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Launch White Label Uber Clone for X Businesses | Uber For X Script

Are you interested in developing and launching your own white-label Uber X Clone app?

Know About the complete Process of Developing Uber For X

Suffescom Solutions is here to help you. This article will give detailed information about various services which you will get in your X business and essential features on your platform which you want.  

But first, let’s get familiar with some terms related to it.

White Label Uber Clone for X Business

The on-demand services have transformed the conventions of business operations. The profit of a business depends upon its perceptibility in the market. This can be achieved by adopting the latest trends. In a world where trends change frequently, several applications are capable of providing an array of services. One such application is the white label uber for clone X business. The white-label Uber X Clone app provides fantastic services to its customers. 

Today’s customers need everything in a jiffy. So, a platform that caters to their needs in a couple of clicks is a sure shot hit. If you want to be a part of this on-demand market industry, the white label uber X Clone development will be apt. Before moving forward, White Label Uber Clone for X Business exhibits a variety of services; let’s check out them below;

Services under Uber Clone for X Business

Whether you are on the board of designing, building or launching your Uber Clone for X Businesses platform, we have defined some ultimate services that you can offer through your platform. Check out them,  it will make your building process convenient and launching campaigns successful.    

  • Uber X Clone for Food delivery: Customers in recent years have found it more enjoyable to eat at their places rather than dining out. It is much easier and more convenient to take your phone out and order your favorite things on the go. People can look out for the restaurants nearby their locations, skim through their menus and prices and order food online. White label uber X Clone development  for food delivery is superb for the restaurant business. It inspires hygienic business operations with on-time delivery assistance. An in-chat support system helps the users lookout for help. There is also an option of single click re-ordering facility to relish their favorite food anytime easily. The application is extremely rapid and works perfectly on Android and iOS platforms. It can assist infinite users at the same time without any delay.
  • Uber X Clone for Liquor delivery: The on-demand business is a thriving market. The change in the customer’s demand results in the change of methods adopted by the business organizations. One such visible challenge is the growth of the online liquor delivery business. With the Uber X Clone app, one can order different varieties of liquor like Whiskey, Brandy, Beer, Rum etc. The white label uber X Clone development for Liquor delivery is a readily available platform that enables customers to order liquor of their choice and get it dispatched at their locations. This application has a user-friendly interface, effective monitoring and supervision features. The users follow a simple procedure. They can sign up through their Google or social media accounts. On successful login, they can pick the store of their choice. They can choose the desired brand from the list and get an exact cost of the product. After that, they can check out the product using different transaction modes. These modes are credit /debit cards, mobile wallets, net banking etc. There is an inbuilt tracking system that provides step by step information till the delivery process is completed. On successful delivery, the customer can post a review on the application.
how to start liquor delivery business
  • Uber X Clone for  Medicine delivery: This platform is a boon to people who are in urgent need of medication. It is an exemplary application of ordering and delivering medicines. Patients need to upload the prescription and get them delivered to your respective places on proper verification. It is a simulated platform where medicines are available at all times. The user can schedule their bookings at their own convenience. They have the option of editing or deleting the order. The real-time tracking system helps the users track the medicines.This is achieved by getting updates from the time of getting the order confirmed to the time of actual delivery. One plus point of online medicine delivery apps is huge discounts and offers that are not available in medical stores. While logging in, the app collects details about the user’s health. This helps the application give out swift reminders to the users regarding their medical conditions. From the view of pharmacy stores, they are in a position to establish their online presence. It also helps them allure additional customers that ultimately spike up the sales. A readily available script for  Uber X Clone for Medicine delivery is the backbone for improving the quality and reducing the development time.
  • Uber X Clone for Grocery delivery: The online grocery store is a modern type of store platform that allows the customers to order and deliver the services at their convenience. The online services platform can grab the customer’s attention more than the traditional ones. The white label uber X Clone development for grocery delivery has an easy to handle interface with updated features. The customer just had to download the application, enter details, and proceed directly towards the groceries. They even have a stock of those items that are not easily available in the market. One can revisit the order history to reorder the same item. The best feature of the online grocery platform is that it is purely contactless. It has multiple language selection options that help the users communicate seamlessly. This option gives the users an excellent experience and makes it available throughout the world. 
how to start online grocery business
  • Uber X Clone for Taxi booking:  Transportation has heavily been revolutionized by the online cab systems. Now, people find it easier to travel from one location to another. And the good point is, they don’t have to tirelessly look out for the vehicle. The app will automatically catch the user’s location. After that, the driver’s details will be automatically updated with a one time pin. On the arrival of the taxi driver, one can check for vehicle no. and the provided pin. After proper confirmation, the customer is good to go on its trip. Uber is loaded with amazing features like Trip Sharing, Car Pooling, Ride Scheduling, Cab Booking etc.
  • Uber X Clone for Laundry:  Laundry has always been a pain for people. Today is the time for instant meetings and parties. If your favorite piece of clothing is not available at the moment, then your whole program can be ruined. The white label uber X Clone development for laundry can work wonders in such a scenario. This platform is customer-friendly and helps in Quick services deployment. It is fully equipped with the standards to meet the upcoming trends. The computerized workflow allows handling of all real-time issues sharply.
laundry launch uber like app
  • Uber X Clone for Fitness Services:  Fitness has become the new fad among people. Many people have become fitness freaks and are more enthusiastic about their health. The tight schedules have always restricted people from going to gyms and fitness centers. The white label uber X Clone development for Fitness Services has helped people go ahead with their fitness regime. Such an application is a blessing for the people as they can directly book a slot for themselves. Whenever they find time, they can just log in to the application and perform necessary fitness activities. Also, if a gym center wants to grow its popularity, launching this type of application will give them an edge over the other competitors. There is an admin dashboard that manages both users and trainers. The admin can edit, i.e. add as well as delete any service or users from the application.
  • Uber X Clone for Tutor Services: This on-demand application has been a savior for the students. Whatever doubts they have about certain topics, they just have to look online for them and get their concepts cleared. This application provides a solution for both students and teachers. The students can choose their favorite teachers and filter them out according to their reviews, area of interest, credibility etc. There is a feature called toggle for the teachers, which needs to be turned on and off manually to get the latest requests. Teachers have benefitted very well from this on-demand app. It has helped them enhance their teaching style and effectiveness in reaching their targets.  
  • Uber X Clone for Car Wash Services: The white label Uber X Clone development for Car Wash Services has been a trailblazer in the respective industry. It permits the users to schedule the appointments very effortlessly; schedule the appointments.No need to visit the car wash service center and wait in long queues. A completely hassle-free process , just a single tap on the app, and the slot is booked. This platform is an absolute hit for car cleaning companies who want to extend their reach across various cities. It offers the business companies the opportunity to generate excellent sales and profits and build a strong reputation.

Features in White Label Uber Clone for X Business

Sign up option: The first and foremost thing in an application is to have a sign-up option. It’s essential because this is the only way to enable users to access the app. One can either create a valid account on the platform or sign up with their google / social media account. This feature helps collect the information related to users to check for their authenticity.

Scheduling Rides: This feature allows the users to schedule any ride service at their convenience. Here, the user is allowed to schedule a ride in advance by selecting a pickup window of 10 minutes.The driver will try to reach the user’s location in that particular time frame.But it is not necessary that the driver will definitely reach the location.In case of non-availability, the user will be notified automatically. 

Google Maps Integration: This is the top feature in the white label uber X Clone script development. In the case of users, an entire list of service providers is made available along with their current/ updated geographic locations. In the case of drivers, they tend to get information about the user’s location. While the admin panel, which has access to both sides, gets to know the real-time location of both the driver and user. 

Multiple Payment Options: The white label uber for x script has integrated an ample range of payment methods to check out the payment. This includes net banking, UPI, credit/debit cards, and an in-built electronic mobile wallet. 

Live Tracking Updates: This feature allows the users to keep track of the ride bookings. It enables them to receive real-time updates via GPS integration. The incorporation of this option is to provide safety to the women and children while traveling alone. Some women travel at odd hours, and their family lives in constant fear and anxiety. This live location update feature has become a blessing to overcome this mental stress.

In-App Chat: The in-app chat option helps users connect with their service provider through the app’s secure communication. The customers are provided with the facility to send their enquiries directly to the app. The customer support can then reply instantaneously, which promotes speedy communication. 



Every service provided by white label uber for x script is distinctive in its own way. The white label uber like app development is a profitable business that can be custom-built according to one’s requirement.

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