Social media Marketing Trends ruling 2014

With the increase usage of social networking it becomes hard to comprehend where to invest resources as well as time. As we are in 2014 it becomes necessary for us to know where social networking is standing and how we can capitalize its benefits.

Investing in Social Media a necessity not a luxury

Earlier investing in social media was a luxury and it was believed that one “Should have” invested in social media, however now in 2014 its “must have” notion. Business owners have already reconciled with the need to mix their content strategy with their social media efforts, and are experiencing the impact of social media in terms of lead generation, traffic and eventually leading to revenue.Social media

There are lots of social media benefits, for instance:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Enhance social signals
  • Word-of-mouth mode of advertising
  • Better customer loyalty
  • Enhanced audience influence and their reach

Google+ gaining popularity

Google+ has become the second highest networking site followed by Facebook. Efforts of social media have gradually turned to Google+ as the most approachable thing we have to a ‘one size suits all’ social set-up. It has become a new way for adding your products & content onto the internet for users to get in touch with them. It also accords you to advertise in a special manner with less crowded and open format of Google+. It allows new and creative ideas to explore.

Increase of micro videos

It appears that writing 140 characters content or uploading 3 minute long videos is getting too draggy for lot of us. Well why to worry when micro video is there to rescue! With the advent of micro video applications for instance video sharing feature of Instagram or Twitter’s Vine, we are experiencing even more trend toward immediate video sharing. Now, users from their Smartphone are more probable to make & share videos. It’s quite interesting to find how these tiny pieces of video have changed the playing field

Image are experience huge success

Now, sharing images and videos is consistently increasing as compare to text based content for the reason that it has become a vital part of any solid content strategy. Pinterest will has cast off its status as a network for women only and become an inbuilt part of the marketing strategies of retailers. Other such sites are Mobli, Slideshare, Path and Tumblr are also in garnering the interest of users

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