WhiteLabel Crypto Exchange Cost | How Much Does Crypto Exchange Cost?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Whitelabel Crypto Exchange App/Software?

By Suffescom Solutions

May 04, 2022

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Whitelabel Crypto Exchange App/Software?

For a couple of years, cryptocurrency and white label solutions have become the most talked-about topics in the business world. Budding entrepreneurs from across the globe are eagerly interested in joining the platform with ready-made white label crypto exchange solutions. Want to know about the white label crypto exchange prices? Well, you are at the right place.

Generally, whitelabel crypto exchanges cost between $13,000 to $38,000, depending on your business size and type. But this is not an actual figure; it may vary based on your choice for an array of features and robust functionality. In this blog, we have defined all the intricacies involved in the development of white label crypto exchanges that lead to such prices.

We have compiled the following things below;

  • What is a White Label Exchange?
  • White Label Crypto Exchange Marketplace
  • White Label Crypto Exchange Script
  • Integrated Features of White Label Crypto Exchange
  • Benefits of White Label Crypto Exchange
  • Types of white label crypto exchange

So, without taking much time, let's dig deeper into the world of estimated cost calculation of white label cryptocurrency exchanges

Cost Effective Whitelabel Crypto Exchange Script

White label crypto exchange script is a ready-made pre-built code that is absolutely bug-free. It is a customized solution that possesses all the desired features, add-ons, and plugins in the original crypto exchanges/apps. Such apps or platforms take less time to develop, and the prices are cost-effective.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Cost

The cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchange varies greatly depending on factors like features, security, and regulatory compliance. A basic exchange can start at $15,000, while more advanced and fully-customized exchanges can range from $15,000 to several million dollars.


Popular Whitelabel Crypto Exchange Marketplace

While developing a white label crypto exchange marketplace, you must be aware of the most sought-after crypto exchanges in the trading world. Let's check out some of them below;

The cost to develop a white-label crypto exchange marketplace can vary depending on a range of factors including the features, customization, and the technology stack used. Generally, a white-label exchange solution, which involves customizing an existing exchange platform, can be more cost-effective compared to building one from scratch.

Basic White-Label Exchange: The development cost for a basic white-label exchange can range from $15,000 to $20,000.

Intermediate White-Label Exchange: For a more feature-rich and customizable white-label exchange, you might be looking at a cost between $200,00 and $30,000.

Advanced White-Label Exchange: A highly customizable and sophisticated white-label exchange with advanced features could cost anywhere from $300,00 to $1 million or more.


Robinhood is the most talked-about platform in the crypto exchange marketplace that became popular even before its launch. Robinhood has a market capitalization of $8.22bn and a valuation of around $10.4bn. There are around 23.2M accounts active on this platform; moreover, the greatest source of revenue is via payment-for-order-flow. The data is enough to explain why businesses opt for white-label Robinhood like trading apps.


Founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, Binance Exchange is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Binance offers crypto-to-crypto trading in more than 500 cryptocurrencies. Some of the most important currencies exchanged on the platform are Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Doge-coin (DOGE). The market exchange provides seven types of orders for crypto derivatives like: limit order, market order, stop limit order, stop market order, trailing stop order

post only order, limit TP/SL order.

Cash App

Launched in 2013, Cash App offers a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment service. The platform allows users to buy or sell bitcoins with a single button. The monthly active users of cash apps in 2024 are predicted to be around $50M, and this is a drastic increase of 9.9% from 2023. It is also forecasted that in 2025, the value will rise to 54.3 M, i.e., approx. growth of about 8.6%.


Launched in 2017, Webull is known as one of the new online broker platforms for stock trading. The platform is built by considering millennials as its target audience. Hence, offers a broad range of services for free, no account minimums, commission-free trading of stocks/ETFs, and deals with multiple cryptocurrencies. Webull mobile app users are around 17M users and serve users across 180 countries worldwide.

Wazir X

Launched in 2018, WazirX is India's largest and most trusted crypto exchange in the market. WazirX’s market cap is around $52.56M, following which it has become a highly valued asset. There are 230+ coins available on this crypto trading platform, and it ranks at 408 across all cryptocurrency assets.

Now, back to the topic and understand the parameters affecting crypto exchange white label cost.

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Factors Influencing White Label Crypto Exchange Price

There are various factors that are responsible for the whitelabel crypto exchange development cost. Here, we have illustrated a few important ones; go through each of them below;


When considering crypto exchange platform cost, one thing that has utmost importance is security. Because your platform involves virtual currency and online transactions, therefore, your platform should be 100% secure against hacking elements. To ensure protection, the white label crypto exchange software should definitely offer two-step authentication and encrypted databases.

User Interface

An intuitive user interface is one of the defining features of the exchange marketplace. But these features also add cost to your budget. An intuitive user interface fully engages the users and traders for a longer time, eventually resulting in amplified conversion rates and boosted sales.

KYC Approval & AML Validation

In white label crypto exchange platforms, KYC approval and AML validation play a significant role. AML helps to detect and report suspicious activities such as money laundering, terrorist financing, and predicate offenses. The 360-degree security features add cost to the white label crypto exchange project.

API Integration

API Integration refers to this seamless connectivity between various platforms to automate business processes. In crypto, it seamlessly connects the exchanges with the ones, i.e., apps/platforms that are functioning outside the exchange.

Support For Multiple Coins

The label cryptocurrency exchange platform is designed to support multiple coins. Some of them could be well known, whereas others may involve minors. Depending upon the no. of cryptocurrencies any crypto exchange platform supports, the development cost will increase/decrease.

Robust Architecture

A robust crypto exchange platform requires a strong architecture where traders and users can perform swift trading. For this, developers need to host different servers that interact with each other through API. All these concepts add greater value and volume to your project

Budgeting for Success: How to Estimate Your Crypto Exchange Development Cost

When budgeting for a crypto exchange development project, costs can vary significantly based on project complexity. A simple exchange might start around $15,000, while more advanced features can escalate costs. To estimate accurately, consider customization, security measures, compliance, and support. Collaborate with a development team for a tailored quote.

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Integrated Features

Features play a significant role in the crypto exchange development cost. It completely depends on the client’s requirements as to which features to include. In case of any personalized attribute, the cost will definitely increase.

Analytics Tools

Provides valuable insights into market patterns and user behavior to make precise decisions.

Future Trading

Helps in asset trading at the fixed price on the future date.

Admin Panel

Allows the owner to monitor trading, handle all linked accounts and overall operational facets.

OTC Trading

Allows bulk trading among parties without any control of the exchange regulator.

Margin Trading

Allows money to borrow from a suitable brokerage company to carry out trades smoothly.

Spot Trading

Helps the swift trading of assets at the present market prices.

Technology Stacks

Tech stacks are used to eliminate complexities and streamline the development process using various tools and technologies. Moreover, these help in developing scalable, robust, secure software/apps

Tech-StacksCost Estimation
Programming Languages$2000-$7000
Artificial Intelligence$2000- $5000
Operating system$2000-$6000
Cloud storage$2000-$4000

Why Choosing White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Is The Best Choice?

A white-label crypto exchange is a perfect choice for businesses. Why? Building a platform from scratch involves lots of research and a time-consuming process. In contrast, white-label is a ready-made solution for your exchange marketplace. You just need to choose your ideal business approach and discuss it with experts to help you get the desired results.

The best thing is you can enjoy a groundbreaking success in a few months, whereas building a website from scratch could grab your market opportunities during building time. There are several benefits associated with the white label cryptocurrency exchange platform, making it a smart choice for businesses.

Constant Support

Provides continuous support and updation that easily addresses all the problems related to the platform.


One of the top reasons that attract entrepreneurs is the choice of personalization to develop an extremely unique crypto exchange with fantastic features.


White label crypto exchange is a ready-made solution that takes less time to develop.


As all the characteristics are already available and nothing is to be built from scratch, therefore the development cost is less

Types Of Crypto Exchange Platforms

Any crypto exchange platform offering top-notch security protocols, a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and scalability will demand more cost.


Controlled by a central authority, they are convenient and offer great support to trading pairs.


All the control related to the private keys and wallets for safe control of funds due to multi-factor authentication.


Has the capabilities of both decentralized and centralized crypto exchange platforms, providing excessive control over funds because of ultra-high security

How many Programmers are Required to Build a Crypto Exchange?

Crypto exchange project development is a complex process. You will need an experienced developers team that can build your crypto exchange. Check out the table mentioned below;

Front-end Designers1-3 people
Back-End Developers2-5 people
Programming Engineer1 person
Cyber Security Expert1-3 people
Agile Project Manager1 person

Launching a cryptocurrency wallet application from scratch is very expensive, especially when you plan to build from scratch. For instance, to hire crypto exchange programmers in the US, you have to pay around $ 450,000 to $ 1,500,000. The end product may cost you $1 million.

On the other hand, white label crypto exchanges will cost you around $30,000. The cost significantly increases with the factors and features you choose for your platform. Platforms like Binance will cost you around $55, 000 and WazirX could dab to $35,000. For rest, allow our professionals to explain to you other significant details.

Remember, all our platforms involve attractive user interfaces, wallet integration, blockchain networking, and more. Most importantly, these will not be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

How Long Will It Take To Build A Crypto Exchange?

If you want to build crypto exchange software from scratch with the above-mentioned full team, it will take 5-8 months, depending on the project's complexity. Whereas white label crypto exchange platforms will take only 1-4 weeks.

NOTE: While hiring experts for your project, make sure your company should provide you with source code. An amount of it should be added to the overall crypto exchange platform.

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