Things to Consider while Designing E-commerce Website

Designing a website can be a complicated process as various aspects are required to be taken into consideration. Right from amazing user experience to website performance, there are a number of factors that plays an important role in the success of your online business. So if you are planning to design an E-commerce website, it is required to be attractive and must be equipped with all the important features to make your business target the right audience.

Ecommerce-Website-DesignResponsive design

In the recent time, an increase has been observed in the number of mobile phone users. According to a statistic, on an average one-fourth of the e-commerce sale are made through mobile or hand-held devices. Your E-commerce website must be optimized so that it can be viewed comfortably from devices with different screen size. Responsive web design will make it easier for the users to access your business website even on the go. Therefore develop your E-commerce website by keeping different types of users in mind.

Contact details

Often businesses with E-commerce website require their visitors to create a user’s account before making any purchase. This helps the companies to follow up their customers for additional suggestions or to communicate with them. Having client details can also help the businesses to send them regular updates about discounts or newsletters which would in turn increase their sales. Loyal customers can even opt to avail special discounts that are offered by a company at regular intervals if they have signed in for the newsletters.

Easy to search website

Visitors on E-commerce website often find the required products and services by typing their requirements in the search bar therefore your business website must be easy to navigate. Make your website highly functional by including complete detail about the products and services offered by your company.


Your E-commerce website must be highly secured as people are still afraid to divulge their personal details online. The personal details of your customers such as name, phone number, email address and account information should not be shared with anyone. The security level of the web page must compliance with the PCI standards if your business is dealing with transactions through credit cards.

Optimize the website performance

According to a study, it was found that users are turned off by sites that take a long time to load. Therefore remember to optimize the performance of your website so that visitors stay on for a long time to purchase your products. Replace heavy images with pictures of small size to optimize the website performance.

By designing your E-commerce website in a perfect manner, you can easily target your audience and increase your sales to stay ahead of your competitors.