Troll Your Friends With Hilarious Prank Apps (Best Of 2018)

By Suffescom Solutions

August 29, 2018

Let's face it- April Fool's Day is not the only occasion to play practical jokes and troll your friends. It's 2018, and we have countless ways to get entertained. 'Prank' seems to be a new-age word, but it has existed forever. Prank is a culture, and pranks have been a part of human life for ages. However, they have gone digital in the modern world. They have become 'prank apps'.

We live in a digital world where smartphone applications are a vital part of our life. They make several things easy for us. From paying bills to making transactions, everything is available on just one click. Then, there come prank apps that help you troll your friends without many efforts.

There are countless prank applications to try on different operating systems, we have sorted the best of 2018. They are hilarious, fun to use, and purely laugh-inducing. Without further ado, let's have a look at prank apps currently in hot trends:

  1. Scare Your Friends
  2. Scare Your Friends

    Fear is funny sometimes. Okay, it's funny for those who don't face a scary situation. It's okay to be scared, but it's not cool to accept it. If you have a friend who thinks he is the toughest, then get this funny prank app and scare him. An amazing thing about the app- which has more than 20,000,000 downloads worldwide- is its feature to combine a horrifying picture with a terrifying sound. So, download the app and scare the hell out of your so-called brave friend.

  3. Dude, Your Car!
  4. Dude, Your Car!

    Damage your dear friend's car and Laugh Out Loud. Wait! You don't need to smash the vehicle. Just install 'Dude, Your Car' on your phone and get quick ways to troll your buddies. The app is easy, quick, and fun to use. All you need to do is click a picture of your friend's car and add some damages to it. Now send it to your friend and wait for his reactions.

  5. Ghost Photo Prank
  6. Ghost Photo Prank

    Halloween is around the corner (add a 'YAY!'). It means you are officially allowed to scare your friends using some scary yet fun prank apps like Ghost Photo Prank. It's a clever app that allows you to make a picture scary and add some ghostly sounds to it. There are more than a dozen sounds and many ghost figures to inhabit a photo with scary ghosts.

  7. Fake GPS Prank App
  8. Fake GPS Prank App

    GPS is an extremely useful and versatile application to map areas. On the other side, the Fake GPS app gives you an opportunity to fool your friends by showing them your fake location. Using the app, you can acquire a fake GPS location and update it on your social media accounts. You can make your friends believe your fake location by talking to them using the location.

  9. Crack Your Screen
  10. Crack Your Screen

    If you don't like people touching your phone and looking for tricks to avoid them, then Crack Your Screen is one of the best prank apps for you to install right now. What makes it a brilliant app is its pre-set feature. You can pre-set to start the cracks. It begins when you shake your phone. After that, more cracks appear when someone shakes it again.

  11. TV Remote App
  12. TV Remote App

    Everyone knows it is a smart and useful app that turns a phone into a TV remote. However, not everyone knows that a TV remote app is a prank app too. You can secretly make your friends go crazy when they are watching their favorite show. Just add this app to your phone and synchronize it with your friends' TV when they are not watching you. After that, change the channels rapidly when they are enjoying their favorite show. It will leave them surprised guessing what wrong with their television.

  13. Best Fart
  14. Best Fart

    Fart pranks are here forever! They were the best even when the technology wasn't available to have fun. Today, there are fun prank apps to play fart jokes on friends. The app has hundreds of funny fart sounds to troll friends and turn a boring atmosphere into fun. You can schedule the fart sound and keep your phone under your friend's chair. Believe, this is fun!

  15. Lie Detector Test Prank
  16. Lie Detector Test Prank

    Lie detecting is a serious thing, but not when it's Lie Detector Test Prank app. How is it different from a lie detector? It allows a prankster to secretly decide if someone is lying, even when they are actually speaking the truth. You can use the volume key to decide an individual's answer.

Time To Pack Up!

So there you have it! It's the time to get some laugh. Use these fun prank apps and bring a big smile to others' face.

Impressed with the prank apps? Create your own Android/iOS prank app today. Suffescom Solutions- a mobile app development company with experienced developers- is here to deliver the fun you require.

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