Web3 Streaming Platform Development | Web3.0 Streaming App Solutions

By Suffescom Solutions

October 03, 2022

Web3 Streaming Platform Development | Web3.0 Streaming App Solutions

Today, Web3 streaming platforms have become a buzzword in the tech world to broadcast movies, videos, and other live events. The service is based on basic embedding tools, analytics, and monetization. The platform also has a social component on Web3 streaming application platforms that allow users to follow you or subscribe to your channel for notification. This is all about streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and more.

What is The Web3 Streaming Platform?

Web3 platform is the next-gen of the internet that offers a secure and control-free environment for streaming services. The version of the internet is based on blockchain technology and operated through a token-based economy. The platform also provides a virtual stage to organize content such as video screenings, live concerts, film festivals, podcast recordings, and Live stream with blockchain security that keeps no stage for fraudulent activities.

Want to step into a modern streaming platform where blockchain technology goes side by side to protect your content? You are at the right place. We are a leading blockchain based web3 streaming platform development company with 13+ years of experience in the industry and 6+ years in blockchain technology. From market analysis to development services, we are a one-stop destination.

Develop Web3 Streaming Platform with Professional Developers!

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Pros of Choosing the Most Advanced Video Streaming Infrastructure

Licensed Content From Independents & Major Studios

You can allow independent and major studios to show their licensed content on your platform. Some of the highly approachable studios like NBCUniversal, Paramount, Warner Bros., and Sony can bring a deep and diverse catalog of content for you. Participants can also join through the web and mobile apps. 

Unlimited Participants In A Private Or Public Event

You can reach a worldwide audience using the hyper-scrabble infrastructure. Real-time engagement has the feature of bringing millions of users in a short time. You can create public or private links and send invitation codes to your guests. You can also create free coupons for your partners and the media or sell tickets for the event's participants. 

Secure Ticketing System

Tickets for events are created on blockchain technology and sold through cryptocurrency. To complete the whole process, this major blockchain technology such as Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC is used. Therefore, there is no scope for any loophole in the whole process. 

Multilingual Live Support

To provide an amazing experience, web3 streaming platforms provide multilingual support to their users. Users can pick English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, or any other language to watch the content or explore through the platform. 

Data Protection

Blockchain-based streaming platforms fully comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). So, you users can explore or scroll through the platform without fretting about sharing personal information. 

MPAA-level Content Security: Geo-Blocking & Watermarking

An innovative platform takes care of your video assets and metadata to protect your content with all major DRMs. You can also use geo-blocking technology to allow your film to be accessible only from the territories where your rights allow it. You can be content-specific with a ZIP code. Finally, the watermark feature on content lets you enjoy complete rights to the content. 

Advanced Interactive Streaming Experience

  • Livestream into Events

    -You can launch live streaming on your project and invite more people to register on your platform. Artists can also grab more audience attention through modern platforms.

  • Access On Web And Mobile App- An innovative streaming platform is quick to access through web or mobile apps. Users just need to sign in using a crypto wallet to any device and enjoy full screaming. 
  • Add on HD videos- You can add HD video content of past events, movies, and TV serials for a better user experience. It's also regarded as the perfect way to keep users engaged with your platform. 
  • Invite Upto 10 People On Stage- With the live streaming of the event, you can allow upto 10 people on the stage to participate. They can share their views or cheer for the special performance. 
  • Cast To TV- You can screen popular TV shows on your platform with never seen content. Presently, people love to watch behind-the-camera scenes of their favorite celebrities. 
  • Create Replay - The Replay option doesn't let your users miss anything that is going on the screen. They can check anything, anytime, with a single click. 

Web3 Streaming App Development Experts

Life Cycle of A Web3 Streaming Platform Development

When it's about the development of a web3 streaming app/platform, it goes through various stages. From understanding your business requirement to designing a system and testing its effectiveness, our experts pass it through many levels. Let’s check them out;

Your Business Requirement

The first thing during development is understanding your business requirements. Our business analytics schedule a meeting and find out your business needs, target audience, business offering, and expectations. When everything is clubbed in one place, it becomes easy for experts to make decisions.


To give your platform a structure and business appearance, your platform needs a good interface. Our UI designers and front-end developers create a prototype of your platform that will cost you around $20-$40 per hour and $61-$80, respectively.


Once you finalize the design, our development team will go with the next step. Our blockchain developers depend on crafting a solution as defined in the prototype with active functions and features.


During and after project development, there will be many layers of testing by the Blockchain-based web3 streaming platform Q/A testing team. They won’t leave any stone unturned that could create hassle on your way streaming or can hamper users' experience.


The step involves installing, configuring, updating, and enabling applications suitable for URL servers or not. If something is missing, we stand by you until you are able to successfully launch your platform.


To keep your platform functioning properly, keeping it up to date with changing technology and users' needs is essential. We understand this phase of project life too, so we also provide 3 months of maintenance services to budding entrepreneurs. 

Prominent Features of Web3 Streaming App

Web3 streaming platform is a pack of traditional streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ features with modern platforms. So, you can offer: 

  • Live streaming service
  • Region-specific content
  • AVOD, SVOD, and TVOD
  • Watchlist
  • Smart recommendations
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Multiple content categorizations
  • Multiple subtitles and video quality
  • Downloadable/offline videos
  • Set preferences
  • Share content
  • Mini Video Window
  • Chapter marker

You can also add more services by consulting with our project managers, market analysts, and developers. We are 24*7 available to take your query and understand your business requirement. 

How to Monetize Your Web3 Streaming Platform

Web3 Streaming Platform: Ways to Monetize Content

There are many ways to generate revenue for the Web3 Streaming platforms. If you are not aware of these, check out these business models to generate revenue.

Crypto & cash

Get directly paid to the wallet or straight to your bank account for a subscription. This is not a new concept, as many popular streaming platforms are utilizing it to generate revenue with auto-renewal auto-renewal options. You can avail yourself of it on your platform too. Users will pay you while registering or before watching content.

Event Ticketing

Schedule special events on your web3 streaming platform and charge tickets for them. You can also offer special voucher codes to attract new users. The tickets could be for single events or create an offer to participate in multiple events tickets at one place.

Tipping & donations

You can also use the platform to raise funds during live streaming for noble causes or get paid for tips. This is an essential way of generating business income.

Video on demand

You can sell or rent your videos with geo-blocking & watermarking options to generate income. The novice method is helping many artists to generate income in less time on trending videos.

Brand sponsoring

Use the framework of pay-per-second pay-per-second for ads on your platform. Today modern brands seem more excited to promote their products or services on streaming platforms than on traditional means of advertisements.

Pay per view

The model is taken from traditional streaming platforms, where users will pay for views. If the users don’t want complete platform access can pay a small portion to watch specific content. 

Technologies Used To Build Web3 Streaming Platform


To share a peer-2-peer database and create a privacy-friendly privacy-friendly atmosphere, blockchain technology plays a pivotal role. It creates an anonymous and encrypted platform where others won’t see users' identities during live streaming. Every data is stored in block algorithms such as Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Hyperledger, Polkadot, etc.

Smart Contracts

The piece of code is designed to automatically execute and perform the actions on the platform. It helps to complete an agreement between two parties without any intermediaries. 

You can avail of our smart contract development services to create customized smart contracts for your platform.

Web3 programming language

For front-end development, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Typescript are used to create beautiful applications. Other tested and tried languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, and C++, support versatile UI libraries.

  • DataBase: - The most prominent database platform includes MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Crypto Wallet: - Crypto wallets store private keys, keeping crypto safe and accessible. It also allows users to spend cryptocurrencies from registering to downloading or participating in an event. You can choose a readymade crypto wallet like metamask or go with our customized crypto wallet development services. 
  • NFT Marketplace: - Blockchain-based NFT marketplace allows artists to upload, manage, and monetize their NFT content. 

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Web3 Streaming Platform 

Costing is one of the most crucial factors that let many budding entrepreneurs step in or out of business before entering. But don’t fret. Here we have highlighted important costing factors that will decide your web3 streaming app development cost. 

FactorCost/hr (estimated)
Turnaround time50 hrs
Front-End Development$40-$70
UI Designers$40
Blockchain Developers$70-$200
Tools$1000 (starting from)

The total cost of these could be around $3000- $20,000. But there are more costs involved depending on selected features, cloud costing, P2P networks costing, etc. for a better picture, you can consult with tech experts.

Why Suffescom Solutions Web3 Streaming Platform Development Company, Only?

Choosing a web3 video and music streaming platform development company, or says Suffescom Solutions offers many pros. From getting experts' suggestions to fulfilling all the platform development criteria, you can enjoy every service in one step. Let’s check out some other perks of choosing professionals.

Industry Knowledge

We have been in the development business since 2011 and have healthy industry, business, product, and client knowledge. We understand what your business and customers demand, then develop solutions accordingly.

Professional Project Approach 

Hiring a web3 streaming platform developer means you can see experts' approaches in your project. From developing basic to advanced features, experts know the accurate place for everything.

Blockchain experts under one roof

We have a team of 150+ blockchain developers having rich industry and blockchain experience. You can enjoy their services without spending much time scrolling your own top blockchain technologies and how to use them.

Data Privacy

Blockchain technology and developers understand your data privacy, therefore creating a system that fulfills all the norms of data security. You don’t have to fret about hacking data issues.

Addressing Issues Promptly

From market analysis to designing and development troubles, we have a solution for everything. We are ready to take your project responsibility anytime and fix issues quickly. Our experts also guide you on upcoming & trending features on the platform.

APIs Integration

APIs let your platform drive with thousands of helpful features available for the task. But integrating them into web3 applications is tricky. Here the web3 streaming platform can help you seamlessly.

No Bugs

Bugs are the most daunting aspect of any platform. Choosing a professional approach means you are saying no to bugs or glitches and creating a smooth user experience. 

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