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A Succinct Story For SEO Success -Part 1

By going through the Google plays, many companies decided to go by the pay click traffic capturing methods. However, there is no match for the longevity, consistency and quality of the lead flow you’ll experience from SEO.
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Google Drops All Authorship Functionality From Search Engine Results And Webmaster Tools

It is official. Google has announced the drop of its Authorship functionality from webmaster tools and search engine results.

Google cleared away ‘Author Photos’ from search results in the last week of June (2014). This was done in order to decrease clutter and confusion in the search results. And within a few days Google finally bid adieu to the authorship. The announcement got confirmed by John Mueller, who was involved in Google Authorship since the beginning, in an update on Google+. He stated that the authorship wasn’t much useful to the users and didn’t meet the required expectations. Continue reading