Opt for Contactless Dine-In and Eliminate Unprecedented Challenges

As we know that the whole world is grappling with the effects of pandemic and almost every business is struggling. Restaurant industry and other food and grocery delivery industry will experience a drastic change once this lockdown period ends. Every restaurant is adopting safety measures and social distancing norms in order to keep people safe. This situation and the government demand all of us to keep hygiene and precautions at the highest priority. To combat this situation, restaurants are opting for contactless dine-in where everything is going to be digital with minimal interaction between customers and waiters. The main reason behind opting for this system is avoiding touching menu cards and cash for payment. Let us see the benefits of this system:

Maintained Personal Hygiene: In this contactless dine-in system, customers will not use the physical menu for ordering food. They just have to scan the QR code displayed on their table and the menu will appear on their smartphone. It helps in avoiding touching unnecessary things around.

Digital Payments: Another benefit for the customers is that they have to pay online and not in cash in any case. Digital payments are the safest way of paying for something.

Sanitized Premise: After every dine-in, thorough cleaning of every table will be done in order to eliminate any risk of infection for the next customers. Primary precautions like hand sanitization, food hygiene will be on top priority for every restaurant opting for this new system.

Safe Environment: Customers will get a safe environment around because tables are adjusted in such a way that social distancing norms can be followed properly.

These are some of the advantages of opting for the contactless dine-in system. All the restaurants have to rethink about the marketing and cleaning strategies in order to attract more customers towards their restaurant.

With the widespread of this pandemic, every individual is worried about his/her survival. We all know that the overall economy reduces when crises like coronavirus hit our mother earth. When this pandemic is over, small businesses will struggle to get back to normal. As far as online business is concerned, it will grow because of the contactless dealing with the customers will increase and more entrepreneurs will enter the online industry to grow. You can also start an online dine-in business if you have a restaurant.

Process of contactless dine-in:

  • The customer just has to book an online table through the application associated with the restaurant in which they want to eat.
  • Once they received the table number or confirmation of the booking, they can reach the destination.
  • After reaching, they can go directly to their assigned table.
  • A QR code will be displayed on the table which every customer has to scan from their smartphone. By scanning, they will receive an online menu.
  • They can order the desired items from the menu and their order will directly go to the kitchen, once prepared, the order will come directly at their table, and then they can start enjoying their meal.
  • When done, they will receive an invoice on their smartphone through which they can pay online. They can rate and review any time after they have left the restaurant.

This is the whole process of contactless dine-in which will be the next reality of the restaurants. This process eliminates customer contact with anybody around which in turn gives the least health risk to them. Menu cards and bill books are the most touched objects in any restaurant. By introducing this system, we can avoid touching anything unnecessarily. There are certain things that a restaurant have to take care of while introducing this system:

  • Sanitized Premise
  • Hand Sanitization
  • Food Hygiene
  • Table Distance
  • Staff Temperature Check on Regular Intervals
  • Staff Hygiene and Awareness
  • PPE kits (if required)
  • Wearing Masks and Gloves

Contactless dining removes non-essential human interaction by replacing it with modern and seamless technology. COVID world will be the changed one because people who are stepping out of their homes will surely be sceptical about touching unsanitized surfaces. They will also avoid touching currency notes because of the high risk of contamination of disease. To combat such an issue, restaurants and other shopkeepers should introduce safety measures and build trust among their customers.

Even when the lockdown is lifted, businesses will not go back like pre-COVID times. Instead, it will come out with more security and safety measures. If you are an entrepreneur or an owner of a restaurant, you should introduce this system to attract more people towards your business model and balance your financial instability which was caused during the lockdown period.


This contactless dining is necessary for restaurants to adopt the “new normal” to get their diners knocking on their doors. When every business is facing a financial crisis, this kind of dining and the online industry is still growing. This business idea will pave our path to victory and dine-out with necessary precautionary measures will surely give you positive results in the long run. We have to accept reality and change ourselves according to the situations.