Wearable App Development Company: Featues and Benefits

Wearable App Development Company: Featues and Benefits

By Suffescom Solutions

May 16, 2022

Wearable App Development Company: Featues and Benefits

The evolution in the field of technology has absolutely no limit. Now, today’s generation Z is not easily mesmerized by computers and laptops. The thing that excites them more is the high-tech wearable technology. The reason behind its popularity is that it has impacted a wide range of industries with its adaptable and exquisite performance. Mobile App development companies have been working genuinely hard for the past few years, which has resulted in the immense success of wearable devices.

Do you also want to invest in wearable app development services? If yes, then hold your horses, and get a little bit of information about the fundamentals of wearable apps.

What is a Wearable App?

Wearable apps are an add-on to smartphone technology that one can wear on their body parts or clothes linked via the internet. With respect to every body part, these devices act distinctively. The information is sent from the application to the gadget.

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The functionality depends on the data acquired from the sensors that are synchronized with the gadget to offer rewarding outcomes. It helps in accomplishing various operations like monitoring, tracking, analyzing, examining, and strengthening the performance for high-quality output. This wearable technology has connected several industries like healthcare, traveling, education, fintech, sports, infotainment, etc.


  • The market potential of global Wearable Technology was around $ 115.8 billion in 2021, and by 2028, it will grow by $380.5 billion
  • From 2022 to 2028, the compound annual growth rate will be about 18.5%
  • The prime market players in this industry are Xiaomi Global Community, Sony Corporation, Nike, Huawei Technologies, HTC Corporation, Motorola Solutions, Google LLC, Michael Kors etc.
  • The regions that have major scope for wearable devices are North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Out of the global wearable technology market, wristwear products accounted for 29.4% in 2020
  • Due to the popularity of the health bands, the fitness industry is expected to grow at a rate of 10.5%
  • North America is the leader in the wearable technology market with a market share of 38.2%

Types of Wearable Devices

Smart Watch

The most frequently used wearable devices by people are smart watches. They are popular because they are able to perform countless tasks. These tasks include exhibiting alerts on the device, getting and reading messages, setting alarms, monitoring physical activities, and playing music directly from the music library without a phone. One can even make and receive calls from the smartwatch. The navigation causes a little bit of inconvenience, but with such a watch, it can make the way of finding procedures simpler.

Apart from all these features, it is also helpful in tracing the fall detections and can make an emergency call. The commonly used smart watches that are preferred by the users are Apple and Samsung. Their respective market share is nearly 52.5%, and 11%.

Health Bands

The health bands are admired by a large section of people. Everyone nowadays is getting into fitness, and to keep updated and be responsible for your health requires a 24/7 hrs trainer. The most common issue that the user faces while getting into a strict regime like this is forgetfulness.

So, this fitness band will help in giving a reminder to the user by sending alerts. When any person performs the physical activities, their heart rate, calorie intake, sleep cycle, etc., everything is made visible. This boosts confidence and motivates the person by showing how much they have achieved this far. It allows them to push much harder to achieve goals.


The upgraded version of the headphones, earphones, or earbuds is based on futuristic technologies. This hearable technology is actually a wireless earpiece with artificial intelligence that integrates the microphones and the speakers. All they require is an internet facility that could build a connection between the app and the device. They operate in a way by receiving the input signal, and the hearable device responds in audio. The biggest example of the hearable technology is the Apple AirPods Pro, and after that comes Bose, Olive Union, Alango Wear & Hear, etc.

The main purpose behind manufacturing such wearable devices is to allow hearing support in extremely loud places like markets, clubs, bars, stadiums, airplanes, restaurants, etc. They have a full-proof noise cancellation characteristic with high frequency and directional microphones that creates an edge over the traditional earpiece.

Smart Eyewear

Today is the era of smart eyewear that encompasses everything from smart glasses to high definition sunglasses, photochromic smart glass, electrochromic smart glass, and thermochromic smart glass. This eyewear helps the users in viewing images and data, taking HD resolution videos through sunglasses.

These videos are then uploaded on the famous social media channels and ski goggles with GPS systems and speedometers. They are an example of high-level phases of technology that are consistent and mobile. This amazing smart eyewear is best for removing the disturbance as well as offering information to the workers.

The most frequently used smart eyewear are Ray-Ban, Amazon Echo Frames, etc.

Features of Wearable Devices

It’s a well-known fact that these wearable applications have the capability to run straight away on the devices while giving access to the Graphics Processing Unit and sensors. They offer a plethora of attributes, some of features of wearable application development are mentioned as under;

Customized Notifications

Smartwear devices are not capable of releasing the notifications exhaustively. Therefore, those notifications are framed that are of single words with a dissimilar voice memo and colored lighting.

User-Friendly Interface

It has a seamless software interface that helps in easy navigation and understand ability. This user-accessible interface helps in hassle-free exploration in a well-organized manner. Along with the interface, the app is required to be lightweight, rapid page loading, and the reaction to the commands or requests should be given swiftly.

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Data Security Over the Cloud

The data is stored over the cloud as the primary data epicenter. This helps in the transfer of data from the principal device to the wearable one. Now, this shifting of data requires a high protocol that is robust and sturdy. Hence, it’s necessary that all the security parameters are followed and positioned appropriately to ensure the reliability of the user data.

The information is sent in an encrypted manner to avert any kind of threat in the communication way. Then, this encrypted data is sent out to the cloud system. In the end, this encrypted data is deciphered at the user end.

Fortification of Reality Via the App

The introduction of AR and VR development in the wearable industry has been responsible for the much-required creativity to entice the users.

This helps in gaining deeper involvement and traction from the consumers. The market is full of fascinating AR-enabled wearable devices like smart watches, smart glasses, headphones, smart lenses, etc.

The AR facility is provided through GPS, maps, voice commands, skin enabled instruction to check the body temperature. While playing games, these AR-enabled eye wares adjoin additional information like animations, real-world events, 3-D images, etc.

Benefits of Wearable Devices

Here are the potential benefits of Wearable Devices:

Quick Access

One of the most significant advantages of wearable devices is that it provides prompt access to their users. This is made possible by the software developers to curate a smooth user interface.

It takes great effort to create a flawless platform that is capable of providing faster access and is easy to handle.

Manageable Designs

The smart wearable have an effortless and uncomplicated outlook that enables the users to go through every section of the app right away. The design initiates the users to hop through the app very easily. The inclusion of the GPS has made the availability of the device to the user comfortable.

Enhancing Satisfaction Levels

The latest and updated technology is responsible for elevating the satisfaction level of the users. Whatever fresh and brand new is integrated into the application, it always has a positive impact on the users.

This is an absolute full-proof strategy that will never crash and will always pay off. They enjoy everything that is ultra-modern and contemporary and, along with that, create a sense of trust among the users.

Steps Involved in Android Wearable App Development

App Objective

The primary step in wearable app development is to see what’s the objective behind creating an app. It involves factors like what is the main purpose behind the android wearable app development.

Check for what it should look like and what kind of features should be added to make it special from the rest of the apps.

One can also choose to either build a discrete or a consolidated application. By taking into consideration all the possibilities, those functionalities that seem to be attainable are put into practical implementation.

Competitor Market Research

To start any business, suppose app development for wearable devices, one needs to make sure what kind of wearable are available in the industry. Also, one should know which technology is used to create these applications. Proper and accurate research should be done to ensure that it is helpful in solving the problem of the consumer.

Besides this, it should be seen that something new is being introduced in the user’s existence to make it an exclusive application.

It’s important to take cues from the pre-existing competitors and look out for their strategies to engage the consumers. In this way, the target audience is realized, and it becomes convenient to supply them with what they demand.

Integrated Features

From the viewpoint of the wearable app development services, a clear road-map is essential that will add to the success of the app. There is the proper bifurcation of the premium, free, and in-app purchases. The type of wearable device decides what necessary features should be incorporated into the application.

For instance, in the case of fitness bands, the core attribute is to track the fitness level of the user, monitor heart rate, etc. Similarly, smart eyewear should have an augmented reality attribute for user contentment.

There are multiple wearable devices that possess one or two peculiar facets, which lead to the popularity of that gadget.

Selecting the Correct Tech Stack

There are two types of apps involved in wearable app development services. One is native, and the other is a hybrid application. The main thing is to compile the best technology stacks for the application. It includes relevant programming languages, databases, front-end tools, frameworks, back-end tools, and applications connected through an application programming interface.

GPS, audio/ video streaming, Motion sensors, and visual assistants are some of the conventional functions that you can insert into your wearable app development.

Choosing The Most Reliable Wearable Application Development Company

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The wearable app development services outline the app prototype facilities to build app interface, user-friendliness, and app functionalities with advanced characteristics. Therefore prototyping is very important to contemplate its cause, and it should be understood how the application connects with the users.

To authenticate the idea of prototyping, it’s better to initiate an MVP(minimum viable product).

Development and Testing

After creating the prototype, then the real development process takes place, taking into consideration the characteristics. After that, it’s essential to see which platform should be targeted. This leads to the testing of the application to remove any errors or software bugs.

After successful removal, the application is deployed to the marketplaces to reach the audience. In the end, the app is launched with a precise plan of action that should be followed with the correct promotional strategy.


Wearable technology is growing at a high speed and will continue to grow. Amazing innovations with versatile and strong platforms are the bright prospect for wearable.

At Suffescom solutions, we are a team of experts to provide excellent wearable app development services.

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