How to Make & Launch Housing App Like Zillow- A Great Addition to Real Estate Industry

How to Make & Launch Housing App Like Zillow- A Great Addition to Real Estate Industry

By Suffescom Solutions

November 09, 2022

How to Make & Launch Housing App Like Zillow- A Great Addition to Real Estate Industry

Do you want to try a real estate site like Zillow? If so, then here in this guide, we have thoroughly researched the features of Zillow alternatives.

Real estate is one of the promising and most profitable industries across the globe and having a Zillow clone app will help you to get the most out of it. However, Housing Apps like Zillow are the real estate website, but it offers a variety of features. By choosing Real Estate Apps like Zillow, one can make the best choice. This article is all about real estate needs. Also, we have included a data-based analysis of this renowned app.

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A Brief Introduction About Real Estate Apps like Zillow!

For openers, Housing Apps like Zillow are one of the most popular real estate sites today. Zillow is not just a marketplace, but it is a virtual social network whose audience comprises everyone involved in the real estate market. Real Estate Apps like Zillow can perform the following given things and this include:

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  1. It puts your property on the market.
  2. With the Housing Apps like Zillow, one can find the house of interest on the map and study whether it is the building, location, number of rooms, Cost, rental rate, and other essential details.
  3. Real Estate Apps like Zillow, you can rent a house in the desired area or conversely act as a tenant.
  4. With the Rental App like Zillow, you can learn all about home loans and can use online calculations in order to determine the cost of the mortgage, refinance, amortization, etc.
  5. When choosing Housing Apps like Zillow, you can select the real estate professional you need. Either it is an agent, home inspectors, builders, and so on. You need to choose real estate if you are a specialist in asking questions and promoting your services.
  6. You can use the Zillow advertising platform if you are a broker agent, lender, etc.

Real Estate Apps like Zillow-More than the Advertising Platform

Since its conception, the Housing Apps like Zillow have been purely a media business. It means that the Zillow app concentrates only on providing a platform for agents and providers to advertise their services. And also, get refrained from getting involved in any in-house related transactions. Not anymore, as Rental Apps like Zillow have also got into the rent and even house buying a business.

The primary revenue streams of the Zillow app are:

  1. Rentals
  2. Primer Agent.
  3. Mortgages.
  4. Zillow offers lots more.

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What are the Benefits of Real Estate Apps like Zillow?

The top story of Real Estate Apps like Zillow mainly works with consumers, groups, sellers, buyers, and agents. So, let's talk about how each of these groups benefits from Zillow real estate websites. Have a look!


let's start with the sellers, and here are some benefits that you can obtain. Loyal Target Audience: Being a seller, you get an excellent opportunity to study your client and give them personalized offers.

Customer Search

You, as a seller, get a fantastic opportunity to study your client and then make personalized offers for them.

Easy Research process

You no longer need to puzzle over finding buyers as Real Estate Apps like Zillow solve your problem very quickly.

Effective Advertising

As you already know that Real Estate Apps like Zillow are, among other things, a convenient advertising platform. Also, a seller is allowed to promote their property.

Better Targeting

The best feature of Rental Apps like Zillow is- One can adjust the targeting system. Thus, you can choose the right person at the right time and provide them an offer that he won't be able to refuse.

Convenience Seller-and Buyer interaction

All credit goes to Rental Apps like Zillow as both the buyer and seller can easily find all the essential information they need. Also, they can get expert help regarding any issue or can go to the right agency.

What To Do if Buyers Get the Best Real Estate Apps Like Zillow?

Convenient Search Systems

Zillow was one of the first resources that opened the listing to everyone. So, before its existence, such information was privileged. Thus, both realtors and agencies knew about everything that they wanted to buy or sell real estate.

Geological Capabilities

The best use of geolocation data allows potential buyers to find the best real estate options based on their specific case. Thus, we devoted a separate section to Geolocation, and also you will learn more on the subject a bit later.

Ease of Use

You can use the site along with the best features whenever you want it.


The system of reviews and ratings that users give to the agents and sellers of real estate will help you rent or buy housing from reliable people.

Efficient Seller-Buyer Interaction

We described this advantage earlier, and the buyers would find it relevant.

It's a Time to Discuss The Benefits Focused on Real Estate Agents

Simplified Work

Top real estate websites provide access to listings of objects and serve as a connection point between all the parties involved.

Improved Targeting

You need to remember that you need to be very careful when targeting customers. The real estate agents will also appreciate the possibility of accurately targeting potential customers.

Advanced Analytics

The user behavior analytics tools help agents work more efficiently and draw the correct conclusions.

Marketing Tools

Effectively help in promoting your services. Thus, we can say the Rental Apps like Zillow are an excellent tool, which agents use to maximize the effectiveness of their work.

So, there are two more benefits of Rental Apps like Zillow that are useful to all users.

  1. Rental Apps like Zillow seek to involve experts in the transaction process if the buyer and seller don't mind. Hence, the site does not exclude any of the parties.
  2. A real estate site should protect its users from fraud. So, it would help if you were very careful, and the verified sellers should be allowed to put objects on the market.

Take Your Real Estate Business to the Next Level with Your Own Housing App Like Zillow

We can help you take your real estate business to new heights by creating a housing app like Zillow. With our expertise in app development, you can offer a personalized experience to your clients, increase your reach, and generate more leads.

Basic Steps in the Real Estate Website Development Process

Now, let's talk about the essential thing of how to start a real estate website and what you should consider first? Here we would like to share some of the few steps to achieve the desired results and join the ranks of market leaders. So, if you are aiming to run a Rental Apps like Zillow, then you need to pay the closest attention to every single stage. Take a look at these steps:

Step 1:

Market Research The primary step of real estate software development is doing Market research. And this should begin with a study of the target audience. You need to understand the user's problems and do your best to solve them.

  • In the case of Rental Apps like Zillow for real estate, one should consider the following needs of your future users.
  • Usually, buyers want to find a property that meets their requirements and should be in the correct location.
  • You need to see the location of the house on the map.
  • See the location of the house.
  • Examine information on the object.
  • Make a virtual 3D tour of the property.
  • Compare prices.

The seller Wants To:

  • Evaluate the real estate object either for sale or lease.
  • Finding out real estate market trends.
  • Advertising the object.
  • Calculating all taxes

Besides, The Agents Want:

  • To get a chance to advertise real estate.
  • Seek clients and offer them expert assistance.
  • Make use of advanced analytical and marketing tools.

Once analyzing the target audience, you need to study the market requirements and learn the achievements of your competitors. And then, ideally, create a high-level product.

Business Model

Your goal should be to recoup the costs of real estate websites and all development expenses when tasks are completed. In this way, you will receive a source of constant profit. Thus, you need to think carefully about your business model. It would be logical to figure out which model of project monetization the company uses. The premier services only focus on real estate agents. It is a paid service that brings the most significant revenue stream to the company. Rental Apps like Zillow provide a broader audience reach and excellent visibility. Thus, as a result, the agent is more likely to receive a total sale of commission.

Selling Promotions to Real Estate Management Companies

The Housing Apps like Zillow make money by providing property management with promotion platforms to advertise their listings. The platform called Zillow rental Network includes various benefits that provide benefits to the users.

Sale of Advertising Mortgage Lenders and Other Companies

Housing Apps like Zillow sell advertising space to mortgage and other companies. Zillow sells advertising space to mortgage lenders and some other businesses that enhance maximum Zillow consumers. These businesses include interior designers, home organizations, retailers, and general contractors. Rental Apps like Zillow are based on Cost per click and cost per thousand impressions.


Rental Apps like Zillow contain the best features, and you can find out the price of real estate on the street you are walking on.

Things That Geolocation Gives to Real Estate Listings and Are:

  1. Either buying or renting a real estate property in a specific location.
  2. Finding out the price of real estate in the area of your interest.
  3. Getting the directions to a specified price.
  4. Finding more customers by using Geolocation.
  5. Searching for free agents to view real estate in your location.
  6. Obtaining information on the area and checking the locality is crime-free.

Also, we have defined only the parts of geolocation ideas for real-estate web development. There are various opportunities where you can use such features.

Commercial Real-Estate Website Design

The commercial design aims to sell your services effectively, and it doesn't matter what you like and what seems attractive to you. Your resources must be in the top real estate website design examples.

Real-Estate Website Developers Search

It is the final stage of the preparation process and requires high-skilled professionals. Experts who can create a website will surely meet all your requirements, both functional and visual. Thus, you need to pay close attention to the real-estate website and design companies that employ diverse specialists like web and mobile programmers, Q/A specialists, and so on. You also need to make sure that you have the appropriate experience. Remember that it is only about creating the best real estate website design, but more importantly, you need to learn about developing a practical, scalable resource. Rental Apps like Zillow play a more significant role than it seems. So, it would help if you considered the possibility of the future expansion of site functionality.

Final Version:

In Housing Apps like Zillow, the users can start searching as soon as the app gets launched. Thus, the principle of real estate gets displayed on the map along with the price. As we can see, real estate demands only clear goals, good planning, and a well-thought-branding strategy so that you run through a preparation stage. Even though this stage might take some time and real estate is a promising niche, all development hassles will pay off if you think everything in advance and turn into a reliable real estate app development company. Hopefully, it would help if you were impressed now as the above-defined list of Rental Apps like Zillow makes you think it is good to invest in Zillow apps. Also, the project took time to achieve great results, and it would be exciting and helpful to know the details of such incredible information. So, if you have decided to launch your real estate startups or are looking to make an app for your clients, you can contact Suffescom Solutions the top mobile app development company in California. Our professional team will be glad to help you and help in building your ideas.

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