Slack Clone App Development With React Native Slack Clone Script

Slack Clone App Development With React Native Slack Clone Script

By Suffescom Solutions

August 09, 2021

Slack Clone App Development With React Native Slack Clone Script

With everything gone digital, the communication process too got modern and easy with the innovation of several apps in today's time. If we talk about businesses where communication is an essential aspect for smooth working, such apps and tools are on the rise. For them, such tools are a means to carry communication within the workspaces. However, there are a lot of apps that businesses can use.

But amongst all, Slack is one of the leading apps that has changed the perspective of communication within organizations. Slack is a fantastic tool to carry accessible and exceptional communication, whether communicating within the teams or with the project clients. It also comes with several plugins making it best to use project management tools at the same time. This is the reason the popularity of Slack is on the rise, increasing the need for companies to build a slack clone that can compete with Slack.

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Now, building a slack clone is not an easy job. Thus one needs to know every aspect of Slack to make better versions of their clones. Not to worry! We are here to provide you with a brief guide. Here is a blog post containing complete information about Slack clone development steps, uses, and benefits in detail. Keep reading to explore in detail!

What Makes Slack So Popular That One Needs To Develop A Slack Clone?

Before we dive into building a Slack Clone React Native, you must know everything that makes slack so alluring. Let's understand its features in detail!

Responsive Design

The best thing about react slack clone is its responsive design making it user-friendly. Whether it's about clicking buttons, editing lines, editing texts, adding emoji, or other features, these apps show quick responses to users. This is what makes it an easy and fast app for communication.

Privacy at the Peak

The other most prominent feature that makes slack the most used app is it provides high privacy. The administrator cannot read any direct messages or chats unless they get consent from the person who messages. With this, it allows you to have private conversations at the same time with different people.

Brings Everyone Together

When you run a business, people come from different areas, work in various fields and sit in other locations, especially when working is virtual. Therefore connecting them at once is quite a challenging task.

In that case, a task management software such as slack works best. It brings team members together, allows them to have chats in one place, reducing the operational costs of businesses at the end.

Allow Easy Integration

This is one of the best features that make slack desirable for a wide range of businesses. You can easily integrate the app with other cloud-based programs and enhance communication. Here is a list of apps that you can integrate with Slack to make your working more smooth and efficient:

  • Asana
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Zendesk
  • Trello
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • G Suite
  • Office 365

High Security & Compliance

As discussed earlier, Slack is highly private. This platform is best at providing high security and compliance as all the conversations, emails, and file transfers are secured at both sender and receiver end. You have complete control over everything as you will know when, how, and where files, messages are being sent, and to whom. Here are few security features that you will find in this app:

  • Data encryption both in transit and at rest
  • AML-based SSO
  • Retain custom message
  • Prevent data loss
  • Support for enterprise mobility management
  • Ability to use two-factor authentication
  • Easy file transferring and carrying conversations

How to Build a React Native Slack Clone?

Since the popularity of slack apps has induced ReactJs developers to build a slack clone, they make use of several web development technologies that aid them in building clones of apps. One of those technologies is "React native." Read on to know in detail.
React Native is derived from React. You can also find Slack Clone React to build slack clones but let's hear about React native. It is javascript based designed to build and develop mobile and other applications. This allows developers to establish seamless apps across multiple platforms like Windows, Android, iOS.

Steps to Build React Native Slack Clone

In this segment, we will provide you with the steps that will help you to develop a slack clone using real-life components. Let's get started!

Step 1: Setting Development Environment Setup

The first step to create a Slack clone React Native app is to set a development environment setup for react-native. For this, you need to install dependencies available at react-native docs. Once it's done, you are ready to install react native docs.

Step 2: Configure the App Components Together

Slack comprises different components, right from the dashboard, message board, header, footer, sidebar, etc. You, as a developer, when looking to build a slack clone react native, have to accommodate and configure the following components:

Header Component:

It is basically to search the different segments within the app. From name, files, person profile, you can explore several things if this component is available.

Sidebar Component:

This component shows the number available online on Slack and lets you know whom you can communicate with. It is under the direct messages option.

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Message Component:

It illustrates the messages sent and received within the cloned app.

Login Component:

In this component, you will find two signed-up and sign-in features to use a slack clone app.

Home Component:

This component includes your profile, a first impression of the react slack clone app where you will find every section.

Add Channel Component:

The component comprises several segments right from messages, listing team members, and adding new members option. Also, you can see the message as a sub component to view incoming messages.

User Component:

This component is basically for the users who need to use the slack app. They can directly search for their friends and can start chats.

Step 3: Get Started on Designing and Developing

If you are well versed with the components you need to configure; the next step is to seek a designer and design the components accordingly. And for the development of all these components, you can also opt for Flutter Slack Clone as it allows development across cross platforms.

Why Consider React Native Slack Clone To Build Slack Clone App?

Since there are several platforms to create slack clone apps like Flutter Slack Clone, React Slack Clone, and react-native. And if you are considering React Native to build a slack clone, here are some attractive benefits that you will avail yourself from it:

Quick Development

Slack clone React Native is quick and easy. As it uses javascript, which makes the app development process feels more like web development. You have more flexibility, iterations while developing clone apps from it.

Reusable Code

The other advantage of react Native is that such apps provide development across cross-platform, which is achieved through various reusable codes. In this way, this makes it best to deploy for both iOS and Android.

Lesser Bugs

Bugging and optimization become slower in different kinds of clone app development processes. In React Native, you are free from this. These advanced developing platforms have very few bugs as compared to others. Community Driven React Native is a community-driven development platform where a large community can share their knowledge, expertise, catalogs making it easy for you to develop a React slack clone more effectively.

Lesser Costs

Last but not least, developing react native slack clone is relatively cost-effective as compared to other platforms. You have to build a react native app once using a single codebase. With this, you can save your costs on payroll and administrative expenses. You have access to modify the source code anytime, anywhere, and do the changes whenever you want.

Why Do Your Businesses Need A Slack Clone App?

In this technologically driven work, staying stagnant doesn't work. Thus one needs to keep progressing to stay ahead of competitors. And for that, you need to work on every segment of your business, especially communication. Being an essential part of communication helps businesses to manage their work, clients, team, and other things. Now, to carry communication, you need a medium, and this is where you need platforms like Slack. Although one can use slack, using the same platforms your competitors use does not make you stand out. To feel different, you need something different. And creating a Slack clone can assist you. Wondering how? Keep reading to know how creating slack clones work best for your businesses.

Easy Connectivity

Building React slack clone for your businesses will help your employees to stay connected with each other. They can chat with each other. Also, they can have direct communication with project managers.

Hassle-Free Communication

Whether your team is working virtual or in the office, slack clone apps allow accessible communication onboard with everyone. It deviates from contact through calls, texts messages which become hectic at some times.

Easy Integration

The other thing that will make slack clone creation a success for your business is integrating them with your other apps for easy and smooth working. Whatever the platforms you use within the organization, the slack clone has got you all covered.

Customization at Peak

The other thing that will make slack clone successful for your business space is its easy customization. Be it team development, app integration, and messaging, all the features are fully customization. You can manage, change and create them according to your will.

High Flexibility

Whether the slack clone you built using flutter slack clone, react, or react-native, the best thing you will find is high flexibility. As you can schedule, plan, manage and carry out your projects, communications easily. Such platforms allow high flexibility by providing real-time updates about everything.

Easy Searching

With a slack clone, you can have one search bar while developing. Whether you are looking for a file you shared a week ago, a message a day before, or instant chats, the searching option offers you with all.

Less Distractions

It has been reported that over three million businesses are actively using Facebook Per day for not only advertising purposes but also for communication. It can be done through chats on Facebook Messenger and this is great when all your colleagues are using Facebook. By encouraging your employees to spend time on Facebook, you can run the risk of getting them distracted by unrelated content on their news feed. One of the most renowned apps, Slack clone, is used to stay within the platform and thus it cannot get distracted by other content that is unrelated to work. While keeping on what is important the user starts with a star feature from Slack Website.

Build Your Own Slack Clone App With React Native

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In a Nutshell,

Hope this information will help you create a successful slack clone react and react-native. It is essential to understand that technology will keep evolving. It is you who need to stay updated with the latest trends and find a way to maintain the pace with the modern world. And with slack clone development, you can accomplish it without much hassle.

If you plan to have a slack clone app developed for your businesses, Suffescom, the best app on demand app development company in California can help you. We work closely with your business needs and provide you with innovative and highly efficient slack clone development. Feel free to reach us anytime as our team of experts is available round the clock at your service.

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