Is Pre-made Layout Vital For Designing A New Website?

Take a time to browse through numerous pre-made layouts, and you will begin to understand the persuasive trait they bring to the table. Pre-made layouts give web designers myriad fortuities to create websites in days rather than weeks, since they do not have to start from scratch. It bring with them legion of powerful design options for both professional and freelance website designers.

These layouts not only serve as starting points for a designing process, but they are idea generating and brainstorming tools as well. Pre-made layouts are not solely examples of website pages. They represent concepts and creative tool you can work with and help to design attractive high-quality websites, pages and posts.

When a website develdivi_fluidoper starts work with a pre-made layout, ideas suddenly begin to take on a life and in some cases good ideas are replaced by even better ones. But remember, the most important reason to choose custom design is the purpose of your project. Why you are building a new website? Because you want your users to fall in love with your website or business and start purchasing your services and products. For this you have to attract them towards your website. Pre-made layouts is terrific way to do this.

The Core Features

There are more than 100+ ready-to-use pre-made layouts. All the layouts are completely customizable, it takes a minimal effort and a little time to create a web page with a rigorous look you want. You can also use different layout schemes for different pages by selecting box, different grid size, different header size, skins and logos.

Pre-made layouts comes up with some additional features that are extremely useful and essential in your web page design and development.

Muffin Builder

Muffin builder is an extremely practical web development tool. Once you have a layout in place, it is time to put Muffin Builder to work. This drag and drop page builder presents an attractive alternative to those having limited coding experience. It enables you to create virtually any page or post with ease, including the more complicated pages such as product oriented website.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel is the most powerful and versatile tool in the entire package. This is the core feature that makes the customizing process with an ease. The admin panel is where your design process are managed and kept under control and enables you to systematically customize a page, in any way you choose. Like muffin builder, the admin panel helps you to create virtually any page without having to rely on a single line of code.

Layouts Configurator

Layout configurator is a feature you will use sporadically at times and consistently at other times. It is always nice to have a design option open to you, but when you are tied down to the same template almost every pages, those option have definite limits. The layout configurator make it easy to create a page that are different than others in a relic way.

Layer Slider

With the powerful layer slider feature at your disposal, you can easily implant videos into your web page, create slideshows of your image galleries, and design a slider down to the most petite details. Layer slider is responsive and support touch feature and it is very common in many mobile devices.

E-commerce Compatibility

It install woo commerce in less than a minute, upload products quickly and manage payments effectively. It has been optimized for speed, and it is cross-browser and multi platform compatible.

SEO Compatibility

An ever changing core feature of pre-made layouts are; it is compatible with the best current SEO practices so, that they can work for your website to provide you a higher rank on Google algorithm.

Search engine optimization is a huge part of web development, when you choose a template design, there is no way that it can be optimized for SEO, unless you hire an expert to help you. The problem though is that, if the template code was not designed in a SEO friendly way, then you will have to spend lot of money having someone to redesign the website to rank high in search engine.

It is important for you to make the right selection when it come to templates. There are several pre-made layouts available in the market, make sure you think carefully about what suits your site more. For example, if you own a photography blog, and you are opting for a template that is primarily designed for text based blogging is completely insane. So, its better to look for the one that is designed for photo albums and you will soon begin to hit the right chord.