will be infected too. To ensure safety from infections, every office should remove the biometric system and introduce a contactless attendance system.

What is the existing attendance system?

In this concept, the attendance of the employees is collected through a biometric input which is fingerprint. Before entering the office, in almost every organization, every employee has to touch the biometric and by touching, his attendance automatically goes to management. Because of its simple scanning method, it is widely accepted by many organizations. It becomes easier for not only employees but also for the HR department as they can easily calculate a number of hours worked in a month.

There is another method of attendance tracking which is through an RFID reader. A card is given to every employee which he further uses to mark the attendance before entering the office. Proxy attendance can be marked in the RFID reader system but there is no such thing in biometric.

How offices will change itself once the lockdown lifts?

Many countries are all set to reopen the economy after a long lockdown, the offices and other workplaces will open with necessary precautions that ensure the security and safety of the people around. The government has allowed several places in the economy to open with the new guidelines issued by them. In the workplace, it takes a single infected object to infect each and every employee of the office. We all know that we are at a war with coronavirus, so, in this situation, it is very important to take necessary measures. Let us see the main purposes of contactless attendance system:

  • Efficiently and accurately let in and let out the employees by scanning their faces. It becomes easy for employees to mark their attendance every day.
  • The software will scan the faces in a few seconds.
  • A perimeter is set outside the office. E.g 10 meters. If an employee went out without scanning his/her face, a notification will directly go to the management updating about an employee who doesn’t mark the logout time.

 Process of setting it up:

Each employer’s information will be recorded in software including the company’s name, address, and other important information. This data will be stored in the database of the office and can be accessed anytime by the manager or the admin. When the admin manually enters the names of employees in the software, a code will be sent to them for accessing the app from where they can mark the attendance every day they enter the office. This application can either be installed in their separate devices or the workplace. They just need to stand in front of the device for a few seconds for scanning their face. After scanning, the device will inform the employee about the successful clock-in in the office.

This system gives access to managers or admin to see the number of hours and days worked by a particular employer ensuring the safety of the employees. They can also manually add the clock-in and clock-out time and maintain the database accordingly. If an employee forgot to logout and leaves the decided perimeter, a notification will directly go to the manager and it also gives him some time to logout as well from his smartphone.

Minimizing the human touch:

The office lifestyle will surely change for a lifetime now after implementing certain measures. Many people nowadays, commute to their offices by using public transport. There is a high chance of catching the infection this way because a single infected thing can affect many lives. Sanitizers and masks are the only way out while commuting through public transports. We must be aware of the fact that only the lockdown has been lifted but the virus is still there. People should minimize human contact to stay safe.

Final Words:

A battle is always fought on the battlefield. Technology will be our only tool for fighting with the virus. By reducing human touch and maintaining social distance, one can easily stay safe from any of the viruses prevailing in the economy at a fast rate. It has already affected millions of people worldwide and the number still goes on. A little safety can save you from this deadly virus. Introduce a technology-based system in the economy to save yourself and others.

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