White Label Mobile Apps Vs Custom App Development – Which One To Choose For Business Growth?

By Suffescom Solutions

May 21, 2021

As the technology kept evolving, there was a time when building a mobile app was only feasible for big players and industry giants. Yet, those days are over. It has become much easier and more accessible nowadays for smaller companies to build an app for their business. The usage of mobile devices has taken over our lives completely. According to the studies, people in the United States spend at least 5 hours per day on their mobile devices. Plus, around 90 percent of them spent hours on mobile apps while others just 8 percent is on web browsers.  The above studies show that it requires more than just a mobile-friendly website to have an effective strategy for your taxi dispatch software. Similarly, some businesses are realising this and acting accordingly.  In fact, there is around 42 percent of small businesses are already in touch with on-demand app development companies and are planning to either grow through their mobile app or 30 percent of them are planning to build an app in the future.  As we can keep on going with this, but we have to focus on one of the earliest questions that crop up in the discussion of a potential mobile application that is:  Should you be building it from scratch or rely on white label mobile app development.  By keeping this question in the back of your mind, imagine that you have purchased an exclusive brand new car. You are in love with the exciting tech features, sleek design, and the praise that you get in return from people around is overwhelming. You get compliments from every second person around you and are in love with this experience.  Now, what if someone proposes the deal to buy a copy of this brand new car. It looks exactly the same and can perform the same of the basic features of the application. And the best part is that it costs you almost half of the original copy.  The question arises, which one will you go for?  Now bring the question in the picture; on one side of the picture, you have an opportunity to have a mobile application development company helping to develop a mobile app from scratch.  And on the other side, you get a chance to save some capital by picking up the white-label mobile app development type.  white label app development

What will you pick up - White label app vs. custom solution?

The decision is quite a brain scratcher. It is a bit difficult to understand which app development type can bring better outcomes for your business venture, and that too if you are a newbie in the industry.  To make things easier for you, we have gathered information upon factors that you should look at to make the right decision.  We will make sure not to jump at the Custom solution vs. White label app directly; let us refresh our basics - by knowing what precisely white-label mobile app and custom app development means. Let us begin...  White-label Mobile App -  A white label mobile app is a type of mobile application designed using a generic app framework. You get access to a blueprint model in which you can customize the company logo, name, and other specific details to build your own app.  To emphasize it more, a white label app is a mobile application designed by company A that sells its prototype, design models, and revenue generation strategies to company B. The company then uses all the data and insights gained to make their own mobile app, which is just a replica of what was earlier designed by company A.  When talking about the white label apps, there are some essential benefits that one should know about, such as -: 
  • It takes less time to design and develop white-label mobile applications. This makes the development of a mobile app shorter. 
  • The time and the effort required also reduces since the application is designed using the design of another app. 
  • Easily customize your own app using the basics. 
  • The white-label apps are often hybrid, and this means you can seamlessly make your business app presence across different platforms. 
  • The cost is much lower than the custom application development for white label app development. 
With the above-given information, we have covered the basic knowledge of white label apps and features. A few cons are relying upon white label mobile applications such as-.  You have lesser control over how and what elements can be introduced in your application. This happens because you are replicating an existing app structure.  There is less room to deliver a highly exceptional user interface using innovative and advanced technologies.  Now, as you are aware of what white label mobile apps are and its pros and cons, let us look at the custom app development.  Custom App Development -  The moment we talk about custom mobile app development, it explains the process of developing an application where you can personalize the whole development process as per your need. A better way to say this is to pick each element of a mobile app as per your requirements and the ongoing market trends.  In custom solution vs. white label app, the custom brings a huge difference in the application market. This type offers several different advantages and some of them are-  The custom solutions provide you with the freedom to decide which and what type of feature should be introduced in the application and which one to eliminate. This way, you as a person get the edge to develop an application with complete flexibility and transform it into one of a kind.  The custom mobile apps provide you an opportunity to introduce and implement cutting-edge technologies and techniques into your app. It will help you hit the market efficiently, yet with better tools and higher success rates.  Even after such excellent benefits, custom app development has drawbacks, such as-  As we are aware that the custom solution develops initiates from scratch; therefore, the cost to create an app is relatively higher.  Custom app development also requires higher effort and effort, which may delay launching your app.  Comparing it with the white label app, for the custom solution, you will need to have a complete team in creating a custom mobile app, or you need to look into specific factors when hiring a mobile app development agency.  As we are familiar with the basics and have looked into the pros and cons of picking a white label app or custom mobile app as per your business needs. Now is the right time to look and compare the custom solutions vs. white-label mobile apps and decide which one is the best for your business app needs.  So let us get started by digging into the market and look out for the factors to consider. 

White Label Mobile Apps Vs. Custom App Development - Factors to Watch Out for 

The factors that will help out to compare and determine both white-label mobile apps and custom app development are- 
  • Feature and App Structure 
  • User Experience 
  • Resources and Time 
  • Maintenance and Sustainability 
  • Security 
  • Cost 
Feature and Structure of an App  As a small business owner, when you are thinking of investing in white-label app development, you get to know that it was not designed as per your business model. Therefore, there could be little space for innovation. The app structure of a white label application has already been tried and tested in the mobile market. In custom solution vs. white-label mobile app, the custom app is entirely new to the market. It also invites the risk of app structure failure and if you fail to follow the optimal mobile app development process. So in this factor, building or developing custom solutions vs. white-label mobile apps varies depending on your app requirements and knowledge of the mobile industry.  User Experience   The user experience is one of the most essential factors that can help you in determining to choose from custom app development or white label app development.  As we have mentioned above, the white label apps come with the basic features and functionalities and can easily customize, keeping your users in mind.  But when you are thinking of transforming your app idea into reality from scratch, or we can say that going with a custom app development approach,  you can have the freedom to personalize the app design process. From wireframing, UI/UX design, and A/B testing.  Over here, choosing from both the white-label mobile app and custom app development designs depends on your business app needs and what type of audience you are looking forward to attracting.  Maintenance and Sustainability -  In this section, we will go through the maintenance and sustainability factors. We are aware that the white label apps are developed from the existing app code; therefore they are less at risk of bugs and errors in the codes. Plus, the code has already been on the market and is tested by the app industry. It gives a green flag that the white label app development code is sustainable.  On the other hand, the custom mobile app development comes with a higher risk of bugs and flaws in the app code, In fact, the hired custom mobile app development company will have to go through every element of the custom application and test it whenever a new feature is added/ or an existing one is modified.  So, in this scenario of Custom mobile app VS white-label mobile app, the white-label mobile apps win over custom apps.  Resources and time -  Building something from scratch naturally requires a lot of time and resources, and custom mobile is developed and designed from scratch. Due to this, you need much more time and resources to develop an android or iOS application when hiring a custom iPhone/ Android app development company.  In the case of white-label applications, they are already designed and developed by reusing the codes of existing applications. Therefore, the time and resources are pretty lower for building an app in comparison with the custom mobile applications.  For someone new to the industry or small business owners thinking to shift online should definitely go for the white label app development.  Cost -  This factor plays quite a significant role in comparing and determining what to choose when it comes to Custom mobile app VS white-label mobile app. As we are familiar that the white label apps are created or modified by using the existing app codes, due to this reason, the cost to develop an app is quite affordable than investing in custom app development.  Security - When it comes to white label app development, you can modify and get a ready-made mobile app in no time. Because of this reason, only the risk of identifying bugs and errors is lower, and you can modify your app code accordingly.    However, in the custom solution vs. white-label mobile app, in custom application development, you have to start everything from scratch and have to write down complete code. After completing the code, you have to test and modify it and more.  This will not only take up more time but can also result in a complete failure.  Therefore, it is best to go with the white-label mobile app.  What Services Do We Offer At Suffescom? At Suffescom, we encourage small business owners and startups to focus on white-label mobile applications. We are aware of how much cost, resource, and time does it take to get a user-friendly app for your business. Therefore, we have designed you white label innovative and customer-focused web and mobile solutions by putting into our best efforts.  So keeping the whole situation in mind, if you also feel yourself lean towards white label app development for your business needs and if you are thinking of hiring the best web and mobile solution company, you can quickly contact our experts. 

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