Time to get responsive designs to boost the business

Suppose you are somewhere in out with friends and looking for best restaurant to dine, you can’t carry your computer with you so you take out your Smartphone to search online, but you reached a website which is, unfortunately, not a mobile-friendly website. You are continuously attempting to view that site, but you can barely read anything. You are zooming and scrolling the page just to read it. Then you move to click on a link, though click on wrong link and wait for the new link to open to try again. At last, you quit and return to Google to search a new website.

web designWhat if this website is yours? Well…. It ought not to be your site and you must not lose your business. Therefore, its right time to get responsive designs to reach every user and boost the business

“Mobile is the future of the web”

The entire world is gradually increasing the usage of mobiles as the key mode of browsing the web. An article on bestwebexperts “Why you need a mobile app to promote your business?”provides some attention-grabbing data on this trend:

  • Out of 4+ billion mobile users, around 1 billion are Smartphone users.
  • By 2015, desktop internet usage will be overtaken by mobile internet users
  • In 2014, more than 60% of local searches are done on Smartphones

As a business owner it’s up to you either design mobile-friendly website or endow you visitors with bad experience while accessing your site and eventually losing them.

Generally there are two approaches to get mobile-friendly website. First mobile only site and the second one is Responsive Design. However, out of these two latter one is the best option.

What is responsive design?

In 2010, Ethan Marcotte coined the term “Responsive Design”, which is now, considerably the most popular technique to design mobile-friendly sites. These sites will automatically adjust as well as adapts in accordance with the screen of the user and also seems attractive on any device.

Apart from designing mobile-friendly site there are lots of benefits responsive design endows, such as:

Easily Maintained:

With Responsive web design you can easily ward off this extra effort. Your site will run flawlessly on various devices and hence when you want to update your site you just have to update one platform from your CMS. Ultimately it will save your time and avoid worries involved with working on your site’s multiple versions.

Improves your SEO:

With Responsive design you will have only one URL to optimize and which is easy to update. Either it is an iPhone, desktop or iPad these design will make it easy for the Google to index the page of your site.

Boosts Mobile Sales:

People are trading online and they are making full use of their Smartphones and tablets to crack those deals. To make the online trading easier responsive design is a necessary to have to increase mobile sales.

Recommend by Google:

Lord Google has itself recommend using responsive web design and it will be a smart move if consider it

“So, it’s time to come in the eyes of Google by designing personalized, creative and high-quality responsive web design designed by Suffescom genius designers”