Build Decentralized Apps for Job Search | Launch Decentralized Job Seeking App

Build Decentralized Apps for Job Search | Launch Decentralized Job Seeking App

By Suffescom Solutions

March 23, 2023

Build Decentralized Apps for Job Search | Launch Decentralized Job Seeking App

There’s virtually nothing today that is not touched by the emerging blockchain technology. While the world is familiar with DeFi and NFT marketplaces, it has also crept into the job-seeking process.

Anyone who has gone through a phase of reskilling or job change knows the struggle that comes with job search platforms. While job boards have eliminated the need to knock on every company’s door for vacancies, they have their own set of problems that require a solution. Here are a few of them-

  1. Delayed responses.
  2. Large amounts of data only ensure fair visibility to some candidates.
  3. Inability to perform background checks.
  4. Not always matches the right candidates with the right job roles.

Well, all these problems have one solution - A decentralized job seeker app.

Suffescom Solutions is a leading decentralized nft marketplace solutions provider that can help you build a decentralized job board for your business. Contact us to begin the consultation today.

How Is a Web3 Job Seeker App Different?

Job boards that exist today are centralized. The functionality is simple. Companies can post job listings where candidates can browse through their preferred roles and apply online. A decentralized job seeker app is essentially the same. However, it has certain prominent advantages.

  • Applicants can apply for job roles using their self-sovereign digital identities.
  • Hiring is done via smart contracts. These can be used for effective background checks and verification of resume details and qualifications.
  • A built-in rate and review system allows employees and applicants to rate and review each other.
  • A web3 job seeker app resists censorship, allowing for a fair and transparent hiring process.
  • Blockchain eliminates the dependency on intermediaries. It prevents unfairness and adds an extra layer of security and transparency.
  • With integrated payment systems, payments can be made using crypto or other digital assets.
  • Blockchain allows for quick borderless transactions. Job seekers around the globe can review and apply for jobs anywhere.
  • Can maintain an immutable record of employer-worker agreements using smart contracts.

Are you considering building your decentralized job seeker app? If yes, then let’s take you through the step-by-step development process.

Hire Web3 Government Jobs Seeking App Development Solutions

Web3 job-seeking app helps employees to gain jobs in less than a week rather than months. The hiring process becomes seamless and the salaries are paid securely in crypto such as bitcoin and ethereum.

Web3 Job Portal App Development - How to Begin?

Building a decentralized application is not very different from the process of a centralized app. However, the difference lies in the technologies involved in the process. This is why you require a team proficient in blockchain development that can help you begin.

Now, web3 job portal platforms have certain features and functionalities that require careful curation, design and development. And the job does not end there. It is then followed by the process of building awareness among the right consumer community.

So, let’s walk through each step of the web3 job portal app development.

Conduct Thorough Market Research

The first step before joining the blockchain bandwagon is market research. Analyze your competitors and observe the companies that have already begun a transition into the blockchain market. You must understand what they did right and wrong to plan a strategy for your web3 job seeker app.

Secondly, it helps you get a hold of the trends. It further lets you compete in the market more effectively. You can also get an idea of the investment required to begin the project.

Define a Budget

Building a decentralized app for job seekers can cost anywhere from $30,000 to upward of $300,000. The final call will be based on the APIs, features and other factors that are specific to your project.

Consider the capital you can set aside for a job seeker dApp. Once that’s settled, get in touch with experts. You can have a no-obligation consultation and discuss the specifics of your project to get a cost estimate.

Find A Reliable dApp Development Company

Decentralized applications require additional skills than regular applications. While the basics of coding may be the same, developers must have experience and skills in blockchain technology hosted on virtual machines.

You can find a reliable company by looking for the following parameters:

  • Field of expertise
  • Years of experience
  • Cost of services
  • Team strength
  • Projects delivered
  • Reviews and feedback from clients

This is where Suffescom Solutions Inc. can help. It has been recognized as one of the best blockchain development company. Its tech prowess extends to multiple private and public blockchains, such as Solana, Ethereum, Binance and Hyperledger. You can have a consultation with the team today and discuss your project.

Settle On the Tech Stack

You can consult the experts to find the best tech stack for your web3 job seeker app. This includes choosing the blockchain network to build the app on, the framework technologies, the digital wallet and more.

For instance, you can choose between a public and private blockchain based on the level of security you need. Additionally, to easily make payments within the job board, you need to integrate a digital wallet that can be used to make crypto transactions. You can choose white-label wallet solutions or get custom web3 development services to build one for your platform.

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Build a Smart Contract

Actions in a decentralized app are automated via smart contracts. These are strings of codes that lays down the conditions for an action or transaction to take place. You can hire smart contract developers to help you build one based on your requirements. Once deployed, it will automate all actions making the platform purely decentralized. All employer-worker agreements and other contracts will be backed by smart contracts thus making the process more transparent and trustworthy.

The immutability of smart contracts is the reason behind their reliability. However, it is also the reason why smart contract audits are indispensable. It must be free from errors or loopholes that hackers can take advantage of.

UX/UI Development

A web3 job portal app should have an easily navigable interface for employers and applicants. Decide on the features you wish to include on the platform. For instance, filters for an advanced search like employer rating, budget, experience level, and payment type.

Employers must have an easy time posting jobs for different profiles. Additionally, you must build an interface that segregates information to review applicants easily. Similarly, applicants should be able to find jobs based on full-time roles, part-time, internships, or hybrids.

Find A Reliable Decentralized Based Job Seeker Website Development

Decentralized Based Job Seeker Website Development has a great dashboard that shows activities related to hiring in real-time with precise applicant tracking and assessment management.

Add a Reputation Management System

The lack of a proper verification system is one of the most recurrent problems with job boards. There’s no foolproof way to verify the details of a resume or conduct background checks. But you can integrate a reputation management system during your web3 job portal app development.

The rating or review systems will allow employers and applicants to review one another and the information will be stored in an immutable ledger on the blockchain. This way, every info can be verified via the public ledger.

Token Development

All transactions on a blockchain are done using cryptocurrency or digital assets. Now, based on the blockchain you build your platform on, you can develop tokens for your platform. This will allow proper incentivization of users on the web3 job seeking app. Tokens will also allow users to become a part of the network validators.

Quality Assurance and Deployment

Before finally launching your decentralized job seeker app, the team will conduct a thorough check of the app framework. This includes a third-party smart contract audit which identifies and optimizes any vulnerabilities.

Once the QA team gives the green light, the app will be deployed on your preferred platform and open for customers.

dApp Marketing

Getting your dApp noticed by the right audience requires additional effort. Proper research and marketing strategies are essential to creating a decentralized app for job search.

dApp marketing strategies include community marketing on platforms like Discord and Twitter, dApp listing on popular platforms and paid marketing campaigns.

Cost of Web3 Job Seeking Platform Development

Web3 job seeking platform development can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $300,000. The exact cost can only be provided after a professional evaluation of the project requirements and the company’s budget.

Factors affecting the web3 job seeker app development cost are as follows:

Low$30,000 - $50,000
Mid$50,000 - 100,000
High$100,000 - $300.000

The project complexity is determined by the features, APIs and tech stack involved in the project.

Large/Enterprise Level $100,000 - $800,000
Mid Size$30,000 - $300,000
Startup/Freelancers$2000 - $3000

The total cost of development can be broken down based on factors like project management, UX/UI development, quality testing, deployment, maintenance, etc.

To get the exact decentralized job seeker app development cost, contact us and have a free consultation with our experts.

Top Decentralized Job Seeker Apps 2023


WorkQuest is a decentralized job seeking app with an intelligent matching algorithm. The platform has a rating system and multiple DeFi products like Savings, Staking, and P2P Insurance. The platform is open for global users and has two native tokens, namely, $WQT and $WUSD.


HireVibes is yet another decentralized job posting platform. It is powered by NFTs and allows free job postings on the platform. It offers a minimum bounty of 3% to incentive crowdfunding on the platform.


Ethlance is a job marketing platform where all payments are made using crypto. Users can openly provide feedback to each other. The platform has no service fee. Users only pay the gas fee, which is charged for broadcasting profiles, messages or feedback.


Atlas.Work is built on the Atlas Blockchain and provides a decentralized freelancing ecosystem. All jobs on the platform are listed as smart contracts to provide an immutable and secure settlement. Atlas.Work also uses ML to provide career guidance on the platform.

Why Choose Suffescom for Web3 Job Seeker App Development?

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is regarded as one of the leading web3 development services provider in the US. We provide services all across the globe and can help you realize your web3 job seeker app. We also have a lot to bring to the table that makes us the right partners for your project.

  • Over 13 years of experience in IT and 5.5+ years in blockchain.
  • A team of 1000+ developers across the globe.
  • Multi-blockchain expertise, including Solana, Binance, Ethereum, Hyperledger, NEO and TRON.
  • 24x7 customer service.
  • 100% confidentiality.
  • Transparent costs.

Give us a call and develop your web3 job seeker app today!

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