Subscription Based Grocery Delivery App Solution – A Profitable Model for Grocery Startups

Subscription Based Grocery Delivery App Solution – A Profitable Model for Grocery Startups

By Suffescom Solutions

December 09, 2021

Subscription Based Grocery Delivery App Solution – A Profitable Model for Grocery Startups

Everything You Need To Know About A Subscription-Based Grocery Delivery App

As per a source, the number of adult grocery app users in the U.S. is projected to reach 40.4 million consumers by 2023.

Since the beginning of lockdown and social distancing norms, people keep looking for answers to the question: Are there any online grocery stores near me? And the answer they get is Yes. The grocery business is experiencing a surge in online grocery delivery apps, and shopping for groceries online has become the new normal for consumers.

Through this blog post, we will walk you through anything and everything that you need to know about a subscription-based grocery delivery app. And if you own grocery business, you are at the right place. Trust us on this.

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What Is a Subscription-Based Delivery App?

Before we dive deeper and get into the technicality of a subscription-based grocery delivery app, let us first see the basics!

Introduction To Subscription Business

A subscription business model is one wherein the user doesn’t purchase a single item for a fixed price. Instead, the user subscribes to pay a fee on a recurring basis to get a repeated value in return.

To make you understand better, we have an example for you. When you subscribe to an e-magazine by paying a monthly fee, you get its soft copy in return for it. You subscribe, and you get the required thing in return.

Defining A Subscription-Based (SaaS) Online Grocery Delivery App

A subscription based (Saas) online grocery delivery app development allows grocery business owners to get what they require for their business for a nominal monthly subscription. To sum up, the subscribers of this model get:

  1. Customer iOS app
  2. Driver iOS app
  3. Admin iOS app
  4. Customer Android app
  5. Driver Android app
  6. Admin Android app
  7. Web-based admin panel
  8. Support & maintenance

How To Build A Subscription-Based Grocery Delivery App?

You must be curious to know how to build a SaaS based grocery delivery app solution. We are equally interested in presenting to you insights into it. However, before we shed light on the technical aspects, it is imperative for you to know the factors that hold considerable value before building an online grocery delivery app.

Validation Of App Idea

The firmness of the ground makes the development process seamless. Think wisely before you decide upon getting an app developed based on the subscription model. Identify the reason and analyze them deeply.


Knowing your budget constraints is an eye-opener that can guide you toward the right decision. Ensure you have a clear idea of what you want out of the app and decide how much money you are ready to spend.


Undoubtedly, a monthly subscription based grocery app is a hit. However, it doesn’t mean that you can go ahead with it without knowing the time factor. Developing and then launching the app in time is of prime importance.

Interested In Launching Your Grocery Delivery App?

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Structure Of A Subscription-Based Grocery Delivery App

An ideal SaaS-based grocery delivery app solution should have a structure that meets the modern demands of the users. The basic structure consists of:

  1. Website
  2. Android & iOS mobile applications for customers
  3. App for the delivery person
  4. Software for service operators

With this structure in place, customers can place an order via mobile and website both. This is the reason why the model has become one of the most sought-after options amongst business owners.

Cost Of Developing A Subscription-Based Grocery Delivery App

There are numerous factors that affect the cost of getting an app developed that is based on a subscription model. The list of relevant factors includes:

  1. Number & type of features you wish to integrate into it
  2. Platforms where the app will be launched
  3. Technologies to be used
  4. Project duration
  5. Expertise & location of the app development company

Generally, no two companies charge the same, and their costs depend on their location, expertise, and other dynamic factors.

Bonus: The cost of iOS app development is higher than Android.

Must-Have Features For A Subscription-Based Grocery Delivery Solution

The online grocery delivery business has seen a skyrocketing transformation in the global marketplace. Admittedly, you cannot expect every subscription-based grocery delivery app to perform at par with others. The reason behind it is that not every grocery delivery app possesses the right set of features, apart from the basic ones, that ensure its success.

Easy Sign-Up Process

Users must find it convenient to sign in and sign up. Additionally, the provision of options like sign up with Google, Facebook, and more can make it more convenient for users.

Order Management

A SaaS-based grocery delivery app solution must be enriched with features that allow customers to customize their order through the app before making the final payment.

Live Tracking

The solution must house a live tracking feature that allows the customers to track their orders in real-time. The live tracking feature will prevent customers from becoming clueless about their order delivery.

Inventory Management

The solution should also benefit the store owner by providing them with assistance for managing the availability of items by verifying the stock at a given time.

Secure Payment Gateway

A safe and secure cash flow is a must for developing a monthly subscription based grocery app. The payment gateway must be 100% safe to facilitate business payments.


Through the admin panel, the business owners can get insights into real-time analytics and earnings. They can then plan to implement suitable strategies.

Why App Development Companies Offer A Subscription-Based Business Model?

A subscription-based business model breaks the traditional model and brings many business owners out of their cocoons. It features various benefits, making it one of the most innovative solutions for online grocery app development.

Fosters Healthy Relationships With Customers

By offering a SaaS-based grocery delivery app solution, app development companies get closer to maintaining healthy relationships with customers. It allows them to provide a solution wherein the customers pay a nominal fee every month. Moreover, the customers stay for long, and the companies get to serve them throughout the period.

Two Way Value Exchange Aspect

A subscription based business model in the world of grocery delivery is a two-way aspect. On-demand App development companies create a touchpoint with their customers and earn their loyalty by making them feel valued and a part of the services improvement process.

Enhances Lifetime Value Of A Customer

A monthly subscription-based business model increases the lifetime value of a customer with monthly transactions with the company. Over time, the customers become a company’s long-time partners.

What To Expect From An Online Grocery Delivery App Development Company?

Once you educate yourself on the critical aspects of developing a monthly subscription based grocery app, the next step is to boil down to a reliable company. While various factors can determine your choice of a grocery delivery app development company, you can always do it wisely. There are a few vital things that you should expect from a company that claims to develop the right solution for you.

We Have Listed Down a Few Factors That You Can Expect From The Respective Development Company.

User-Friendly Platform

No business in the world desires a platform that isn’t user-friendly. The company you hire must be efficient enough to develop solutions that do not incorporate complex processes or functions for users to understand. You can perform a litmus test on the developed solution by verifying its user-friendliness. In simpler words, admins and customers should find it easy to use.

Timely Updates

The online grocery app development company should be eager to involve you in the development process and furnish you with timely updates at each development stage. Communication should be crystal clear, and there should be negligible barriers while the development is in progress.

High ROI

A subscription-based grocery delivery app should not just be a dummy that cannot generate value for business owners. The solutions must enhance ROI and bring grocery business owners to such a position from where they can begin counting their profits.

Reduced Downtime

A genuine app development company acknowledges the importance of reducing downtime. Consequently, it strives to develop a platform that cuts off downtime while maximizing the output. With such assistance, business owners can focus on generating more revenues.

Support & Maintenance

The company that develops a solution for you should also commit to support and maintain it even after it has been launched successfully. The occurrence of bugs or technical glitches is normal, and the developers should be ready to fix them.

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Future Of Subscription Based Grocery Delivery App Development

The demand for online grocery delivery apps is growing tremendously with each passing day. And the ones who are still wondering whether to embrace what’s trending or not, they will soon be left behind in the competition. The future of a SaaS-based grocery delivery based app solution is bright, and you can’t afford to miss it at present times.

As per studies, 34% of consumers prefer shopping online rather than visiting physical stores.

Various grocery businesses are inching towards leveraging what the subscription model holds for them. The time is now to step towards a future that is full of opportunities and high-profit margins. Be it medium-scale or giant grocery businesses, no factor stands against the importance of online grocery delivery business. Moreover, the ongoing pandemic has further boosted the relevancy of a subscription-based solution and assists grocery businesses in taking their businesses online.


No time is right to get a monthly subscription-based grocery app but the present moment. The conditions are changing, and so is the perception towards online platforms. Businesses are stepping out of their comfort zones and entering the online world by hiring an app development company to give them the correct exposure in the modern world.

Suffescom Solutions is a reliable mobile app development company in California that can provide you with the most appropriate and reliable app development services. We have served and will continue to serve clients across the globe till the end of the modern world. Get in touch with our experts to know how we can help you and take your grocery business to the next level of success. Our portfolio is a classic example of how we are ramping up the business game for grocery businesses and letting them earn recognition in the competitive market.

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