How is Web3 Impacting the Real Estate Industry?

By Suffescom Solutions

January 17, 2023

Web 3 has evolved and transformed itself as the descendant of web 2.0, evading centralized third-party controls and bringing the age of heavy B2B transactions globally. It is known to the digital world how web3 is impacting the real estate industry. Before the internet came, real estate had always been the topic of discussion.

Technology has helped to take this industry to another level. Real estate agents in the present day conduct their business mostly through the Web2 embedded centralized protocols. The next age of the real estate sector has started to leverage web 3.0 and pave ways to complete P2P transactions.

A legal framework is involved while creating a real estate platform through the help of proprietary technologies. This further helps NFTs to stand a chance in the form of digital lands. It makes purchasing records easier on the blockchain, which also contains the legal document related to the purchase. This also registers the buyer and seller and securing their e-signatures becomes easier.

When discussion about the technical advancements of the present-day digital era is done, the attention is totally focused on transaction ledgers, transparent ownership, and tokenization protocols. This will ease the purchase of records on the blockchain and result in markets where the investors can actually prove their ownership and manage liquidity without any hindrance.

But how is web3 impacting the real estate industry? This question cannot be answered in a single line, and one will surely need to research to give their viewpoints. To understand better, let us go through this blog.

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Examples Of Web3 And Real Estate

The few platforms that have already incorporated web3 technology in real estate are Decentraland, Second Life, BigchainDB, and many more. These projects leverage blockchain technology to create ultimate projects and build a new paradigm of real estate. Let us have a look at some of the examples,


It is a virtual world that enables users to create and share digital assets on a global scale and contains more than 90,000 plots. The users can easily buy these plots and pay for them in the native cryptocurrency, MANA. Before making the final purchase, the users can very well check neighboring areas and evaluate the distances of various locations. This will further ensure that the given virtual land is meeting their needs. And an interesting feature of Decentralalnd is that you can buy properties you wish and rent them. With this, the users are free to organize events without the need to buy a property.


This is a scalable database that will allow users to store huge amounts of data without any need to bother about scalability issues. This application takes care of safe data recording, processing, and storing.

Buying Virtual Land In Metaverse

A decentralized platform made on blockchain like Ethereum allows developers to create smart contracts and dApp. Ethereum machines process millions of transactions in a completely safe environment with the speed of light. Each blockchain has a system of blocks connected to one another, and a chain is formed, hence the name ‘Blockchain.’ The usage of blockchain in the real estate world is the development of smart contracts that record important transactions with the help of algorithms. They also ease buying and selling conditions and ensure that both parties are fulfilling their obligations.

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The Top Web 3.0 Real Estate Marketing Tools

Artificial Intelligence And Automation

Tools like chatbots will help the users to clear all of their queries before actually investing in real estate in the Web3 domain. There is no need to hold a client's hand while they show interest in buying real estate. What matters is to make them understand the real benefits in an interactive way that Web3 offers. The usage of AI-powered chatbots will make access to required information easier and provide an apt and creative answer directly to the questions without the need to surf the web for hours.

This is an efficient marketing tool, which business owners should be aware of, and it also takes ownership of their data.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The real estate industry has used AR/VR for a groundbreaking change in how users perceive technology. These two technologies have carved the future canvas with an impactful difference. Many firms, both national and international, have developed virtual walkthroughs of the properties that are listed in their catalogs. Right after the arrival of the pandemic, the need to have these technologies grew in ballistic numbers.

Property staging, another usage of augmented reality in the real estate world, has made a potential buyer understand the web3 space in a broader concept.


IoT, the Internet of Things, has changed the current tech market with the huge success of Alexa-based lights, fans, and much more. The optimization of online content can later be discoverable to IoT appliances. These devices can very well analyze day-to-day speech recognition patterns, which include not only research but also fashion.

Understanding The Benefits Of The World Of Web3 In Real Estate

Semantic Web and Usage Of Data From property valuation tactics to tracking the local, national, and global property markets, the real estate world will achieve greatness with in-depth facts at its fingertips. The semantic web falls under the umbrella of Web3, and much of the time, the two words are used interchangeably.

Decentralization Of Data

  • The most defining feature of web3 stands on the grounds of ubiquity. The data can be held at different locations at one time and can also be accessible from any device globally.
  • The most important points are convenience and speed, which fall as the most important points when talking about potential clients who are already quite busy with their day-to-day lives.
  • What is desirable here is the existence of the e-signing of documents that will enable your users to handle things and issues on their very own devices. Be it property investments, auctions, transaction services, or e-signing which facilitates legal procedures.

Data Security

Blockchain technology has been the most secure and without any third-party interference. The business clients will automatically feel safer with the assurance of data security and tamper-proof records.

Transparency And Flexibility

Applications that are quick and efficient will offer the greatest transparency and flexibility in the Web3 world. These decentralized applications (DApps) work as smart contracts that log transactions and produce one-of-a-kind non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can operate and trade on the blockchain. The entire agreement can be automated, and payments can be instantaneously issued, validated, and received by using smart contracts to describe all of a transaction's covenants.

Writing, authenticating, and auditing agreements in real time may be made possible via a smart contract operating on a decentralized blockchain network like Ethereum. This is possible on a global scale and without the use of mediators between the main players in a transaction or value transfer.

Complete Documentation

Web3 development in commercial real estate will be fueled by tokenizing properties for digital securitization. The ability to centralize all data pertaining to property ownership will simplify underwriting and do away with the necessity to confirm the validity of title transfer. These tokens will enhance transaction processing, simplify the direct purchase and sale of real estate or even shares of real estate, handle revenue streams, and facilitate the recording and authentication of real estate transactions.

Even title-supporting deed papers can be published on the decentralized chain, allowing for in-person verification and a higher level of ownership certainty through an immutable transaction record. There will be significant reductions in paperwork and turnaround times.

How Will Suffescom Help Business Owners With Their Real Estate Journey?

Suffescom Solutions has tasted the real estate caviar itself and owns virtual lands on multiple platforms, including decentral and. And we guarantee this industry is going to be the next big thing involving the metaverse.

Suffescom will help you achieve safer and faster transactions through blockchain-powered platforms that use crypto and NFTs. Your users can:

  • Buy/sell homes without banks
  • Buy/sell homes through cryptocurrency
  • Buy/sell homes through NFTs

Features Ensured To Be Embedded By Us

Virtual Tours And Property History

Get ready to equip photos and video tours of the wish-listed properties and also the price details. Also, your users can get to know the entire property history, taxes, and legal charges of the previous owners. This information will be processed in real-time, maintain the perfect property record, and enable the buyers to get a complete insight into the property.

Integrated Maps

This will enable your users to have the exact property location and property directions before actually purchasing anything. Not only this, users can track the crime rate around the property area along with other infrastructure and amenities.


Embed a web application with a "Wishlist" or "Favorites" function so that customers can save their favorite homes or properties and continue browsing them later.

Alert Messages

When there is a change in your property listings, such as a new listing, a price adjustment, or any other market updates, send users alert messages.

Price Estimators

Include price estimators that would enable customers to determine an approximate amount depending on variables such as down payments, taxes, loan amounts, loan payback terms, etc.

Instant Appointments

Allow buyers, sellers, and brokers to make appointments as needed. You may easily integrate this by including a calendar in your online application.

Performance Tracker

Ensure that your users keep track of the performance of the platform as per their expectations with the integration of analytics tools. This helps to study the varying versions of applications and the improvement suggestions straight from your customers.

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Deep dive into the futuristic real estate world with our focused Web3 real estate software development services. Suffescom addresses all real estate-related problems with leading and innovative Web3 technology.

Closing Thoughts

In the end, many real estates platforms like Zillow and Trulia help users buy properties by displaying info about the actual property landscape. Many of these platforms are experts in listing apartments and houses. Some manage commercial properties, whereas some streamline renovation.

If you wish to invest in the real estate sector, ensure that Suffescom will provide you with the best platform structured by expert developers who are well aware of the potential of Web3. Additionally, we ensure on-time product delivery along with 24*7 customer support. Your slightest query will be our topmost concern, and we will solve it within minutes. If you wish to get assistance, feel free to contact Suffescom!

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