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Robust Web3 Entertainment Platform Development Solutions: Start Blockchain Powered Subscription Based Business

By Suffescom Solutions

February 02, 2023

Robust Web3 Entertainment Platform Development Solutions: Start Blockchain Powered Subscription Based Business

Web3 technology has the potential to offer immense opportunities to people working across multiple sectors. Initially, it was just considered to be applicable in the technological field. But due to its popularity, other industries are finding it as a new way to enhance their branding and offer top-class solutions. The entertainment industry is one of them. It might look like the perfect industry from the front, but from the inside, it also has its flaws.

The fascination around the digital assets and NFTs has made things super exciting for the people working in this realm. The role of web3 in the uplifting of the entertainment industry is undeniable. Talking about filmmaking, today's audience likes to witness top-notch special effects in every scene. That high-definition picture quality, camera work, and post-production will all change.

Planning to build a web3 entertainment app development? If yes, our development team at Suffescom Solutions is all set to help you out. We have technical prowess in prominent technologies like AI, ML, and IoT. Our experts will provide you with the top Web3 solutions. Contact a free consultation call with our business analysts for detailed information about your project.

How To Setup Or Start Web3 Powered Entertainment Business?

To launch a Web3-powered entertainment business, begin by defining your concept, integrating blockchain technology, creating a decentralized platform, and engaging with the crypto community. Embrace NFTs and smart contracts.

Importance of Web3 Entertainment Platform Development

Web3 has created ripples and has become the most profitable asset for everyone. There is an unprecedented technological wave that surrounds web3. As it is in its initial phases, it has undergone several modifications. Human life is going to be transformed in a big way. There is a paradigm shift of the internet from Web 2 to Web 3. The tech giants have already started a way out for the seamless transition to this futuristic web comprising decentralization, NFTs, blockchain, metaverse, tokens, and more.

The necessity of the web3 in entertainment will provide transparency; the distributed ledger will help maintain the data related to the people working in this sector all open and secure. There will not be any discrepancies related to the cost budget and the expenses spent on making the films or paying out to the employees.

The music industry plays a significant part in the entertainment world. It has opened opportunities for music lovers and fans. In Web 2, the fans used to enjoy the content and gained nothing else. But in web3, the fans will enjoy the content and generate revenue. It develops a great sense of connection between the creators and their followers. There are eventually going to be massive structural alterations in the musical industry.

The NFT adoption among the common people is less. Some of the popular celebrities, like Snoop Dogg, Neymar Jr., Justin Bieber, and Reese Witherspoon, are the NFT owners. As people are in awe of the lifestyle owned by their favorite celebrities, they will follow suit upon seeing such a step. Web3 has unlocked a new space that has resulted in interactive content creation.

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Existence Of Web3 In Various Entertainment Sectors

There are several entertainment fields, some of which are mentioned below;


Movies are an essential part of people’s lives. Everybody is connected to them as they provide larger-than-life experiences to the people. The amazing landscapes, fantastic camera shots, incredible lighting, and unique coloring are some technical aspects of movie-making. The other hi-tech elements are added in the editing part to make the result extraordinary. The obsession with Sci-Fi movies is at the top right now. Such kinds of movies require futuristic technologies to make the outlook realistic. Web3 makes use of AI and ML to captivate viewers' attention.


The music industry is facing huge problems as artists must be more satisfied with how things are panning out. The music labels have full control of the songs, and the singers feel powerless in owning the songs sung by them. This is a terrible situation for any artist; regardless of their efforts to create a wonderful piece, they are not in charge of their music. Web3, with the help of smart contract execution, helps handle the rights and allows an equal revenue distribution based on their contribution to the musical journey.

Moreover, it gives a chance to the fans to acquire ownership of their dearest artists via NFTs. It serves two purposes. One is that the musicians have ownership of their work, and secondly, the relations between the fan and the artist are more intensified.


Gaming is another source of entertainment that captivates the user's attention. It boosts and freshens up people’s minds. The secure gaming experience is the number one priority of the players. Web3 has solved all the problems related to gaming by enabling players to own the in-game assets, which was not possible in web2. Web3 gaming solutions has given rise to the transparent and open gaming world, opening ways for earning more money.

Due to the open-source games, the coding can be changed by the gamers themselves; this attribute was missing from the web2. The gamers, developers, and platform owners have equal control over the coding techniques.

How to Build A Web3 Entertainment Platform?

Blockchain powered web3 entertainment platform develop strong chances of good revenue, because of popularity of web3, security and 100% copyright protection. Migrate traditional entertainment channels to decentralized form, earn digital assets and offer exchange options to your users.

Features Of Web3 Entertainment Platform Development

Excellent Incentive For The Fans

The incentives and rewards in the current and the previous forms of the web were negligible. People become crazy when it comes to supporting their favorite creators because of the art they promote.Web3 involves the participants in forming an active part in the creation process. They can have a much deeper glimpse of their personal lives. An excellent interaction and engagement are developed between the parties.

The NFT ownership by the celebrities will give the fans free access to their live events, free backstage passes, exclusive content, meet-and-greet sessions, and view/listening to content before others. It serves rewards like providing some part of their incentives to their followers. They can also be a part of work-related decisions. Such perks are possible only because of the decentralized attribute of web3.

No Need For Monetization Channels

Web3 will completely break the chains from the conventional frameworks. The creators can create their work without difficulty and sell them as per their preference without any intermediary. There is absolutely no need for the publishers or any other medium. This can be well understood when celebrities, based on their work and fame, try to materialize things and sell virtual assets. The same rules will apply to the non-celebrities that are independent.

In web2, they used to find it hard to sell their work, but web3 will offer them the same routes through which they can trade their work without requiring any channel. The concept of royalty is also introduced in web3, which aims at providing the dues to the artists (actors, musicians, writers, composers, etc). So, whenever the artist's work is streamed, some percentage of their sale is provided to them. Whereas in web2, once the creation is sold, the artists are not liable for the secondary sales.

Ownership And Originality

The possession of ownership in the entertainment world is a controversial thing. One needs to pay extra attention to the content belonging to which person in reality. Originality is the cause of concern in web2 entertainment. One has to get into the details as to which is the original content and which is the duplicate one. If the consumers need to buy the content, then the highest level of validation is required.

In web3 entertainment, as a high transparency model is adopted, it becomes quite easy for the consumers to check which is authentic and which is the copy. The American film industry “Hollywood” is adopting such attributes that involve “proof of originality.”

Improved User Authentication

The ultra-modern level of security is provided by web3. This is now applicable in the entertainment and the digital media realm. There have been times when the celebrities try to forge the information on the internet at their convenience. This thing is not possible in this futuristic technology. There is the prevention of any unauthorized access or data manipulation.

This topmost security is provided with the precise utilization of the cryptographic algorithms. The hash functions are stored on each block that is impossible to hack. The hackers find it hard to gain access to the accounts. This has made way for accessing information more safely. The identity of the user is verified by the smart contract development.

Troubled Transactions Process

The presence of the intermediaries in the web3 network has resulted in massive losses. The other form of the losses this entertainment industry faces is “revenues.” The involvement of the third parties consumes the maximum amount of the profits from the total amount. So, in the end, minimal share lies with the creators. This shows that the real content makers get less than what they deserve.

Moreover, they are required to pay a hefty amount for the IP rights issued, which again is a setback and adds up to the total cost. The transactions involved are majorly unsafe and complicated, which stops beginners from entering the entertainment field. The obstacles are created that affect marketing growth, impacting a wider audience.

Micro Payments

Talking about the web3 based over-the-top (OTT) entertainment platforms like Netflix and Amazon, they offer subscription-based services. The limitation attached to them is that one needs to pay in advance to access the content on a monthly/yearly basis. Suppose the user prefers to watch a single movie available online then after paying, there is no option to pull out. In another scenario, if a person wants to view a selected range, they must pay complete charges.

In web3.0, there is the micropayment feature that includes transactions in smaller payments. This means that viewers can pay for the content they like. There is no compulsion to pay the full amount. Here, the consumption/engagement is directly proportional to the payment/finances.

Web3 Entertainment Platform Development Process We Adhere To

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is a reliable web3 entertainment marketplace development company that utilizes its expertise and technical skills to develop a sophisticated web3 entertainment platform. Our development team initially analyzes the project requirements and then formulates a spectacular plan to deliver the best Web3 entertainment Platform solution. We follow an easy work plan for the web3 entertainment marketplace development process.

  • Gathering Information
  • Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Designing and Development
  • Testing and Launch
  • Maintenance Post Deployment

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Web3 Entertainment App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Web3 Entertainment Platform?

Revolutionize the way you enjoy entertainment with our cutting-edge Web3 platform, designed for the next generation of digital content.

The cost of the Web3 Entertainment App is dependent upon numerous factors. We can’t provide you with the exact amount as everything depends on project requirements. Our business team includes a project manager, analysts, sales & marketing members, and an operations manager.

  • Complications Involved In The Project
  • Integrated Features
  • Preferred technology stack
  • Location of the web3 development company
  • Web3 development team size and strength
  • Total Project time period
  • Essential security features

Why Hire Us For Web3 Entertainment Platform Development?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. a top-notch web3 consulting services provider is known for integrating futuristic technologies by implementing advanced Web3 entertainment Platform Solution. Our clients around the world have faith in us. We have successfully built diverse business applications across various industry verticals for our clients. Here are the reasons why you should hire us;

  • Transparent pricing model
  • Unmatchable domain expertise
  • Well- qualified web3 developers
  • Agile Methodology
  • Secure and scalable business solutions
  • Enhanced programming codes
  • Round-the-clock services

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