Amplify VOD Business Via Netflix Target Marketing Planning with Demographic & Audience Targeting Strategy

Is your video streaming business model inspired by Netflix’s strategy? If yes, look at what can expand your current video application and augmentation to the startup by analyzing the current Netflix target market, demographics, and audience with us.

Amplify Via Netflix Target Audience And Get An Insight To The Market Demographics

Video streaming forte is getting popular amongst the baby boomers, and Netflix is the reason behind it. With the proliferation of audiences towards live and video streaming, entrepreneurs wake to target users and double the profits via developing apps like Netflix. The creation of such platforms is an excellent opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to beat the competitive market.

Launch Your Own Netflix Like App in Matters of Minutes

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Whether you are looking to develop an app like Netflix or have the one that misses the desired marketing, we got everything covered.  Our expert marketing team and developers help in every possible way. Consider a valuable insight into the current Netflix targeting strategy, audience, market, and demographics to start with a strategy and be the game-changer.

Why Netflix Is Becoming Popular Among The Audience?

Netflix is one of the popular video streaming platforms ruling the entertainment industry. With a strong identity, it is managing to combat the threat of new market entrants and lead the growing market.

Smart brand equity, machine learning features, artificially intelligent algorithms, augmented and virtual reality functionalities, and award-winning original content are the foundational reasons raising the bar of this on-demand video platform. 

As a result, several entrepreneurs are out to reinvest by launching Netflix Clone and penetrating the target market of Netflix to lure the opportunities.  By getting an overview of Netflix targeting strategy, they aim to adopt the same within their video streaming business and double the revenue.

Well, that’s a great idea? But to accomplish the same, it is necessary to analyze the audience’s interests, features and know the current status of Netflix. Are you ready?

Demographic Breakdown of Netflix Subscribers Globally

Netflix with a market capitalization of $223.56 billion in May 2021, making it the 41st most valuable platform in the world. Check out the demographic popularity of the platform with the facts below:

  • Netflix at the beginning was slow but right now available in over 190 countries. 
  • Among all the countries the US has the highest subscriber count of 63.1 million. 
  • Netflix  itself stated that there are around 208 million members who pay to get services as of the first quarter of 2021, up 14% year over year
  • The top 5 countries using Netflix the most are the US, Brazil, the UK, France, and Mexico.
Countries  Netflix Subscribers in millions
United States 65.3 
Brazil 17.9 
United Kingdom 16.7
France 8.6
Mexico 8.2
  • North America has generated paid subscription revenue of $3 billion,45% of worldwide revenue.
  •  Talking about the audience in the US then they pay more via using Netflix, generating an average of $13.51 per paying subscriber. 

Analysis of Current Netflix Target Audience Market Demographics

Since every age group, today uses Netflix making it the most popular amongst all. There is no audience left behind to leverage the entertainment. Be it youngsters, senior citizens, or teens, Netflix is in the mouths of everyone. Have a closer look at the current Netflix target audience demographics to know the target audience for your on-demand video platform to magnify.

  • 89% of Netflix users are likely to be 18-24, along with a significant skew aged between 25-39.
  • It is recorded in June 2020, 58% of kids aged three to 17 in the UK use Netflix as their video-on-demand service and the number is expanding with the year.
  • It is recorded 1 in 2 Netflix users/subscribers watching and streaming Netflix have young children under the age of 3 at home. This depicts the interest of the family audience within the platform.
  • Talking about the target audience for 89% of Netflix subscribers, it is between 18-24 with a large section of senior people.
  • In the UK alone, 25% of Netflix subscribers are aged 16 and above. Meanwhile, 22% of subscribers are aged between 16 and 34

Features To Include Within Your OTT Platform Like Netflix

Now, if you are well versed with the target market of Netflix and looking to develop a platform similar to it, there are several features to include. The inclusion of compelling features within the OTT platform can bring your video streaming business to the limelight and attract a potential audience.  Here are a few of those features:

Easy login via social media

The best feature for the audience is that they can directly log in to the application via any social media account.  The audience can conveniently log in to the platform with any social media platform like Facebook or Instagram without entering the details manually.


Genres within the OTT platform like Netflix enlist all sorts of video content on the platform.  Be it drama, horror, romance, and the platform covers everything in one place. With this, it let users choose their favorite and stream it from anywhere at any time. 

Cloud management

Another feature that makes the OTT platform, like Netflix, audience-oriented is cloud technology.  With agile storage and performance, the level of the OTT platform makes them best amongst all. The viewer gets the best viewer experience. Thereby, when out to develop an OTT platform, you can’t go wrong with cloud management. 

User profile settings

Another thing that needs to include within the platforms like Netflix is the opportunity to view and manage profiles. Within Netflix, you will come across setting profiles where users can view and update subscription plans, membership status, and other relevant details.


The in-built search option within Netflix enables the audience to get to the content they want to watch.  One can instantly enter the name and reach the desired video. Also, you will find the filter option within the searches that eases the experience of the user. 

Smart backend integration

The OTT solution, like Netflix, is delineated with next-level configurational elements. These functionalities, at times, make the platform bug-free and render a fantastic viewing experience.  Thereby, to develop a video platform that rocks the entertainment world, don’t miss the intelligent backend integration. 

Advanced CMS

The advanced content management system within Netflix helps the admin, and the user streamlines the process. They can quickly scroll through the content presented over the video platform. With accessible content, the platform offers advanced CMS to the users. 

Push notifications

Notifications are another essential feature within the platform. The platform is integrated with push notifications. Within this, the platform allows users to stay updated about what’s new within the platform via text messages, emails, or in-app notifications.

Video distribution network

Another thing that brings video platforms like Netflix to the limelight is the world-class video distribution network.  With effective implementation of smart business strategies, it features aims to enhance the viewer experience.  In this way, the platform is more audience-oriented. 

How To Promote Your Netflix Like Video Streaming Platform?

Don’t your want to keep the audience hooked to your video platform and relish revenue through it? Here is something considering which can aid in the promotion of your platform. 

Build marketing strategy

Building a proper marketing strategy is a must to promote the platform effectively.  Plan, manage and look at what can boost the OTT platform and market it accordingly. 

Connect with the expert marketing team

Get connected with the proficient marketing team, and the firm can work best for you.  The expert possesses high domain expertise and uses the proper knowledge and strategies to market the platform in the best possible way. 

Know the interest of the audience

The video platform you have or looking to develop must match the interest of the audience.  Know what the users like. Check the Netflix target market demographics, audience, user behavior, and market the app accordingly.  Prepare the right sales pitch and work on pain points to promote the product effectively.

Don’t forget social media marketing.

Social media marketing is becoming a new normal these days. And for you who is out to develop a platform can’t go wrong with social media marketing. Make sure to promote your platform on every social media platform, be it Facebook, Instagram, and so on. 

Leverage technology

Since the era is all about tech-savvy platforms, your platforms, in that case, need the same.  Make sure to keep a check on all the latest technologies, tools, and functionalities.  It will help to bring out the best marketing tactics that can be used to promote the product effectively. 

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Ready to develop and market your video streaming platform? 

With a track record of a strong market and a history of operational excellence, there is no denying that Netflix is poised to remain a prominent player in the streaming platforms. Thereby, building on-demand video platforms like Netflix is an excellent opportunity to amplify the profits. Here is we come to your help.  

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