Ultimate Guide About Laravel Framework For Beginners

By Suffescom Solutions

February 10, 2018

The PHP language has always been the go-to language when it comes to creating a dynamic web application with great functionality and support. It is known to power as many as 20 million web domains across the globe. No matter the size and need of your website, PHP can provide you with a great product in terms of a web app with a solid framework. One such framework that has been revolutionizing this revolutionary technology is Laravel. A platform power packed with both features and a standardized approach that is popular amongst both small and huge businesses which reach out to it to create a reliable and high-functioning web app. Laravel has a wide range of customer base. More than a quarter of market share is working on Laravel framework because of it using fewer lines of code thus providing an opportunity for fewer things to go wrong. Even though a very recent framework, it has been able to captivate the entire market because of the unique features it offers like: Wide Range of Available Templates: The lightweight templates available incorporated within the framework makes it easier to seed content into it dynamically and thus create some beautiful layouts. In addition to that, it also has widgets that easily incorporate CSS and JS codes in its framework solidly. Ease Provided By Artisan: The built-in command line tool allows a user to deal with the tasks of repetitive programming called Artisan had made life easier for many developers. At the same time, it can create skeletal database structures and creates an easy to manage the migration of database systems. Expressive ORM: ORM or object-relational mapping is easier in Laravel as it allows you to write database queries using PHP syntax instead of running back to writing an SQL query. This is done by tables in the database which is modeled corresponding to the PHP syntax which a user uses to interact with it. Modular and Libraries: The libraries available in the Laravel framework are unique, containing several object-oriented libraries. One such library is also known as Authentication library has an easy to implement approach and security features which can let you apply several security checks on your web app. MVC That’s Architecturally Supported: The MVC in the framework is architecturally brilliant with a clear logic and is presented fairly clearly. This, in turn, improves performance and allows documentation to be easily done. Migration System For Databases: The migration system present in Laravel allows the developer to expand the already available web app database instead of recreating it every time any change is to be made. This is done easily, as mentioned before by the PHP syntax that can be used to create database queries instead of an SQL query. This helps in preserving the data and prevents data loss. Unit Testing: The unit-testing feature present in Laravel is another reason why it’s so popular with the developers. Any newly added code in the pre-existing line of it can be extensively tested prior to its release. This results in stable releases of new websites running web apps based on Laravel framework. Security: Security is one of the biggest concern when it comes to creating web apps. This is taken care of by the framework itself. When any password is saved in the database, it is encrypted by salting and hashing it. Thus no password is ever saved as plain text in the database. Thus any new website should be developed using the Laravel framework that.

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