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Web2 Apps to Web3 Migration Services: Secure Your Business With Decentralized Process

By Suffescom Solutions

November 02, 2022

Web2 Apps to Web3 Migration Services: Secure Your Business With Decentralized Process

Converting your business to emerging technology is the latest move that every business owner would like to make. Consult Suffescom Solutions Inc. for your business niche and renovate it into web3 technology.

The world wide web has undergone so many alterations till date that it would be surprising to know the use cases of the latest version of WWW, i.e., Web3. Web3 is based on blockchain technology that offers an advanced level of security, peer-to-peer transactions, and decentralized apps. Not only these, but there are also an abundance of advantages associated with web3 decentralized apps.

If you want an insight into web3 apps and wish to get web3 development services and migration solutions from web2.0 to web3.0, then we are just one call away. Contact our business analysts to begin with migration.

What Are Web3 Decentralized Apps?

The prime focus behind web3 apps is that all the data is stored on the blockchain through the use of smart contracts. Web3 provides a decentralized internet that benefits both owners and users. It incorporates state-of-the-art technology, including AI/ML, AR/VR, blockchain, IoT, and many more. This new version of the web enables decentralized communication and increased interaction level among participants.

Reasons to Migrate From Web2 Application to Web3 App

Web3 apps are associated with numerous benefits, as listed below:


We build decentralized web3 apps that do not require any central authority or identity to carry out various operations.

P2P Transactions

Our web3 applications are based on blockchain; thus, offering peer-to-peer transactions and maintaining direct communication.

Excellent Uptime

We develop apps powered by Smart contracts that ensure an increase in the run time of the web3 apps.

Fault Toleration

With a decentralized network, we make sure that the web3 app is fully secured from hackers in case a single node is working.


Our team builds dApps that do not request users' personal information. Thus, ensuring safe and secure usage.


Our efficiently built web3 apps are permissionless and give equal access rights to everyone.

Data Security

Our blockchain-based web3 apps are highly secured and ensure complete data protection without any risk of failure.

Cost Savings

The decentralized apps built by our team cut down the cost of the clients by eliminating the requirement of hiring people.

Cloud Storage System

Our web3 apps utilize cloud storage systems like Swarm, IFPS, etc., for additional storage.

Migrate From Web2 Applications To Web3 Apps With Experts!

If you are planning to migrate your app from web2 to web3, our experienced web3 experts can help you with a smooth migration. Connect with our experts and explore new possibilities!

Our Web2 to Web3 Conversion Services

We provide the below-listed services for converting a web2 app into a highly robust web3 technology.

Wallet/Payment Migration

While migrating web2 to web3, migration of a simple payment gateway to a crypto wallet is also mandated. We mostly consider Metamask crypto wallet for migration as it provides an easy gateway to many blockchain-based decentralized apps.

Smart Contract Creation

Converting an app to a decentralized app requires the development of smart contracts. We have highly knowledgeable smart contract developers who create hacked-proof contracts for decentralized applications.

Integration of Smart Contracts

We successfully integrate smart contracts to migrate the web2 apps to web3 technology. When smart contracts are integrated, the apps are considered as decentralized apps.

Web3 App Testing

We offer end-to-end dApp testing services to make sure that the web3 apps are free from bugs and various other vulnerabilities. Our team follows rigorous testing procedures in order to create an impeccable and error-free web3 app.

Suffescom’s Migration Process From Web2 To Web3

Suffescom has a team of experts that deliver exemplary migration services from web2 to web3. We begin by discussing the requirements and end with testing and deployment.

Analysis and Planning

We begin the conversion process by discussing the project requirements with you. We analyze the existing infrastructure and factors at which the web2 app is lacking and plan the migration accordingly.

Evaluation of the Project

During this phase, we evaluate every aspect of the project, including the budget, security, and compliant infrastructure, with clear policy rules for the successful delivery of the project.

Receive Top-Notch Web2 To Web3 Migration Services

Have a free consultation with our web3 developers, who will describe the complete migration process with complete details related to time and budget.

Installation and Migration

At this phase of the conversion process, our experts install the mandatory software required for web2 to web3 migration and successfully carry out the migration process.

Testing and Deployment

When the app is prepared on web3, it undergoes rigorous testing procedures to ensure that it is free from all bugs and errors. Upon resolution of all the faults, the web3 app is ready to be deployed.

With these simple steps, we migrate web2 apps to web3 apps. You may contact our developers to transform your business into a blockchain-based platform.

Exclusive Features Of Web3

Artificial Intelligence

We convert web2 apps into web3 with an in-built feature of Artificial Intelligence, which means it can easily blend the dApp with natural language processing (NLP). It results in quick outcomes.

Semantic Web

Web3 is also considered as the Semantic Web. Through our semantic web services, we ensure the creation of data stores on the web, build vocabularies, and efficiently handle data.


Our web3 apps are IoT based that connect the internet to every individual at any time. Multiple apps, the web, and devices are connected for uninterrupted access anywhere.

3D Graphics

The compelling 3D graphics used by our experts make the web3 app more appealing to your customer base. We use the latest tech stack to impart top-notch effects in the web3 apps.

In What Niche Do You Want Migration Services?

We offer migration services in various niches. Whatever industry you deal in, we are there for you to convert your app from a web2 to a web3 platform.

Social Media

If you are having a web2-based social media platform and want to transform it into web3, then we can solve the purpose for you. We build decentralized social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc., that solve all the privacy problems you might encounter in your web2 apps.

Mobile Games

Peer-to-peer gaming is a huge trend in blockchain technology. We're not only talking about internet casinos here but about every game. For example, we can develop web3-based games, like CryptoKitties, to provide a more immersive gaming experience.

Financial Applications

We are also experts at developing decentralized finance apps based on blockchain technology. This niche lets consumers perform financial transactions without engaging traditional financial institutions like banks, credit card companies, or insurance providers. Convert your web2 financial apps to web3 and provide your users an extra degree of security.

Streaming Music

We excel at building web3-based music streaming apps that allow users to broadcast music, earn bitcoin, and pay artists. Through our web3-based music apps, it will become easy for users to sign up, post their own music, and be paid by listeners.

Connect With Our Web3 Developers For Web2.0 Apps To Web3.0 Migration Process

If you are looking forward to getting top-notch web2 to web3 conversion services. we will cater to you with the best possible services. Get in touch with our Web3 experts to get customer-focused services migration, including features like semantic web and 3D graphics.

Connect with Suffescom Solutions For Converting Web2 to Web3

If you are eager to start with the conversion of your business from web2 to web3, then feel free to connect with us. We have over 6 years of experience in Metaverse, Web3, and Blockchain development services. Our expertise in the latest and emerging technologies has curated many businesses in the web3. We offer migration services from web2 to web3 for aspiring business owners. We have a huge client base and some emerging Fortune 500 companies. We deliver 100% guaranteed and satisfactory results.

What Makes You Choose Us?

Latest Technology Stack

We are a proud team of developers that uses the latest technology, such as blockchain, AR/VR, IoT, AI/ML, etc., to build customized projects and convert applications.

Highly Scalable Platform

Utilizing emerging technologies, we thrive on building highly scalable and robust applications based on Web3 technology.

Advanced security

We maintain the application's security level with advanced security measures and complete data protection.

24/7 support

We provide round-the-clock support services to our clients. We are just a call away at the time of need.


You can cross-check our authenticity through ratings over Clutch, Goodfirms, etc.

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