Our Favorite Paid and Free SEO Tools for 2017

Though a single word, SEO is a very vast. With more than 1.2 billion websites, it is more than a challenge to drive a specific amount of traffic to your website. But, a lot of this challenge has been resolved with the help of SEO tools. Though all the tools will help you somehow to get most of your SEO strategies but here we are listing the best ones that you can rely on for the superior results.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics to an SEO expert is like air to a human being. It would not be wrong to say that SEO can’t survive without it. All the important and actionable data, like website visitors, leads, traffic, etc. is accessed using this tool. There is no other free source that will provide the detailed and high-quality information like Google Analytics.

The default information that you will get through Google Analytics includes the information about Page (URL and title of the page viewed by the user), Browser (name, viewing pane, flash version, screen resolution and if the user is Java enabled) and the User (Location and language). However, you are not limited to this; you can customize the settings to get more information, like the metrics, user IDs, virtual pageviews and more.

  • Google Webmaster Tools

google webmaster

GWT is an indispensable part of SEO as it lets you know what Google thinks about your site. It helps you to locate the indexing issues, bugs and alerts. You just need to install these tools on your website and you are ready to go.

The information provided by GWT not only lets you rank better but also helps to make the rankings relevant. Google Webmaster Tools provides you an overview of the search appearance, structured data elements, HTML improvements, site links, search traffic, links to your site, manual actions, crawl errors, crawl stats and more. You can use GWT to improve your website’s rankings and performance; only you need to know about its tools and the way they work.

  • Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner


If you are interested in doing real research about the keywords, Google Keyword Planner is the tool you must be using. It provides you real stats for your keyword strategy. These stats include monthly search volume for the particular keyword, competition and even suggests you the keywords that you may not have considered. Here is the information that you can retrieve by using Google Keyword Planner:

– Keyword ideas based on a product category, phrase or a landing page

– Search volume trends for a particular keyword or a group of keywords

– Monthly search volume for a particular period

  • SEM Rush



SEM Rush is in existence for a couple of past years. You can use this tool to have a complete information about your competitors. You will just be surprised to know that there are about 20 ways you can research about your competition. Search for your competitors, their best keywords, content and more.

Also, SEM Rush lets you know that what keywords your site is ranking for. You can also track the keyword position on the basis of their geographical location. Additionally, it helps you in building an effective social media strategy on the basis of how social audience change over time, best performing posts and by comparing how you are performing against competitors.

  • Browseo.net


This is a tool that you can use to know how various search engines view your website. It helps you with identifying the 302 redirects which should be 301s and all other redirect chains. It lets you check the page’s structure and relevance through server response code, headings, the number of words a page includes, the number of internal links, meta information and more. Also, you can download the important data from a particular session in the form of a spreadsheet.

  • SEOmoz


It is one of the renowned names in the SEO industry. It allows you to track rankings, check and compare backlinks, analyze social media followers for your website, do keyword analysis and test websites for crawl errors.

– Its Keyword Explorer discovers the best keywords for your site

– It uncovers the link building and content opportunities

– Tracks your website’s link profile

– Compares it with the competitors

– Optimizes the local business listings by assigning right categories

  • Ahrefs



A tool upon which thousands of online marketers and small business owners are dependent for improving their search engine rankings is Ahrefs. The Site Explorer of Ahrefs is best among the backlink analysis tools and its Content Explorer locates the most popular and best content for any topic. Ahref’s Keyword Explorer pulls and manipulates the keywords that are generated in Google Search Autocomplete. If you will run a broad keyword through the explorer, you will get a lot of variations for that. Though most of the SEO experts recognize Ahrefs as a “backlink checker” but it offers many other features too.

SEO is a big part of an online business. Undoubtedly, it’s the largest source of free leads, organic traffic and customers. And the SEO tools we have shared above will definitely help you achieve high rankings in 2017.

There are many other SEO tools; once you have properly utilized the given tools, you must try some other to let your business grow. Keep on trying and using the ones that meet your needs for your marketing campaign and would take your business towards success.