Trade Show Platform In The Metaverse

How To Launch A Trade Show Platform In The Metaverse?

By Suffescom Solutions

February 06, 2023

How To Launch A Trade Show Platform In The Metaverse?

There is no question that Metaverse has become a buzzword in the digital world. Every day, news for various industries planning to join is becoming headlines. In this race, the event industry is also transforming from traditional showcasing things to the virtual world where digital avatars interact for lead generation. Now, there will be no tiresome, and a perfect trade show can be organized without disappointments.

An innovative method makes marketing easier and boosts a company's ROI. So, what are you thinking now? Planning to start a future-ready platform with advanced features and functionalities? Suffescom Solutions Inc., a certified metaverse development company, is there for your assistance. We provide a 360-degree environment for attendees to promote themselves or explore exhibition fairs just like the physical ones. We have already developed and delivered similar technology projects, and you can schedule a call with our experts to know these.

Build Your Own Virtual Trade Show With Metaverse Development Solutions

Launch your own trade show in virtual reality for more visitors. Whether you are hosting a trade show, conference or summit for your organization, our metaverse event platform features are designed to deliver highly engaging events that will wow every audience.

Let’s learn about the Virtual trade show platform development process in this post. Here we have discussed key benefits, features, advanced functionalities, and more! Just keep scrolling!!

Benefits of Launching A Virtual Trade Show

3D Virtual Exhibition Platform offers countless opportunities for attendees and organizers to showcase their products in the Metaverse. Some of them include the following:

  • 3D Virtual showcase products and services to their target audiences
  • The freedom to add brand logos, videos, product catalogs, and company images build brand awareness.
  • Measure the engagement rate of attendees with live polls, gamification, live chat, Q&A, and more features.
  • Custom virtual booths to track booth visits, find stay duration, items interacted and clicked with, chats, conversations, and interaction with staff, including AI chatbots services.
  • Networking opportunities allow attendees to download content and interact with people and products.
  • Speech-to-text and 50+ languages can expand visitors' reach beyond the limits.
  • Countless interactive features enable attendees to walk away with memorable experiences.
  • Green solutions (or reducing carbon footprint) are on the top of the list that reduces travel emissions and resource consumption.

How Do Virtual Trade Shows Work in The Metaverse?

The 3D trade show platform allows attendees to move around the metaverse world and interact with things via their digital avatars. The platform can be worked with any modern browser. Also, being a fully interactive platform, digital avatars can chat, organize events, and conduct interviews, presentations, and Q&A sessions. Users can also make a group and individual chats to inquire about products.

Understand Top Virtual Trade Show Ideas

A trade show platform in the Metaverse has no restrictions over the industry. Therefore, it can be for any industry.

Virtual Car Show

The most trending way to introduce cars in the digital world and convert your leads into sales. YallaMotors has become a prominent example of an online virtual platform in this race. They introduce their cars in Arabic and English to target a diverse audience and engage them via live chat tools. It helps them convert leads into sales in real-time.

Virtual Property Show

Hosting a virtual property show is another way to target a global audience and promote service. For instance, while sitting in any corner of the world, virtual property shows help you to showcase homes and sell them at the best deal. Virtual trade shows also connect lawyers and real estate agents to make the buying process easy, and they must abide by their laws.

Virtual Technology Show

Technology show is about to set new milestones in the world of Metaverse with various tech shows. VR technology helps businesses to showcase their innovations, build networks, advertise their services, and enjoy direct sales benefits.

Virtual Food Show

Leading distributors & manufacturers looking forward to boosting their profits and reducing costs are conducting virtual food shows. Businesses like Nestle, Jake’s Finer Foods, and Centennial have already participated in virtual food shows and achieved higher registration volume, extraordinary branding, and insightful communications.

Other Virtual Trade Shows

There is no limit to planning virtual shows in the metaverse and showcasing products or aware people for new services to a global audience. Therefore, industries like Healthcare, Education, Fintech, Furniture Exhibitions, Clothing and Fashion events, Art and Antiques Exhibitions, etc., are also stepping onto the virtual trade show platform. A highly flexible option makes it easier for organizers to showcase their products and services without spending an arm and a leg on a physical event.

Key Features of Virtual Trade Show Platform Development

When browsing Trade Show Platform Development, there are key features to which you must pay attention.

Have Cross-Device Functionality

The feature allows your audience to join the platform from anywhere and anytime via a mobile app. It helps to maximize their participation and improves lead generation, even when they are stuck in traffic and can participate in events.

Custom Designs and Layouts

The virtual platform is a perfect alternative to the physical environment. Therefore it is essential to set up customized booths to chase vendors and make material marketing a hassle-free experience.

Live Chat Tools

A business goal only is successful when there will be maximum interaction between attendees and exhibitors. For this, live tools help and enable turning leads into sales. Moreover, you can improve your conversion by designing chat rooms or reserved chat slots to discuss FAQs.

Event Announcements

To grab the attention of your attendees, pop-up notifications always help. Therefore, you can enable mobile notifications on your mobile event app. This keeps your audience informed about what is happening on the platform.

3D Designs to Wow Audiences

To present your audience with an unforgettable experience, design a 3D environment that starts with a rich and visually compelling landing page. As your attendees enter a virtual lobby, they can explore a hall or booths designed with a diverse set of custom avatars. In other words, your fully personalized virtual trade show platform must have the potential to create a lasting impression.

Live Webinars

When you have a global audience on one platform, the next step is to provide your audience with significant values on the stage. If you are worried about speakers or industry specialists, on-demand recordings can help amplify that exposure. This can maximize your platform engagement level and nurture your leads.

E-Commerce Platform

Virtual trade show platforms help you to showcase your products, but the process should not end here. The platform motto is only fulfilled when attendees add products to their shopping carts as they explore the event. It makes the process easier by eliminating purchasing delays, maximizing conversions, and making transactions in real-time.


To increase attendees' time on the platform, gamification features work as a great way to achieve that. Hosts can plan exciting contests such as scavenger hunts, trivia, etc. The platform also rewards winners with exciting gift hampers, gift cards, or anything you want to offer.

In-Depth Report Analysis

In the modern world, user data is everything. It helps you to build strategies with detailed attendee reports at the end of the event. You can also closely monitor certain boots that allow you to measure your ROI and build future strategies.

Keep the Event Active

You can keep the event active even after the trade show. Users can get notifications for the booths they visited, products they explored, and inquiries they conducted. Meanwhile, the platform also allows you to promote products via emails and social media-like activities.

Build Virtual Trade Show Platform: 2023

Elevate your trade show experience to a new dimension with our Metaverse development solutions, where innovation and immersion meet. Give us a call now!

How To Create A Virtual Trade Show Platform - A Development Process

Are you already launching your trade show platform in the metaverse, here’s a checklist that we follow for the smooth running of events.

Know Your Platform

The first step in the development process is our expert team sharing words with clients. We understand our client's needs and expectations from the platform. Our research team starts functioning on gathering useful data to better understand your product.

Do Your Platform Research

The next step in the race is to conduct worthy research. We learned more about your platforms, such as your target audience expectations, issues they are facing, functionalities, features, and more, and how your platform can address them. We work all the aspects that boost the interaction with your attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors and give access to the right tools and surveys to build a more dynamic event.

Understand Your Security Needs

When launching a virtual trade show, a series of cyber threats always gets ready to attack and steal your platform information. Therefore, to protect your business data, we work on trustworthy blockchain technologies, like Ethereum, Binance, Solana, Polkadots, etc., and smart contract development that meets with cyber security and data privacy measures.

Design And Development

Once decided upon security needs are, the next step is to decide and work on platform designing and development functions. We create a prototype of innovative features and stunning functionalities before building a platform and discussing it with clients. When things go final, our development team starts functioning for the same.

Devise a Marketing Plan

While developing, we keep your business goal in mind and highlight the main functionalities. These include messages, testimonials, or videos from previous events. These keep your users engaged and help you to collect data for the event.

Virtual Post-Event Support

Our team not only works for development only but keeps a close eye on after-sales services. We provide complete support at the time of platform development so that if you face any issue, that can be handled quickly. We provide full maintenance and support services for three to six months in many sensitive cases.

Planning to Build? Then Build with Suffescom Solutions Inc.

We design and develop,

Fully Customizable Solutions

We have leveraged over 100+ templates to create bespoke virtual experiences with your branding.

Built-In Gamification

Our solution can encourage participation and add an element to enjoy fun-filled games and win exciting prizes.

Combat Virtual Event Fatigue

Attendees in digital avatars can move and navigate through your platform to experience just like an in-person event vs. passively watching.

Focus On Maximize Reach

With our customized virtual solution, you can invite speakers and guests worldwide.

Real Life Network

Dsign digital avatars that drive 3D virtual environments with real-life networking.

Powerful Analytics

To track attendee activity, live sessions, and views for rich post-event analytics, our designed powerful analysis can help.

Metaverse Trade Show Platform Development: Bringing Exhibitors And Attendees Together

Break down the barriers of traditional trade shows and bring exhibitors and attendees together in a new, immersive way with our Metaverse development solutions.

Wrapping Up!!

Enjoy the virtual platform of tomorrow, where attendees around the world can instantly customize full-body avatars and represent themselves. The engagement in Metaverse is simple but effective, compared to physical events, and lets your sponsors showcase their innovation with changing technology.

Our dedicated team with stunning knowledge and experience in blockchain technology, smart contract development, AR, VR, IoT, and more technologies can help you to enjoy fully customized solutions. Get in touch with our experts and discuss your project details. We also provide blockchain consultancy services that ensure quick and best decisions.

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