Trulia Clone App | Real Estate Marketplace Like Trulia

Trulia Clone App | Real Estate Marketplace Like Trulia

By Suffescom Solutions

September 20, 2021

Trulia Clone App | Real Estate Marketplace Like Trulia

Many of us are unaware of the fact that when it comes to money and investing it, none of us is always as rational as we think we are. There is a theory of standard economics depicting that individuals behave in a rational manner at the time of processing information regarding any huge investment. The classic example of such a theory is investing in the real estate market. In today's time, investors and their fellow audience find it difficult to invest in a rental property without emotional decision-making.

There are times when such behavior tends to come up with decisions that are wrong and may end up wrecking up the whole rental game. Real estate has been known as the most prestigious industry holding the capability to make millionaires in a significantly shorter period.

If someone is looking to get into this industry, we can say that a luxurious lifestyle is guaranteed. Like other industries, the real estate industry is also evolving by creating a platform to cover up most processes online, eliminating errors.

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It may not sound easy, but it is possible to create a platform that aids to generate leads where one can cover the specific market to sell properties. The one platform that has established its presence in the market is "Trulia". Trulia is an ideal application for sellers, renters, and homebuyers for all sorts of real estate listings and rental properties.

If you are excited enough to create an application like Trulia, we have got your back. In this blog, we are going to discuss one such real estate app like Trulia, satisfying the needs of a tech-driven platform without any chance of any human error - the Trulia Clone App.

How Does Trulia Clone Help In Aggregating The Listings?

Trulia is an American real estate listing site that connects buyers/renters and sellers of properties. It was founded in 2005. Trulia, it must be noted, has revitalized the US real estate industry and streamlined the rental business process. If you're interested in developing a real estate app, you've come to the perfect place. Yes, there are numerous advantages to creating a Trulia clone for your real estate firm. You may develop a large database with this cloning program, including properties, amenities, geo-location, and much more.

Trulia clone assists first-time buyers and sellers by providing individual tutorials for each step. Trulia clone comes with tech stacks like Mapkit, Facebook SDK, and others to make your real estate app interesting. The Trulia clone app, most crucially, appeals to every market – be it a specific location or country.

As an online aggregator, you must use several marketing tactics to promote your brand. You must also persuade property owners why it is preferable to advertise their property on your platform.

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Factors Making Your Trulia Clone Stand Out

Let us dive in and look at the factors that make the Trulia clone stand out.


The integrated Trulia clone app offers a list of affordable real estate. All you need to decide is the real estate region, country, or city. For instance, Trulia is entirely focused on U.S. residents; therefore, the primary sources of the application are the National Association of Realtors and the Multiple List Service. Similarly, if you are looking to go for the U.S. market, you can consider these multi-listings for the Trulia clone app. Apart from that, the listings can get filled in the clone app with

  • Third-party data providers
  • Data of sales from the owner
  • Data acquired from realtors and agents.

The idea is that with the Trulia clone, one can get a more extensive listing for a more valuable and successful application.

Integrated Search:

It is essential to provide your users with a smooth experience via your application. The Trulia clone app goes hand in hand when it comes to providing a better user experience. By getting a Trulia clone, one can get several filters for the search engine, such as the presence or absence of an intermediary, type/age of the building, number of rooms, cost, location, and many other vital parameters. Apart from the filtered search, one can also add up information via the Trulia clone app. For instance

  • The photos, residents' descriptions, and information about a specific region and street, state, city, and district.
  • The residents can add reviews and opinions about the specific area, whether or not it's well-constructed, neighbors, schools, and more.
  • Even on the application, one can list the information about the criminal situation in the area. One can also represent the crime rate or data received via integration.

Graphical Display of Lists:

The Trulia clone app also allows intuitive graphics to play the real deal in the listings. The whole dashboard of the Trulia clone app offers integrated features. On the left side of the screen object cards with brief characteristics and photos & the right side displays an interactive map visualizing the availability of real estate that is either purchased or rented.

Advantages of Trulia Clone App Script

Now let us look at the benefits of having a Trulia clone app and how each of their real estate app users gets their own benefits. An experienced real estate software development company can design your Trulia clone app according to your business need. It will offer businesses more advantages.

Advantages For Buyers:

  • The search for the specific property by using a variety of filters.
  • Easy comparisons can be made without wasting any time.
  • Access to update information at any time.
  • Direction to buy the right property and document signing.
  • 24/7 customer support to contact an agent easily.

Advantages For Sellers:

  • Better & Increased market reach
  • Speeds up the sales
  • Directions to sell and sign the documents
  • Showcase the required properties at their best.
  • Get to know the pricing feature.

Advantages For Realtors

  • More Revenue Stream
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Increased marketability and reach to retain more leads
  • Routine tasks are automated
  • While on the go, get exhaustive property information.

Further are the advantages of using the Trulia Clone app that has been developed, keeping in mind all sorts of requirements for the users.

Unlimited Additions

For a better user experience, one can seamlessly add new pages, features, and relevant services to the platform.

Scalable Design

It also allows one to change the design and framework in order to meet new business challenges head-on seamlessly.

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Aesthetic UI

The Trulia clone app offers a core design principle in visual terms, such as the balance of color, movement, pattern, scale, shape, and visual weight to enhance functionality with attractive layouts.

Get Your Online Real Estate Marketplace Off With Trulia Clone App Development

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Features Of Trulia Clone App

As you are familiar with the amazing advantages of the Trulia Clone app, we further explain the top-notch features of the platform. The marvelous set of features gives your product a competitive edge in the market.

Let us dive in!

Property Catalogue

Spoil up your users with your own Trulia clone app by creating an exhausted listing database leaving your users spoilt for choice.

Bookmark Searches Give

Your users the delight to compare their favorite properties by enabling them to save the details of specific property choices.

Premium Services

To level up the real estate game, one can introduce the paid plans to their customers looking for an extra set of features or personalized services.

Auction Function Allows

Property owners to seamlessly automate bidding for both residential and business spaces to save time.

Region-Based Filters

The Trulia Clone App also provides your users leverage to find their dream homes or spaces quicker with accuracy by filtering the different search options with the geofencing filters.

Reviews and Ratings

Via the Trulia clone app, your users can smoothly share or update their assessments or reviews on different service providers in order to create a dynamic platform.

Bargaining Option

Create a space for your users in the Trulia clone app to negotiate the prices with the second party, also known as property owners.

Financial Calculators

One can also include calculators to calculate different metrics like mortgage plans, loan repayment, depreciation, property appraisal, and many more.


Our mobile-first responsive feature provides an excellent viewing experience across a wide range of devices, with minimal resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Advanced Search

Users can enjoy a flawless surfing experience thanks to the integrated search module. It proposes keywords, predicts search queries, and even corrects mistakes. Users, agents, and agencies can save their search combinations to make repeat searches more convenient.

Dynamic Attribute Management

This feature allows users to assign attributes to each property type and rank them in order of importance. These characteristics can be highlighted as items to consider when comparing properties and can also be used as a search filter.

Smart Map

This is a quick and simple approach to obtaining information on all homes in a specific area. Users can draw an area on the map that they are interested in, and all properties available in that region will be displayed to them. Users can learn more about a property by clicking on it or contacting the agent/agency.

Agent/Agency Monitoring

The admin has all of the required permissions to communicate and take any authoritative steps that are deemed necessary, such as removing a property added by any agent/agency or even disabling agent/agency profiles if they are judged to be improper.

Easy Site Management

From a single dashboard, the admin can handle the overall capabilities such as Category Management, Menu management, User management, and so on. Furthermore, role-based power management allows you to create admin users with particular or limited access.

SEO Friendly

The Trulia clone comes with a dynamic sitemap, a blog, social network sharing, and an SEO-friendly framework to help you gain an organic search presence. These tools will help you build a long-term internet presence.

Business Intelligence Tools

The BI features are intended to encourage users to engage with them again and again. By evaluating and comprehending the data, the portal is sophisticated enough to dynamically adjust the priority of property listings.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop An App Like Trulia?

It's critical to establish your service area, and conduct competitor analysis, and market research before moving on to the development process. The next step is to choose a Trulia clone script with an appealing user interface for your real estate app. Business analysis and market research can take up to three months on average.

Moving on to the cost of real estate app development, there are various aspects to consider, including The project's timeline, the features you desire, the operating platforms you'll use, and whether or not you'll create an MVP.

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The cost of development may fluctuate depending on the project. The cost of android and ios app development may fluctuate depending on the project. However, you can easily get an approximate estimate for the app based on the aforementioned parameters.

In A Nutshell – Trulia Clone!

If there was one industry that desperately needed mobile app technology, we'd say it's real estate. There was a lot of sloppiness before — exorbitant brokerage fees, illegal properties, and so forth. However, with the introduction of platforms like the Trulia clone, everyone engaged in the purchasing and selling of a home may feel comfortable and secure. So, why don't you use the Trulia clone app to establish a name for yourself in your local real estate market?

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