Rising Trends Of On-demand Cannabis App Development Solution

By Suffescom Solutions

November 27, 2018

The evolution of marijuana laws and the emergence of technology have led to a rise in demand for advanced cannabis solutions. The rapidly-growing cannabis industry has lots of new opportunities for those with unique ideas on marijuana. In the world of mobile apps, consumer-facing digital solutions have become an integral part of life. It is not surprising to see someone coming up with an on-demand cannabis app solutions. Today, cannabis or legal marijuana is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. As per the latest report by The Huffington Post, the marijuana industry could be the largest in the US if the country legalizes it in all states. In the next one decade, the spending on legal cannabis worldwide may reach $57 billion. In the US alone, the medical marijuana sales are expected to reach between $3.7 and $5.1 billion by 2020. All these trends show that on-demand cannabis is an industry worth investing. Businesses worldwide are using smartphone apps to serve people searching for high-quality cannabis or marijuana. Through their quick online services, they are enabling their clients to get access to cannabis without much trouble. In return, businesses are getting new clients from different regions of the world. However, cannabis delivery solution isn't as easy as it seems. There are multiple things that make it a stressful affair. Cannabis Delivery App Development As A Solution The rising demand for on-demand cannabis hints that people search for a medical cannabis solution from the comfort of their home. This pose as an opportunity for cannabis suppliers to grow their business by approaching and serving worldwide customers using on-demand cannabis app development as a solution. A cannabis app makes it a lot easier for customers to get the desired product than reaching a supplier in real. Like other e-commerce apps, an online cannabis store can simplify the process of ordering cannabis or marijuana and get it delivered at the doorstep. Users enjoy the simple search process and get their product anytime at ease. In addition, they can track their orders in real time and do more than just ordering. On the other hand, the application serves as an outstanding tech-solution for cannabis suppliers. They can differentiate their services by providing an awe-inspiring experience to clients and stay competitive in the cannabis industry. They can attract more clients by adding language options to an app and make it easy for customers to find their products. Apart from that, the supplier can have easy access to earning details and statistics. Types Of Cannabis Apps Cannabis is not just about putting products online and allowing users access to them. A business can do a lot more than that. It can have multiple apps to handle different aspects of a business. Generally, there are two types of cannabis apps:

    1. Customer app:
Available for different platforms, the customer app allows users to quickly sign up and order cannabis online. The app comes with lots of beneficial features, such as adding a product to cart, checking order history, creating a profile, and real-time tracking.
    1. Provider app:
Using this app, a cannabis service provider can handle activities related to product delivery and earning details. Only authorized individuals will have access to the app. From inventory management to order delivery, a provider can handle several activities in the backend. Features Of On-demand Cannabis App Development Solution An on-demand cannabis is equipped with lots of beneficial features for users and retailers. From cultivation management and profile management to ratings, there are several core features of an application on cannabis.
  • User registration: A supplier can allow users to create their accounts, which they can use to get cannabis at ease. They just need to fill some basic details about them.
  • Explore products: Using this feature of an on-demand cannabis app development solution, users can get access to cannabis products. They can explore them and order easily.
  • Easy verification: This makes it easy for a supplier to identify if users are genuine and keep a track of them. Users need to verify their status as legal users.
  • Payment: Through this feature, users can easily order a product and pay online. On the other hand, suppliers can easily and securely receive their payments.
  • Track order: Users can track their ordered product and get it delivered at the doorstep.
  • Ratings and reviews: Through this feature, users can share their reviews and feedback on a supplier's on-demand cannabis supplying services.
Conclusion On-demand cannabis is a modern-day solution to all cannabis needs to clients worldwide. A supplier can use cannabis delivery app development solution to supply products to people who need them and grow their business worldwide.

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