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Before the outbreak, few had heard of NFTs. These digital tokens are frequently associated with digital art and collectibles. Blockchain technology is used for digital trading assets like bitcoin and ether.  NFTs can be anything digital, including digital art, memes, music, and tweets. Buyers and sellers primarily determine the value of the NFT. Although a […]

Recently, NFTs have created an uproar in the global market. It has revamped every business domain be it, media, education, healthcare, real estate, etc. Strikingly, its impact on the gaming industry has been fantastic. The virtual players relish crypto gamification allowing them to earn monetary accolades. The current demand in the gaming space has mushroomed […]

Whether you believe it or not, Blockchain is rapidly approaching every aspect of our lives.  Developing a blockchain app for your company isn’t just a long-term strategy; it is what will help you raise the standard in your industry today. Most corporate leaders are eager to develop dApps in inventive methods (aka decentralized applications). It’s […]

Blockchain technology is the biggest buzzword in the healthcare sector around the world. And that too for good reasons. The technology is uniquely suited and has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. But how exactly does blockchain technology do it? Blockchain technology is mainly used to keep track of the transactional as a digital […]

There was a time when the people used to be scared, or we can say that they were not updated with the benefits of the cryptocurrencies, but slowly & gradually, after the popularity & success of the Bitcoin, many of the other crypto coins launched in the marketplace.  The return on investment from the crypto […]

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors across the globe that promotes healthy life and well-being. But, without a doubt, the sector is in dire need of new innovative technology to revolutionize itself with changing customers’ needs. Agriculture and food businesses worldwide are searching for new ways to revolutionize and streamline business processes to […]

Decentralized Ecommerce platforms have become a new norm in the digital world. These platforms are loaded with advanced features and functionalities for the safety and security of users’ data.  Building a platform with the state of the art that works for low transaction fees & a user-driven experience can help to achieve unmatchable business opportunities. […]

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