We all have witnessed the incredible transformation brought by the latest technological advancements in every business vertical. And the area that has experienced the maximum reshaping is “money transferring”. The traditional payment methods are replaced by the latest ones, like money transfer wallets.  The e-wallet app makes it possible to execute the transactions in seconds […]

Blockchain and IoT are the new buzzwords in the IT sector due to their robust features with the potential to solve complicated business problems. What will happen if these two next-gen technologies are fused? What revolution will this innovation bring into the industry? We have put together all the efforts to answer these questions. Also, […]

Because of the hype in the market, cryptocurrency and blockchain applications are frequently fused and combined in people’s minds. However, there are three major aspects of the crypto space. These are digital currencies, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and blockchain technology, rapidly evolving and trending. Blockchain 3.0 aims to address the issues that plagued blockchain 1.0 […]

If you had asked someone about blockchain a few decades ago, you would have been derided and dismissed as trivial. Blockchains have grown into various varieties depending on their architecture and setup over the last several years. The material stored on the blockchain’s blocks and the activities conducted by the many participants on the blockchain […]

Today, when the obsession with E-commerce business and online shopping has been thriving, it becomes a requisite to fulfill certain standards. These benchmarks include a resilient courier transportation service integrated with rapid delivery. Now, to satisfy every standard, robust software is required for accessible and uncomplicated parcel shipping. It is quite understandable that to have […]

The craze around electric vehicles is growing as it paves the way for a cleaner and zero-carbon emission planet. The environmental impact of gas and diesel vehicles is the biggest reason electric vehicles are viewed as better alternatives for commuting from point A to B. Taking advantage of the soaring popularity of this changing market […]

If you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur searching for a way to deploy their smart contracts on Polygon, your search ends here! So, you’ve written your smart contracts and tested them locally; now it’s time to deploy them to a real network. This might be frightening because even a minor blunder can result in […]

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