Top 5 trends of web designing you will see in 2014

Last year, you followed the web design trends for 2013. Lots of 2013 trends are still used today and will unquestionably set off in 2014. You must have a groovy time in 2013 with copious numbers of new ideas to flow. Although some fall down, others fly higher and made an eternal impact. The trends that hit the audience in 2013 will become outdated in 2014, while upcoming trends continue to get refined by designers throughout the world. So in 2014 what trends will lie before us? Parallax: – Parallax gives life to your websites while contributing depth to text and images. If you want a 3D effect on your website, then ask your designer to make your website in parallax. In this conjure of depth of field is made by mixing depth, 3D illusion and effect of movement, for example, changing of animations or graphics in order that they begin to play as you scroll the page.
Web design

Single page design: –
A single page website is good for smaller websites that don’t upload much of the content. This technique can help in expressing one-dimensional, controlled message to users and concentrate on vital details. If you want to keep things short and crisp, adding single page content and is worth considering. It often uses parallax so being a visitor, you don’t have to search through loads pages to find the most vital information.

Responsive web design: –
Responsive web design will make your website that adapts as well as adjusts according to the screen of the visitor and also seems to be attractive on any device.This pattern of design contours the designing process of the website for both mobile & desktop, assuring that the website content appears reliable and works flawlessly for all device of any size. .

Flat Design: –
A flat design can offer clean & simple and is somewhat more comfortable and more straightforward to use. It’s all about designing your site easy, precise yet modern. Gmail, Windows 8 and facebook are best examples that use flat design along with user interface focuses on simplicity. It accentuates saturated colors, bold lines and creative typography that let pages to load faster.
Large font size: –

In 2014 website designs will incorporate bigger text that is mesmerizing, readable and pleasurable to the eyes. A robust, riveted web design is more imperative than a trendy one that doesn’t fulfill the purpose.