Now local search will boost with Pigeon update

Panda, Penguin and now Pigeon enters the school of Google to teach new strategies to boost local search. Last Thursday Google announced new algorithm update called “Pigeon Update” (not an official name). Google named it Pigeon because it starts from “P” and this is associated with a local search update and pigeons have a propensity to fly back home. The key changes are at the backend, however it does have an effect on local search results rankings and some regional businesses may find a decrease or increase in site referrals, and leads along with business from the change. One thing continues to be clear soon after the update is that Google has empowered more authority to local directory websites by doing so they are getting improved search visibility in search results of Google.

Pigeon update In addition to that, Google has come out to fix what was previously known as the “Yelp problem”. When users searched for anything registered in Yelp and added the word “Yelp”, Google had a trouble positioning these pages at the top on the Google search results. Though, this has been changed now.

Recently Google was accused by Yelp, who claimed that Google was misrepresenting the search results to exhibit Google’s own regional listings leading Yelp pages even when visitors were purposely include the word “Yelp” in their searching keyword. Yelp’s report specially analyzed the situation by searching a term “Gary Danko Yelp”, which is a San Francisco restaurant and showed that Google first listed the official website of Gary Danko along with numerous Google+ links, for example reviews and its Google+ pages.

However, the situation has been changed. Now, the Yelp page search will display first when the search includes “Yelp.” For example, now when “Gary Danko Yelp” is searched Yelp searches appears first ahead of the official website.

According to Google the new local search algorithm will expand the horizon of their web search capabilities, incorporating the hundreds of ranking signals they use in web search along with search features such as spelling correction, grammatical mistakes, synonyms Knowledge Graph and more. Moreover, this new algorithm will enhance the parameters of location and distance ranking.

The new Pigeon update is presently available for US English search results and intends to give a more practicable and significant experience for searchers seeking regional results. Google haven’t shared any details regarding when the update would be accessible more extensively in other countries and different languages.

Other local directories gets benefits too

Yelp is not only the local directory that garnering the benefits from this update. Suppose if you search for “restaurants in Florida”, the first page will display only widely known directory-style websites like Restaurants of Florida. Continue to scroll down the page and you will see more directory pages for Florida restaurants from e-magazines and e-news.

On the whole, it appears as though Yelp and various other local directory sites are experiencing higher online visibility after this update. This is rational for Google, as this update is compatible with their endeavors to fasten local results more intimately with standard online ranking signals. This will certainly benefit prominent directory sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Well it can be said surefooted that Pigeon will appear to be the best teacher that teaches you all necessary things to gain success with local search.

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