How Much Does It Cost To Develop Web3 Wallet 2024?

Web3 Wallet Development Cost - 2024

By Suffescom Solutions

December 20, 2023

Web3 Wallet Development Cost - 2024

Web3 wallets are mostly designed to offer a large amount of security and enhanced privacy. Users have complete command over their wallets and need full authentication, which will further reduce the chances of fraud. But scams can still occur, with blockchain chances becoming really low. The number of investments that are made using a web3 wallet is approximately $3.3Bn.

Recently, the famous wallet development company, ConsenSys-Metamask, had raised revenue of $450M which raised their company's valuation to about $7B. There will always be new ecosystems getting launched, and a web3 wallet will always be in the picture to facilitate the payments that follow. Along with that, the expansion of the ecosystems, which leads towards the primary development of web3 projects, prefers to deploy the multichain wallets.

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Many countries, especially in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, will mostly continue to lead the growth of Web3 wallets because they have certain limitations to using a certain number of credit cards and banking. The lack of financial instruments can help a country have more web3 wallets for buying digital assets online. One example that can be mentioned here is the Axie Infinity Game. This game alone has increased the cryptocurrency flow a lot and given many cryptocurrency opportunities to many countries.

Considering the rising demand, it is understandable for businesses to have one common question- How much does web3 wallet development cost? We will break down every aspect of the development cost for you.

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How Much Does Web3 Wallet Development Cost?

Web3 wallet development cost ranges from $45k to upwards of $50k. The cost can vary based on multiple factors such as complexity, type of web3 wallet solutions, duration, sources and more.

The development cost of your web3 wallet depends on a number of factors spread across the different stages of development. We’ll get into the details to help you determine the web3 wallet development cost.

Determining The E-Wallet Development Cost

All transactions on decentralized apps are facilitated through web3 wallets. These digital wallets contain digital assets of the users which can then be used for transactions.

The e-wallet application will enable the user to make payments online for the benefit of both the user and the vendor. The transfers are made directly to the bank account with a few taps. The e-wallet application is an alternative way to credit cards. Wallet companies try to create strategies that will make their users use wallets even more. They are even loaded with vouchers that their users can use, which will, in turn, increase their customer number.

Depending on how you wish to include this functionality to your web3 business application, the factors affecting the cost of web3 wallet development will vary. Here’s a detailed overview.

Factors Affecting Web3 Wallet Development Cost

  1. Category Of Web3 Wallet
  2. Integrated Web3 Wallet Security Features.
  3. The Difficulty Of The Web3 Wallet Application.
  4. Web3 Wallet App Capabilities
  5. Web3 Technology Stack Is Required.
  6. Location Of The Company That Develops Web3 Wallets.
  7. Company's Or Developer's Proficiency In Web3 Development.
  8. Developer Team Size.
  9. Timing For Project Completion
  10. Post-Deployment Services

Before proceeding or launching the financial business with the web3 crypto exchange wallets, you must conduct a thorough analysis of all of these aspects in order to determine the web3 crypto wallets development budget. If you need support with your web3 wallet project at any time, you can contact specialists.

Let us now concentrate on some factors that we can keep in mind while asking, How Much Does Web3 wallet development cost?

Why Web3 Crypto Exchange Wallet Development Cost Varies?

Web3 Wallet Features, Design and Complexity Level

The most important factor while determining the cost of developing an e-wallet is the number of features you wish to add. The framework must be clearly defined with enough features for a smooth flow and not make the web3 wallet so complicated that it becomes difficult for the users to operate. Also, an important point to note is that the more features you add, the more complex the project becomes which increases the price bar as well.

The success of your crypto wallet depends on its attractive and simple design. The requirements will determine the cost of developing your crypto wallet. The right plan may cost more, but it will benefit you in the long run. Depending on the requirements, each part of your wallet apps, such as UI /UX design and wireframes, will take some time to create. The expenses will be higher if you require a more complicated design. Therefore, the cost of your digital blockchain wallet will increase.

General Estimation of Development Cost of Web3 Wallets Based on Design.

Simple Design, Features and Complexity$15000-$35000
Basic Design, Features and Complexity$35000-$45000
Medium Design, Features and Complexity$50000+
Complex Design, Features and Complexity$80,000+

The web3 wallet development cost mentioned in the table is an estimation for your reference. Call our experts to get the exact cost for your project.

The Company Size

To ensure that the cost of web3 wallet development for your business matches your budget, you must choose the right company. More specifically, the size of the company as it plays a major role in determining the answer of the question - "How much does it cost to develop a blockchain wallet app?"

In general, companies can be divided into three categories: large, medium, and small. However, the cost of developing a blockchain app is affordable, if you choose a good reliable blockchain app development company.

A small company may charge lower costs for cryptocurrency wallet app development, but it cannot guarantee quality. It is advisable to choose a medium-sized company with a good reputation and lower prices for the digital blockchain wallet than a larger company.

Tech Stack Used

It is directly proportional to the tech stack which will be used in application development. When building a robust and powerful bitcoin mobile app for cryptocurrencies, applying the right technology principles is important. Before putting resources into building an app, developers should be familiar with the technicalities and details of the framework. For the best tech stack, opting for the best blockchain app development services from a reputed blockchain app development company is advisable.

Build A Robust And Cost-Effective Web3 Wallet

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Operating System

Web3 wallet development cost will vary based on the type of platform you choose. For example, the cost for building an iOS web3 wallet and an android web3 wallet can vary by $5000 to $10000. In the case of a hybrid digital wallet that works on both Android and iOS, the cost will be very different.

Combine it with the additional factors and you will be able to create a set of requirements which will help the experts determine an exact cost.


The team working on your project is directly proportional to the features, customizations and complexity of your web3 wallet. Therefore, the higher the manpower, the higher will be the cost of web3 wallet development.

In addition to this, all the factors discussed above affect the duration of the development process. Since more resources and effort is put into use for a longer period of time, the cost will also increase.

Geographical Location

The geographical location of the company you choose will have an influence on the cost of development. That’s because the per hour rates of resources, the level of technological advancements and the economy of the region will vary the costs at every location. Here’s a general estimate of per hour rates for web3 development in different countries.

Upwards of $60 per hour
IndiaUpwards of $40 per hour
UKUpwards of $60 per hour
USAUpwards of $50- per hour

Type of Web3 Wallet

Starting a web3 wallet development process from scratch requires more manpower and resources than a white label solution. So, while a white label web3 wallet development solution can cost anywhere from $6000 to $20,000 or more, a custom web3 wallet can cost upwards of $50000.

Company’s Revenue Generation Model

Before actually hiring a wallet development company like Suffescom Solutions, you need to have the revenue generation model that will be the most suited to your target clients. These factors will determine the added features and functionalities required by your web3 business model. Given below are the revenue generation models:

Exchange Fees

Swapping fees are another popular revenue generation method for your web3 crypto wallet. Popular blockchain wallets, such as Trust Wallet, use this revenue generation model. In this revenue generation model, the admin will charge a swapping fee on platform transactions.

DeFi Integration

In this revenue generation model, you can integrate your web3 wallet with various decentralized finance software. When a user uses your web3 wallet for transactions on these DeFi development platforms, you will be paid a fixed amount. Use this revenue generation model in conjunction with the other two to diversify your revenue generation.

Transaction Costs

Blockchain wallets are currently used for trading cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other digital assets. Our web3 wallets support multiple cryptocurrencies, allowing users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets. Integrating your web3 wallet with multiple NFT marketplaces and cryptocurrency exchanges allows you to generate revenue by charging a fixed fee on each transaction.

Still have questions about how to run your web3 wallet successfully? Connect with our subject matter experts over a free consultation call to get answers to all of your questions.

How Blockchain Technology Impacts the Cost of Web3 Wallet?

The use of Web3 wallets will keep on increasing in the coming years because of the rise of decentralized applications or simply dApps. As more dApps are made, the rise for a wallet to make payments will also increase.

Web3 is the umbrella that has digital assets, including NFTs. If you wish to create a web3 wallet, then a multichain web3 wallet can help your users trade, bid, and sell their NFTs.

In addition to that, the usage of blockchain will not just limit itself to decentralized apps but move much beyond it. It can totally alter the way supply chains and digital identity management systems work. This carves a new world for web3 wallets, which can be used to access blockchains and manage different virtual assets.

The first thing that we can do is install a digital wallet that is obviously web3 compatible. Developers need to select the best web3 wallet tools, which will later help shortlist the best wallets.

Benefits of Suffescom’s Low Price Web3 Wallet Development

By choosing cost-effective web3 wallet development service from Suffescom, you can experience all the benefits and exclusive features of an e-wallet development.

  1. The e-wallet program offers substantial advantages for the most frequent transactions as well as the smallest transactions.
  2. All the information held in these eWallets is in a ciphertext format, making them incredibly secure.
  3. While utilizing these applications, you can also establish a password and biometric lock for further security.
  4. Users find it increasingly simpler to pay with these applications than with a credit card. Digital wallets facilitate efficient and trustworthy money transfers.
  5. Customers who use these eWallet apps can take advantage of a number of money-saving offers, including cashback, discounts, and a variety of other incentives.
  6. These applications aid users in paying grocery expenses, booking flights, paying phone bills, and more. Through these apps, you can also effortlessly manage and track your monthly budget.

Web3 Wallet Features Included In The Above Mentioned Cost:

Web3 wallets are private key protocol-integrated, decentralized solutions. All data on the app is managed via a range of functionalities that are integrated during the development phase.

Seed Phrase

By entering the seed phrase in a browser, one can create non-custodial wallets such as Metamask wallet. The assets can be retrieved by entering the seed phase if access to a computer or web browser is lost.

Ensure that the recovery phase is being stored offline. Keeping it on the computer raises the risk of hacking or malware; therefore, avoid doing so at all costs.

Swap And Send Tokens

The decentralized exchange was a traditional method implemented in order to swap tokens and guarantee secure transfers using non-custodial wallets. Unfortunately, these exchanges do not offer the greatest pricing. Thus, individuals must visit decentralized exchanges to discover the best deals.

Metamask wallet allow users to easily compare DEX prices and execute swaps after identifying the best bargains.

Access To Numerous Blockchains

Web3 applications are access tokens for dApps, which is a significant factor in their popularity.

dApps are decentralized blockchain apps that lack the restrictions imposed by centralized systems. Because crypto assets have made dApp interaction possible, you require a Web3 wallet.

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With the rising interest in the decentralized web, the number of wallet options has expanded dramatically. As example, MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Argent, Trust Wallet, and Rainbow are however the five most popular web3 wallet alternatives. Even though these alternatives share many characteristics, depending on your needs and circumstances, some are more suitable than others.

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