Want to Pitch Yourself as a Guest Writer? Here are the Best Tips

If you are planning to grow your community on the web then you can consider contributing content for the famous blogs. It is one of the best strategies that you can use for marketing as well as for building good public relations. It will let you win the trust of the audience through the blog you are contributing content to and will benefit your brand. And for that, you need to pitch yourself as a guest writer to the editors of the blogs you are going to contribute content to.

Though it seems easy but getting your pitch read and approved by the editors is little intimidating because, in most of the cases, pitches are ignored. But, the good thing is you can get better at pitching and can definitely increase the chances of getting it approved by the editors, you just need to follow the right path. Let’s tell you some steps for making your pitch more effective and getting it approved.

  • Know the right person you are pitching to

    A big mistake made by many guest writers is submitting their pitches via contact forms. If you are submitting a pitch for the blog that is not of your niche, through the contact forms then most likely it is going to be rejected.

    The right way is to connect to the editorial team personally and then sending the pitch to the right person. If you are wondering where to get information about the editorial team members then you can visit their “Our Team” page and can know the role that different members play. It will let you know that which person you should connect to.

  • Connect to that person personally

    Furthermore, it may be difficult to establish a personal connection with that person as you would not be having mutual connections. So, what you can do is:

    – Visiting his LinkedIn page and selecting the “Connect” option from the drop-down menu that you will see after clicking on the “Send Inmail” option. Follow them on Twitter and like their tweets before connecting as it will increase the chances of getting your request accepted.

– Use the tools like Hunter to get the email address of the editor if you are not interested in establishing personal connections with him.

  • Know their niche

    Now, you have the email address of the person and would be creating a pitch. The most important thing to do here is analyzing their blog thoroughly and inspecting the type of content they publish. There are many tools available that you can use to check out the viral posts of the particular website. This will let you know their interest.

    After doing the required research, make your own titles based on the information you have collected.

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your pitch

    It’s sad to know that still there is no surety for getting your pitch accepted. There are the chances of getting a “no” but you can minimize the risk by focusing on some significant details. Here are some tips:

    – Make your pitch more effective by including the links to your previous posts. If you are pitching the editors of the famous blogs like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, etc. then you can increase the chances of getting “yes” by including the links to your previous guest posts. The big blogs will not accept your request if you have not done guest posting before.

    – Show them that you have analyzed their blog and different posts. Go through their viral posts and then suggest them the titles that would provide further information on the concept. It will let them know that you have analyzed their posts and are offering the content accordingly.

    – Try to build a relationship with the blog’s editor by commenting on their posts on regular basis.

    – It would be better if you can provide them a reason to accept your pitch. So, try to find the dead links the particular blog is linking to and then report them. It will prevent your pitch from being ignored.

Though the success is not 100% sure but the above-given tips will definitely increase the chances of getting your pitch appreciated and accepted. The simple and easy-to-follow tips will open the new paths of growth for your business.