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Build and launch a top-tier Remitano clone packed with exclusive features and functionalities. Suffescom is the top Remitano clone script development company that infuses extraordinary attributes into your Remitano clone app. Take advice from our technical experts and begin your development journey now.

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How Does The Remitano Clone Script Work?

Our Remitano clone script is fully loaded with all the popular elements of the popular Remitano platform. The users register themselves on the platform, and on proper authentication, they switch to the trading page. The trading process initiates after proper verification allowing the transfer of cryptocurrencies to the escrow account. The cryptocurrencies are finally transferred from escrow to the buyer’s account on the successful completion of the transaction. You can replicate the high performing platform for your business with our help. Get started with your own Remitano clone platform and enjoy the benefits.

Key Features Of Our Remitano Clone Script

Our peer-to-peer trading app script has numerous features that make the entire crypto exchange platform seamless and user-friendly. As a leading crypto exchange development company, we have the right expertise in developing world-class clone platforms instilled with premium qualities to gain customers' attention.

  • Web3 Game Top-Notch Security icon

    Escrow Account

    An escrow account offers protection and security to both parties and reduces the risk of fraud.

  • Web3 Old Game Integration icon

    Live Chat

    Live chat promotes real-time conversations about important matters with the help of chatbots.

  • Web3 Game Unmatched Transparency icon

    Multiple Payment Methods

    Our Remitano clone has multi-payment functionality that supports diverse cryptocurrencies.

  • Web3 Game Smart Contract icon

    Admin Dashboard

    Get the accurate analytics of your platform in real-time with our Remitone clone app.

  • Web3 Play To Earn Game icon

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Make transactions more secure between sellers and buyers with two-factor authentication.

  • Web3 Game Decentralized Platform icon

    Push Notifications

    Push notifications offer real-time alerts and updates related to the platform and rewards.

  • Web3 Game Verified Transactions icon

    Crypto Wallet Integration

    Our Remitano clone has crypto wallets to store public and private keys for handling crypto balance.

  • Web3 Game Payment Options icon


    This feature offers protection against money laundering, illicit funds, and other illegal activities.

  • Web3 Game Ownership of Assets icon

    Multi-Signature Wallet

    It allows the transaction to take place with multiple signatures to execute the transactions.

  • Web3 Game Crypto Wallet icon

    Crypto Trading Bots

    The automated software program tells traders about right time to sell/buy cryptocurrencies.

  • Web3 Game Negligible Downtime icon

    Multi-Payment Gateway

    Our Remitano clone script has multiple payment gateways to perform swift border transactions.

  • Web3 Gamification icon

    Session Logout

    When a user doesn’t perform any activity for a specific time, there is an automatic session logout.

Ace Your Business Game With Our Remitano Clone Script

Accelerate your crypto business with our Remitano clone script. Leverage our peer-to-peer trading app script to develop a user-friendly platform that provides a superb trading experience to the users. Get ahead of your competitors and launch your crypto exchange platform now!

Remitano Clone Script Solutions We Offer

Uncover the diverse range of our Remitano clone script solutions that will uplift your business to the next level. We make use of futuristic technologies to develop scalable and robust clone scripts

  • Attractive Game Features icon

    We use blockchain technology to decentralize the entire system exhibiting privacy, trust, and transparency.

  • Quick Payment Options icon
    P2P Crypto Exchange Development

    Our P2P crypto exchange platform executes transactions without any third-party interference and no transaction fees.

  • Reward Management icon
    Wallet Development

    We develop highly secure crypto wallets that are responsible for the smooth transaction of unlimited cryptocurrencies.

  • End-To-End Security icon

    Develop an intuitive crypto exchange platform with our Remitano clone script that can be customized as per user experience.

  • Decentralized icon
    End-to-End Security

    Our Remitano clone script comes with outstanding end-to-end security elements that keep the entire transaction safe.

  • Transparency icon
    Dispute Management

    Our Remitano clone script has a dispute management feature that helps traders raise issues and resolve disputes.

Top Benefits Of Our Remitano Clone Script

Our Remitano clone exhibits marvelous benefits to businesses and end-users. Check out some of them below:
  • White Label Script

    We provide white label script solutions allowing businesses to build and launch their own platform at a lower cost.

  • Massive Revenue

    Employ revenue models like affiliate programs and trading fees to generate good revenue from the Remitano clone app.

  • Budget-friendly

    Our Remitano clone has pre-built features and designs, making it a cost-effective crypto exchange platform.

  • Amazing Customer Engagement

    Our Remitano clone produces top customer engagement with a user-friendly interface and analytic tools.

  • Ready To Deploy

    By utilizing Remitano clone script, we deploy the product in minimal time without having to start from scratch.

  • Total Ownership

    The complete ownership of the digital assets within the crypto exchange platform lies with the owners.

Business Models of Remitano Clone App

The business model of our Remitano clone app is built using a robust strategic plan that helps businesses drive more sales and generates high ROI.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development icon

    Escrow Transaction Fees

    Charge a transaction fee after conditions are met for releasing the traded cryptocurrencies from the escrow wallets.

  • Cryptocurrency Software Development icon

    Swapping Fees

    Set a swapping fee for every exchange of cryptocurrencies for tokens on the Remitano clone platform.

  • Cryptocurrency Web Development icon

    Lending Fees

    Charge an interest fee for borrowing cryptocurrencies from the Remitano clone app for crypto trading.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development icon


    Offer Remitano launchpad services to creators at a one time fee and allow them to list their NFT collections on the platform.

  • Cryptocurrency Software Development icon

    Coin Listing Fees

    Remitano clone app charges listing fees from the coin creators for hosting the coins and making them available for trade.

  • Cryptocurrency Web Development icon

    Games Hub

    With Games Hub, offer P2E games where players can buy in game assets for a set gas fee for every NFT transaction.

We‘re Your Reliable Remitano Clone Script Development Partner

Suffescom Solutions Inc. is the most trusted brand among businesses globally. We have built strong relationships with our clients over a period of 13+ years. Our seasoned tech team is extremely knowledgeable and has developed several similar platforms that are embedded with magnificent features. See below to determine why we are the best choice for your business.
  • Quick Development Process

    Our development process does not take much time. With a ready-to-launch solution, the product is easy to build and launch without any hassle.

  • Highly Secure Crypto Exchange Platform

    Our Remitano clone platform is fully protected with terrific security features that provide safety against hacking and other fraudulent activities.

  • Expert Team

    We have a highly experienced team of developers with the relevant skills and expertise to build any product while ensuring flawless project delivery.

  • 24*7 Availability

    Our tech support team is always available for global clients to take up the issues and resolve them instantly.

  • Quality Services

    We always strive to provide high-class services to our clients so that they have a great impression of our services.

  • Affordable

    Our white label solutions are inexpensive, making them a perfect fit for all clients who want to develop projects of any type.

FAQs Related To Remitano Clone Script Development

Answering the most frequently asked Remitano clone script development-related questions.

  • What is a Remitano clone script?

    Remitano clone script includes all the necessary features and plugins of the already existing Remitano exchange that need not be developed from scratch.

    How much does it cost to develop a crypto exchange platform like Remitano?

    The estimated price of Remitano, like a crypto exchange platform, is usually between $6k to $12k. The prices may vary depending on the level of customization.

  • How much time is required for the Remitano clone script development?

    Usually, it takes a couple of weeks, but time varies because of several factors, like project complexity, technological stacks, geolocation of the development firm, integrated features, etc.

    Which is the best Remitano clone script development company?

    Undoubtedly, Suffescom Solutions Inc. is the best Remitano clone script development company because of the talented experts and the agile methodologies they adopt.

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