Reason Why Traffic Decreases After Redesigning the Website

So you were sold a sparkly new site outline with another design based on client information and client venture data – which is amazing, since Google adores great experiences. However, did you come up with a transition plan to minimize the risk of traffic loss?

Although, designing the whole website is a tricky thing. Sooner or later, you should upgrade your site, however when you do, you risk your movement dropping off. Upgrading a site is one of the greatest SEO challenges that an organization can confront.

Reasons of Sudden Traffic Drop after Redesigning the Website

  • Quality content is the most powerful factor for search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content. Quality content created specifically for your intended user increases site traffic, which improves your site’s authority and relevance. Numerous planners think in terms of pictures and format rather than the client experience. A client is purely focused on the consumption of the content.
  • These plans are displayed to developers. They are often under pressure to create the page structure. If the actual content isn’t accessible, then there is no option but to use the dummy Latin content. Sometimes not even the quantity or the shape of the content is known. It is unavoidable that problems occur.
  • Recent Google updates have set content and its structure at the centre of search engine algorithms. If the web design process does exclude this factor then trouble is likely. The most pessimistic scenario is that the web designers discount thee points completely.

If you are also planning to redesign your whole site, then you must know some facts: There are mainly two big ideas about redesigning a website:

  • SEO Should be a part of the redesign process-We all know that designing a website is a team work, whenever any website is going to be developed or even in the site revamp there is a combine contribution of SEO experts, designers, or developers. SEO experts are often see things from a traffic perspective that an information architect, developer or designer might miss.
  • Do not rush the launch- There are multifarious websites out there that almost miss crucial SEO steps because they were trying to meet the deadline.

Remember Some Imperative Steps While Redesigning Your Website

While you are upgrading your site, you have to remember a couple of things. Some of these things may not appear to be imperative to you, but rather forgetting any of them is a simple approach to bring about a huge traffic drop.

Never Take Down Your Site

If you are launching a new design, and your site is willing to go under for some time, do not disconnect your old site. When guests experience a site that says “sorry, we’re under development” for a few weeks, traffic decreases before the new site goes live.

Re-examine Your Keyword Strategy

A site update is the ideal time to assess your current keyword strategy. It is good to check your keyword traffic frequently, and see whether your site could be picking up footfall from any new long tail keywords.  If it is beneficial for you then try to roll this research into the new site redesign. You might need to make new classes based on these keywords.

Optimize All Content

It is necessary to check your content on a regular basis on every page before your site upgrade. Sometimes things can get changed all the while. Titles are changed; meta descriptions are dropped; and SEO gets minimized, try to get rid of such problems and pay close attention to optimizing all content on all pages.

One reason behind why sites lose amounts of traffic after an upgrade is on the grounds that their content has been deoptimized. This is the opposite ought to be occurring. Rather, concentrate on advancement — including content, adjusting page titles, and enhancing all that you can.

If you are also planning the same and trying to revamp your site. You should follow the above instructions of this post, your site will not suffer any difficulty to gain the traffic. If you redesign your website carefully then, your site will allow you to sustain 95% or more of your site’s existing traffic. A big drop does not have to happen. Plus, if your site redesign is rolled out successfully and your new design is better, then you’ll actually see your traffic rise.